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How the 9/11 Attacks Brought Americans Together (290 words, 2 pages)
We Survived Together To live be to suffer to survive is to find some meaning in thesuffering (Roberta Flack). 911 has changed our world so much includinghow some people walk outside and feel scarred and like they never know whenthere going to be bombed. I feel different about that when ... Read More
What I Felt on 9/11 (320 words, 1 pages)
Suddenly, my heart skipped a beat as I walked onto Level 4. Who would do this? I thought. On September 11, 2001, the atrocious event of the Twin Towers became our Nations worst nightmare. There in front of me stood a tall piece of the Twin Towers. Under this piece ... Read More
Interviewing a Mom about 9/11 (390 words, 2 pages)
On September 11, 2001, my mom was unpacking. We had just moved from Rochester, New York to Florence, South Carolina. I was ten months old at the time this happened. My mom had a small TV in the kitchen, where she was able to watch the news. My moms sister ... Read More
Being Pakistani in Post-9/11 America (1538 words, 6 pages)
The air had a delightfully sweet smell to it. The scent of fried sweets, snacks, and breads from the streets overcame the odor of car pollution and each person seemed to have been perfumed with concoctions of sandalwood and rose. The streets were busy with people running back and forth, ... Read More
The Cynical Look At The Government Post 9/11 (1081 words, 4 pages)
Since the 911 attack and following economic depression, the society has begun to take cynical approach to look at the government and community. Americans lost trust in the government and in our neighbors. As a result, Americans started to make heroes and even fictional antiheroes to psychologically depend on them ... Read More
Machiavelli and Lao-Tzu Argue About the U.S. Reaction to 9/11 (1065 words, 4 pages)
There is no such thing as good or bad people, all people do as good as they see it. Niccolo Machiavelli, an aristocrat who wrote the book " The Qualities of the Prince", always felt that everyone in the world was bad. It did not matter who they were or ... Read More
The Problems With Government Monitoring Since 9/11 (519 words, 2 pages)
The 911 terrorist attacks is a day that will remain in the hearts of every American. The government increased their monitoring after those attacks affecting even innocent citizens. We are shown the effects of this surveillance by the latest scandals such as the NSA scandal. There are also numerous reports ... Read More
United States Foreign Policy Before and After 9/11 (1236 words, 4 pages)
The United States fought through Nazism, fascism, communism, and the Cold War. When the Cold War was over, treaties were being signed all around the world for free trade and better economy. 911 was the day when the world changed because this tragic event changed capitalism and economy all around ... Read More
An Analysis of the Book Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close That Talks About Oskar, a Boy Whose Father Died on 9/11 (1936 words, 6 pages)
Extremely loud and incredibly Close was written in 2005. The books talks about a nine year old child, Oskar Shell, whose father died on 911, in the World Trade Center catastrophe. After two years of his fathers death he discovered a key in a vase. So the key inspires him ... Read More
9/11 in the Eyes of a Student (720 words, 1 pages)
Throughout the past year, many people throughout the nation have attempted to continue to live their lives the same as usual even after tragedy. The upcoming anniversary of September 11th reminds many, like myself, of how a nation can be affected by self-less acts that not only killed innocent people, ... Read More
The Influence of 9/11 Terrorist Attacks on Airlines Business (274 words, 1 pages)
Turmoil is Hitting Large Players The tragic event which occurred in New York City and the Pentagon on September 11, has begun to affect international airlines as well as our own. Large European airlines have been greatly affected by the fear, which has been instilled in many of its customers. ... Read More
A Report on the Photographs and Videos Taken during the 9/11 Terrorist Attack in New York City (791 words, 1 pages)
The day of 911 is a day that will be in the back of everybodys minds for lifetime. On that sorrowful day four passenger airplanes were highjacked and ultimately crashed. Two of the airplanes crashed into each of the Twin Towers located in New York City. After the buildings burned ... Read More
The Timelines of the Terrorist Attack of America on 9/11 (345 words, 1 pages)
America Under Attack Tuesday morning started off just like any other normal morning. I had an early class so I had to be in school at 730 am. I was on my was to my second class when I over heard someone say something about the World Trade Center. I ... Read More
The Result of 9/11 (2891 words, 5 pages)
September 11, 2001 was a devastating day for the United States. As many of us awoke, expecting to continue with our daily routine, the terrorist shattered our hopes for repetitiveness with attacks that struck the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The threat of terrorism is one that has always ... Read More
A Comparison of the Shooting of John F. Kennedy and 9/11 (880 words, 1 pages)
My mom always told me the story of when President John F. Kennedy was shot and killed. She distinctly remembered where she was, who she was with, and what she felt. I couldnt relate to her at all, and I honestly believed Id never be able to. September 11th, 2001 ... Read More
How the Events of 9/11 Attacks Changed How America Looks at His New Enemies (2062 words, 3 pages)
In the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks on American soil, the world has entered a is new phase, a new fear and a new enemy. George W. Bush making it clear that one is either a friend or a foe and there is no in betweens. The war ... Read More
A Personal Experience of the Anniversary of 9/11 (366 words, 1 pages)
It started out like any other day, a bright, beautiful morning. I remember driving to work and noticing how beautiful the day had begun. When I walked into my office, I knew something was wrong, everyone was sitting around the television, phones went unanswered, and no one said a word. ... Read More
The Ripple Effect of 9/11 and the Creation of a Void in America's Economy (1149 words, 3 pages)
The ripple effect of September 11th's terrorist attack upon the World Trade Center and the Pentagon has created an enormous void in America's economy. With recession on everyone's mind, this unexpected and violent downslide has placed tens of thousands out of work and threatens to completely undermine the very foundation ... Read More
The Poor State of Global Economy Since 9/11 (487 words, 1 pages)
For almost a year now, it has become common knowledge to the economic sector that global economy is being dragged through what now seems like a long dark tunnel. A slump in markets was taking minor progress during the first half of 2001, but after the tragedies of September 11, ... Read More
Analogy of the Pearl Harbor and 9/11 Attacks (491 words, 1 pages)
The terrorist attacks on September 11th have repeatedly been related to Pearl Harbor. In many ways, the analogy is apparent. Just as that attack initiated us into World War II, the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon have initiated us into a new kind of war, against ... Read More
How Exxon and Ashland Inc. Companies Dealt with 9/11 Attack (495 words, 1 pages)
This article immediately reminded me of recent events. Unless you were in dimention X, September 11, 2001 stirs up images of pain, terror, and loss. While America was in cahoots President, George W. Bush was running for cover assuring citizens that "the government is okay, and running as usual". A ... Read More
The Effects of 9/11: Fear of Terrorism and the Pursuit of Justice for the Victims (655 words, 1 pages)
There comes a time in every generation our nation is faced with a horrific tragedy. Yet, even in our darkest hours we are one, from Pearl Harbor to the assignation of JFK. On September 11, we were faced with the Attack on America. Planes were hijacked and many lives were ... Read More
The Effect on Life in the United States of the 9/11 Attacks (464 words, 1 pages)
Very few Americans will argue against the fact that this country, or even the entire world, has changed since the terrorist attacks of 911 .Before the terrorist attacks many Americans believed that something as dire as the 911 attacks would never befall upon this great nation. These American citizens were ... Read More
Pride vs. Gridlock as the City of New York Looks to the Olympics After the 9/11 Attacks (711 words, 1 pages)
Its Pride vs. Gridlock as City Looks to Olympics New York was selected as Americas entry in the global competition to hold the 2012 Summer Olympics, and the selection was greeted with pride and joy from city and state officials, the towns movers and shakers, and ordinary people taking a ... Read More
A Look at the Complicated Immigration Issue Since the 9/11 Attacks in the U.S. (1648 words, 3 pages)
In this essay, the complicated issue of global immigration since the unfortunate events of 9-11 will be discussed. An explanation of what happened on Tuesday, September 11, 2001 will be given. Thereafter, we will explore how the United States and other countries are handling the issue of immigration after this ... Read More
Patriotism in Post 9/11 United States (962 words, 2 pages)
Selling America Since the terrorist acts of September 11th, Patriotism has suddenly fallen in fashion across America. Flag-waving has become so popular that many small countries are working overtime to manufacture enough American flags to meet demand. Corporations are cashing in on a tragedy and many people are buying in ... Read More
My Experience of 9/11 (288 words, 1 pages)
On September 11, 2001 there was an act of extreme terrorism. It was on the World Trade Centers in New York. The assault on the Trade Centers took a tremendous amount of lives. It was a great loss for us all. Many people lost their family members and closest friends. ... Read More
The Impact of 9/11 (683 words, 1 pages)
September 11, 2001 is an unforgettable day, forever etched in the minds of people around the world. The effect was so extreme, that the whole nation, our community, my family, and myself, personally, have been greatly impacted. As for the whole country, the economic was down terrible. Businesses in America ... Read More
The Parallel Between 9/11 and the Crusades (298 words, 1 pages)
Last year, a religious faction of Afghanistan called the Taliban attacked the world trade center. This faction believed they were doing gods work. Almost 800 years before this happened, the pope created an army and sent them to attack the Middle East and retake the holy cities of the Christianity. ... Read More
The Patriotism Demonstrated in America amid the Horrors of 9/11 (425 words, 1 pages)
There is no silver lining to the cloud of horror that descended on America on 911. And the avalanche of pain, terror, and death we have witnessed may be just the beginning. But life, as always, slowly picks up and moves on. Despite the nagging sense that it is unseemly ... Read More
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