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Published: Friday 25th of January 2013

Volunteering Essay Example

General Information About Volunteering

Getting by in life means finding the time to engage in charitable activities, which may be pretty hard - both in terms of finances and free time. So, plenty of non-governmental structures have difficulty finding volunteers to enlist. Nevertheless, people who agree to participate in these programs do not require too much time to complete their ‘chores.’ At the same time, volunteering is an activity that may offer you countless advantages. On the other hand, people who refuse to engage in volunteering activities are not always aware of the advantages they can get from such courses. So, it is essential to promote charitable programs and educate people about the benefits of volunteering.

Establishing Connections and Forming Relationships Through Volunteerin

Volunteering is great for establishing meaningful relationships and connections. If you enlist in a program, you are very likely to meet people from various professional backgrounds. As you talk to such people unofficially, you learn new skills that may prove important for your further career. Next, such connections help to build a better, stronger community; applicants master new skills that prove beneficial for them personally and for society, in general. Furthermore, people who take part in community programs gain a great deal of respect from their peers. Often, when attending an interview for a job, the employer will ask about the activities candidate participates in. If the employer learns about the candidate’s volunteering background, an applicant has a higher chance of getting hired and receiving a good salary. Next, volunteers have higher chances of being chosen for leadership positions, because they are seen as altruistic, dependable, loyal, and competent people.

Volunteering to Increase Self-Esteem

Often, volunteering can help people who need to strengthen their self-respect and boost confidence. After completing a course, most people feel highly accomplished. Consequently, they gain a new level of self-esteem, and it becomes easier for them to prevail over the hardships faced in life. Next, volunteering programs help accomplishing one’s goals. Finally, some charitable activities help people stay in good physical and mental shape. Simply put, enlisting in volunteering programs helps applicants be active and efficient in life.

Gaining New Experiences

Those still exploring potential career paths have another reason for considering volunteering work. Enlisting in a program offers people a first-hand experience of what it means to work in a specific field. Programs like these offer applicants a chance to apply their skills to practice, which is especially beneficial for medical and language students. The range of programs to choose in these areas are enormous, and the professional edge they offer is more than impressive. Such programs give an opportunity to ask questions and gain valuable information from established professionals. Furthermore, volunteering teaches applicants to spend their free time productively and efficiently. Applicants, regardless of the specific program they choose, can learn valuable information regarding their personality and life in general. Even though medical and language programs are by far the most popular ones, other options are also available. The latter ones include sports, physical rehabilitation, engineering, teaching, etc. To conclude, volunteering work offers a lot of opportunities for successful candidates - from boosting one’s self-esteem to gaining valuable professional experience. It is, of course, true that charitable work takes a lot of time and effort; however, people who think about volunteering as an investment, not as an expense, get exactly what they come for. People who refuse to participate in volunteering activities, on the other hand, do not always understand the perks that come with these programs. So, it is crucial to educate people - students especially - on the benefits of volunteer work for their further careers.