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The Importance of Data Compression During the Information Age (1640 words, 8 pages)
Data Compression just sounds complicated. Dont beafraid, compression is our good friend for many reasons. It saves hard drivespace. It makes data files to handle. It also cuts those immense file downloadtimes from the Internet. Wouldnt it be nice if we could compress all filesdown to just a few bytes?There ... Read More
A Look at Data Provisioning in the Owen Corning Case (930 words, 4 pages)
Data Provisioning OCF conceptualizes the principal IS production activities that produce value for the company as transaction processing, data provisioning, and information delivery. Data provisioning manages the inventory of data and information, using relational database management systems and a data dictionary and data catalog. Transaction processing stores only the current ... Read More
A Brief History of Computer Databases (1728 words, 8 pages)
Brief History Of DatabasesIn the 1960's, the use of main frame computers became widespread in manycompanies. To access vast amounts of stored information, these companiesstarted to use computer programs like COBOL and FORTRAN. Data accessibility anddata sharing soon became an important feature because of the large amount ofinformation recquired by ... Read More
The Usefulness of Computers in Marketing and Database Management (2462 words, 4 pages)
In our increasingly complex society computers are being used in business more and more. They can be used to process information on which to base decisions as well as a storage system making information readily available. It is reasonable to say that, without the power of computer systems, today's modern ... Read More
An Overview of the Security of Data in Computing (2300 words, 13 pages)
Securityof data Security of datainvolves the protection of data from anything that could destroy it, orintroduce errors to it, as this may corrupt data. Thingssuch as hazards, for example fires and floods, or another person gaining accessto the data and damaging it, can destroy data. Thesecurity of data is very ... Read More
An Introduction to the Various Ways of the Collecting the Data (792 words, 3 pages)
Data. Allthe data for the new system will have to be collected together. All the names,addresses and phone numbers of all the familys contacts will need to be puttogether so that it will be easier to input the data to the new system. Tocollect the data together there will need ... Read More
An Analysis of the Word Processor Software Microsoft Word 2000 (690 words, 4 pages)
Name and Type-Microsot Word 2000-Word ProcessorProducerMaker-Microsoft Corporation-The creator of the popular Windows operating system founded by Bill Gates.Price(httpwww.microsoft.comofficeorderpricing.htm, 2000)Microsoft Word 2000 is generally purchased as a part of the Office 2000 package.The New UserRetail Upgrade Price when purchased with the-Premium Package (including Word, Excel, Outlook, - -Publisher, Small Business Tools, ... Read More
The Use of Data Encryption (659 words, 2 pages)
The electronic age has brought forth many technological advances. With these advances came the need for security and tighter control on how we send information electronically over the Internet or through a network. Date encryption is, in its simplest terms, the translation of data into a secret code. In order ... Read More
Optimizing Your Career with the Electronic Resume Database (1963 words, 7 pages)
Introduction Databases of a New Decade As the day goes on, one grows anxious to hear the ring of the phone, the sound of a fax, or the knock on the door saying we want you. As easy as it may seem, getting on the right track to pursue a ... Read More
An Introduction and an Analysis of the Electronic Data Interchange (2339 words, 3 pages)
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Electronic Data Interchange Every Thing You Ever Wanted to Know About EDI By Brian Harris December 1, 1998 ISDS 4800 Sec. 001 Introduction First of all what is EDI? Well EDI, or Electronic Data Interchange, is the transfer of business documents such as ... Read More
The Importance of Data Gathering on Consumers Using the Internet by e-Businesses (615 words, 2 pages)
the e-commerce merchant (Tanaka, 1999). Table 1 illustrates some types of information collected by websites. Table 1Personal Information CollectedType of Information Number of Sites1 Percent1Personal Identifying 335 92.8Demographic 205 56.8Personal Identifying Only 132 36.6Demographic Only 2 .6Both Personal Identifying Demographic 203 56.2None 24 6.61 Number and Percentage from base of ... Read More
Exploring the Uses of Microsoft Database and Jet Engine (3896 words, 9 pages)
Introduction The purpose of this paper is to Define Microsoft Database and Jet Engine, explore its uses, and to a better understanding of the theories and principals related. "Jet is the default database engine for Visual Basic as well as other Microsoft applications such as Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Project, ... Read More
What the CIO Should Know About the Inherent Security Risks of Outsourcing (2520 words, 9 pages)
Inherent security risks of outsourcing -- what the CIO should know who were previously competitors are partnering in order that they may share risk, preserve capital, and gain market share from other competitors. It seems as though some companies soon will have outsourced so much of their business they will ... Read More
Defining the Tasks of Data Mining in Different Industries (1702 words, 8 pages)
In todays business world, information about the customer is a necessity for a businesss trying to maximize its profits. A new, and important, tool in gaining this knowledge is Data Mining. Data Mining is a set of automated procedures used to find previously unknown patterns and relationships in data. These ... Read More
An Introduction to Object-Oriented Database Management Systems since the 1980's (3206 words, 13 pages)
The construction of Object-Oriented Database Management Systems started in the middle80's, at a prototype building level, and at the beginning of the 90's the first commercialsystems appeared. The interest for the development of such systems stems from the need tocover the modeling deficiencies of their predecessors, that is the relational ... Read More
An Analysis of the Changes in the Use of Active Data to Raw Data by Organizations (990 words, 3 pages)
As accounting professionals, accuracy in financial calculations and the integrity of the raw data are vital to producing useful information. Our clients prevail upon us to be more accurate and more thorough in less time. The tremendous advances in information technology are apparent across most industries. Accountants can gain much ... Read More
A Summary of Datamining: Spam or Future of Music Business Article by Bruce Haring (273 words, 1 pages)
Bruce Haring, in his article Datamining Spam or Future of Music Business appearing in Inside.com states that Bands are beginning to embrace the data-collection method and then poses the question, will some fans be put off by the tactic? Disappointingly, he fails to answer the question of fan response to ... Read More
The Use of Datamining and Various Techniques Used Today (1261 words, 3 pages)
' Datamining is necessary for survival. If you don't use it to predict a trend before your competitors, you're dead'. Eric Brethenoux ( research director for advanced technologies at the Gartner Group ) is not the only person who believes that datamining is a technology which cannot be ignored, but ... Read More
Data Mining Is an Invasion of Privacy and Should be Regulated (1228 words, 6 pages)
Data MiningData mining has become a common topic of conversation as of late because of the actions popularity among companies. According to Merriam-Webster, data mining is defined as the practice of searching through large amounts of computerized data to find useful patterns or trends.(Data mining) Every time a person does ... Read More
A Discussion on End to End Encryption That Changed the Encryption Standards (1001 words, 4 pages)
End to end encryption post-snowden has dramatically altered the landscape of encryption standards. Today, companies are more paranoid of data leaks and as such request stronger security -- unbreakable even in the cases when need be such as law enforcement. The private sector claims that it is not only in ... Read More
An Understanding of the Process of Data Reduction (651 words, 2 pages)
Data that is collected is increasingly becoming more and more abundant, and it is impossible to report all data in a research report. In response to the abundance of data, a process known as data reduction has been created. Data reduction refers to the process of reducing the data to ... Read More
The History, Ethics, Advantages, and Disadvantages of Bitcoin, a Cryptocurrency (3077 words, 10 pages)
To understand cryptocurrency, we must first understand what currency is. Merriam-Webster defines currency as something that is in circulation as a medium of exchange. 1 So by definition, anything that two parties agree is of worth, can be used as a medium of exchange. Cryptocurrency is no exception. Cryptocurrency, in ... Read More
A Summary of Two Data Mining Techniques (989 words, 4 pages)
This document will summarize two types of data mining techniquesartificial neural networks and decision tree analysis. What will bediscussed is exactly what data mining is and its relevance. Also, anoverview of how both artificial neural networks and decision tree analysishave been used will be presented. In addition, how each technique ... Read More
The Definition and Use of the Big Data (945 words, 3 pages)
Big Data is the term that is used to describe large and complex data sets that couldnt normally be analyzed and used by normal means. Some problems that people that are working with big data face are analyzing the data, organization of the data, searching, sharing, and also manipulation of ... Read More
A Proposal to Help Expedite the eDiscovery Process Using the Hypotehtical AnticapateDiscovery Product (1522 words, 7 pages)
AbstractWhile there are many companies that offer eDiscovery software and services, one type of product that seems to be lacking is the automatic collection and processing of electronically stored information before it is needed. The hypothetical AnticipateDiscovery product proposed in this paper aims to help expedite the eDiscovery process, while ... Read More
On the Art of Researching and Looking for the Best Sources of Information (1174 words, 4 pages)
The importance of research cannot be overstated. From high school to the highest level of education and even into most careers, individuals are charged with the task of finding information to solve some of the biggest problems in the work place. Whether it be for just the managers in the ... Read More
The Disadvantages and Advantages of Using Bitcoin (3011 words, 10 pages)
This research report is about the most popular digital currency in the world, Bitcoin, and how it relates to crime. Part of this report details how Bitcoin works in detail. Both user and behind the scenes perspectives will be analyzed. An explanation of how Bitcoin denominations, the different types of ... Read More
The Importance and Use of Surveillance Technology in Airports (830 words, 3 pages)
However, despite our worries of getting from one place to another as quickly and hassle-free as possible, there is a greater issue at hand here. Walking through an airport nowadays is like strolling through a showcase of modern security technologies. Security personnel, canine units, access control, surveillance cameras and X-ray ... Read More
The Benefits and Important Information Offered by Google (2043 words, 7 pages)
Google The Third EyeAlthough many people may think that Google contains an overwhelming amount of information, Google offers various views on important information that is broadening the worlds knowledge and perspective everyday. Through the internet, people can access everything books, games, movies, research papers, etc. Google is creating an outlet ... Read More
A Definition of a Hacktivist (839 words, 4 pages)
What is a Hackivist? Peter Ludlow states in What is a Hackivist? after finding out about the horrible suicide of Aaron Swartz, his death caused a chain reaction from the digital world. These questions started in 2011 when the biggest hack happened to Verizon and they had no one to ... Read More
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