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The Navy and Nuclear Submarines (1445 words, 5 pages)
Throughout history, navies have made significant impacts in the technologicaldevelopment of human kind. These impacts range from improvements in metaltechnologies made while perfecting the cannon to the advent of cybernetics,which allowed more precise targeting of weaponry. One of the more sophisticateddevelopments in naval history has been the invention of the ... Read More
New Eye Tracking Techniques Improve Realism of Aircraft Simulators (462 words, 3 pages)
NEW EYE TRACKING TECHNIQUES IMPROVE REALISM OF AIRCRAFT SIMULATORS A simulated flight environment for pilot training may soon be made morerealistic through the use of eye-tracking technology developed byresearchers at the University of Toronto's Institute of BiomedicalEngineering (IMBE). Many safety and cost benefits are obtained by training aircraft pilotsunder simulated ... Read More
A Comparison of Aircraft (2330 words, 4 pages)
Companies are traveling more and more places. In these times, major firms are no longer located in the heart of industrial regions. They move to more rural settings and away from the pollution, crime and over inflated land prices. Thus moving the market from the major airports. If many companies ... Read More
A History of Nuclear Submarines in the U.S. Navy (4372 words, 18 pages)
The United States Navy has developed over the years to form one of theworld's most powerful forces. The nuclear submarine is one of the majorcomponents responsible for achieving this status. The nuclear submarineshave evolved over time in design, construction, and weapons to becomethe most feared deterrence force ever. Tom Clancy, ... Read More
A History of the U.S. Space Program (2268 words, 3 pages)
On May 25, 1961, John F. Kennedy delivered one of the most memorable State of the Union addresses in the history of the United States. I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the Moon and ... Read More
How the Advancements of Stealth Technology Has Changed Modern Warfare (1881 words, 3 pages)
Problems have existed all throughout time on the battlefields of the past. There have been many problems including being easily seen, defending against airstrikes, and problems with infantry. But as the possibility of war increases, new steps must be taken to eliminate these problems so we will be able to ... Read More
The Benefits of Simulated Flight Environment for Pilot Training (453 words, 3 pages)
A simulated flight environment for pilot training may soon be made more realistic through the use of eye-tracking technology developed by researchers at the University of Toronto's Institute of Biomedical Engineering (IMBE). Many safety and cost benefits are obtained by training aircraft pilots under simulated conditions, but to be effective ... Read More
A Comprehensive Analysis and Description of the Aircraft F-14 Tomcat in the United States Military (821 words, 5 pages)
F-14 TOMCATWing span 64 feet unswept 38 feet sweptLength 62 feet 7 inchesHeight 16 feetWeight Empty 40,104 pounds Maximum take-off 74,348 poundsSpeed Maximum 1,544 mphCruise 576 mphCeiling More than 56,000 feetPower plant Two Pratt and Whitney TF-30-P412A turbofan engines withafterburners F-14B and F-14D F-110-GE-400 augmented turbofan engineswith afterburnerCrew twoContractor Grumman ... Read More
An Overview of the Importance of Strategy in the Development of the New Technology in Military (1510 words, 2 pages)
Has Technology Made Strategy Obsolete? It has been said that, "improvements in technology for waging war have made strategy increasingly irrelevant." This is not the case strategy is actually becoming more important with the development of more sophisticated military technology. Firstly it must be clearly defined how strategy and technology ... Read More
A Descriptive Review of Catapults and Crossbow (1160 words, 4 pages)
This is a brief paragraph or two on each of the major siege weapons. For the not just the besiegers but also the defenders. Please note most of these weapons were not used alone and often had many different versions of the same weapon. KNIGHTAt age seven a son of ... Read More
The Applications of First Generation of Computers in the Military (324 words, 2 pages)
The First Generation of Computers The first generation of computers, beginning around the end of World War 2,and continuing until around the year 1957, included computers that used vacuumtubes, drum memories, and programming in machine code. Computers at that timewhere mammoth machines that did not have the power our present ... Read More
The Social Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Warfare (761 words, 3 pages)
The Impact of AI on Warfare.It is well known that throughout history man's favourite past time has been tomake war. It has always been recognised that the opponent with the betterweapons usually came out victorious. Nowadays, there is an increasing dependency,by the more developed nations, on what are called smart ... Read More
How Navies Have Impacted the Technological Development of Human Kind (1446 words, 2 pages)
Throughout history, navies have made significant impacts in the technological development of human kind. These impacts range from improvements in metal technologies made while perfecting the cannon to the advent of cybernetics, which allowed more precise targeting of weaponry. One of the more sophisticated developments in naval history has been ... Read More
Introduction into the Line of Boeing 700 Aircraft (2022 words, 3 pages)
The Boeing 700s are very capable of handling duties in the commercial and military world. The Boeing 700s are capable of handling many tasks in the commercial and military world. With the introduction of the 707 in the late fifties to the most recent 777 in the early nineties the, ... Read More
An Analysis of the Aircraft Investigation and the Potential Crash (3383 words, 12 pages)
Aircraft InvestigationEach mishap has their own characteristics and there is no substitute for good old-fashioned common sense and initiative. Each wrecked aircraft has its own story to tell if properly investigated. However Air Force guidelines are quick to point out that investigators in their eagerness seek out the causes, often ... Read More
Design and Installation of Networks for the Air Force Base Computer Training Center (2374 words, 6 pages)
Design and Installation of Internal Network for theAir Force Base Computer Training CenterCMIS 370 INTRODUCTIONThe Air Force Base Network Standardization and Evaluation Section is responsible for the training, licensing, and certifying of network professionals through the use of in-residence courses, computer based training (CBT), and formal task evaluations. There are ... Read More
The Face of Global Terrorism Today (1224 words, 3 pages)
The face of global terrorism as we knew it to be 50 odd years ago is changing rapidly with the advancement of technology in todays society. Be it a kid trying to get his kicks bypassing the security or his local Internet Service Provider, or an established terrorist trying to ... Read More
The Evolution of Human Weaponry Through the Years (851 words, 2 pages)
Every culture's arsenal is based on the technology and raw materials available at the time. Prehistoric peoples, often called the Stone Age cultures, made wide use of stone, shaping axes and grinding tools, and creating spears and arrows in order to promote their survival. As technological skills evolved, so did ... Read More
The Use of Technology to Fight Terrorism (2080 words, 9 pages)
After viewing Enemy of the State, one can not help but feel vulnerable to the technological advances of our government. However, most Americans find it difficult to believe that they are being watched by agents of the United States government. When Americans do accept that their privacy is being invaded, ... Read More
Military and General Aviation Engineers Looking into New Design for Airplanes (2434 words, 6 pages)
Most people are familiar with the Standard Configuration, the most common airplane design. However, recent revelations in both military and general aviation have shown at least a slight movement toward different arrangements of an airplane's lift and control surfaces. These variations in aircraft structure include the canard configuration and the ... Read More
A Report on The Grumman X-29 by Steve Pace (416 words, 1 pages)
I have chosen to do my book report on the book The Grumman X-29, by Steve Pace, for a couple of reasons. Ive seen the X-29 in flight at an air show and was mystified by its wing design. I asked myself how could something like that fly at all? ... Read More
The Ironclad Was Invented Starting During the American Civil War and Advanced Naval Warfare Technology (1931 words, 5 pages)
From the many inventions that emerged from the American Civil War, the Ironclad, designed by Captain John Ericsson and Robert L. Stevens, has impacted the world by advancing naval warfare technology. It gave America more influence in Europe and put America ahead of Europe in naval matters. The impact and ... Read More
Weaponry Saw a Big Leap in Technology During the Civil War (1657 words, 3 pages)
Amongst the most lasting of factors stemming from the Civil War are the weapons that were developed. Before the Civil War, the weapons used were highly unreliable, and were not advanced enough to provide the needed defense for a young nation such as our own. Innovative minds created many interesting ... Read More
The Development of Technology and Innovations in the History of Naval Aviation (1610 words, 3 pages)
Throughout the history of Naval Aviation, one can see a growing force. As new technology and innovations arose and advanced, Naval Aviation improved as well. In times of war and peace, through training and dedication, naval aviators improved their abilities and tactics to produce the fighting force it is today. ... Read More
An Analysis of the Importance of Wrought-iron Breechloaders in Military Technology (1138 words, 2 pages)
military technologyWrought-iron breechloaders Partly because of the difficulties of making a long, continuous barrel, and partly because of the relative ease of loading a powder charge into a short breechblock, gunsmiths soon learned to make cannon in which the barrel and powder chamber were separate. Since the charge and projectile ... Read More
The Adjacent of the Stealth Technology in Military Aircrafts in the U.S (1501 words, 6 pages)
Military aircraft has become more sophisticated in variety, effectiveness in war situations, and special maneuvering techniques in recent years. With the advance ofstealth technology, many new and very effective aircraft have been developed. The F-117A was used during Operation Dessert Storm and every plane came back without a scratch. The ... Read More
An Introduction to Signaling System 7 (SS7) in North America (5448 words, 13 pages)
Signaling System 7 (SS7)The international Engineering Consortium defines Signaling System 7 (SS7) as a style of architecture for performing out-of-band signaling in support of the call-establishment, billing, routing, and information-exchange functions of the public switched telephone network (PSTN). It identifies functions to be performed by a signaling-system network and a ... Read More
The Role of Technology in Warfare (546 words, 1 pages)
Every hour in every day, there is a war going on in the world. Weather the war is between small villages, or between superpowers, people are dying. The reasons for these wars are because people are not perfect. We are vengeful, greedy, and cowardly. As much as we like to ... Read More
An Essay on Technology, Values and the Metaphors We Live By (661 words, 3 pages)
Technology, Values, and Metaphor We Live ByDuring the modern era technology quickly advanced. However, different types of technological progress compromised the values that human beings were taught through life and also changed the metaphors by which we live. The atomic bomb and poison gas made people second guess about that ... Read More
Military Aircraft Technology of China (549 words, 3 pages)
October 24, 2014The New Age of ChinaFor many years China has been behind many countries when it comes to military plane technology. Chinas military has struggled to keep up with other countries militaries. China will be the global superpower of the twenty first century because China is buying airplanes from ... Read More
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