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An Critical Analysis of the German-Great Britain Trade Rivalry (1774 words, 7 pages)
The German-Great Britain trade rivalry like the U.S.-Japan trade rivalry involved a rising power cutting into the trade ofan already dominant trading power. There were several causes of the German-Great Britain trade rivalry according to Hoffman. The first was German's industry's zeal in procuring new contracts and expanding markets. They ... Read More
A Comparison of the October Nineteen Eighty-Seven and October Nineteen Twenty Nine Collapse in Stock Prices (3476 words, 7 pages)
The October 1987 collapse in stock prices conjured visions of 1929 and the Great Depression. Focus on this period is natural because the 32 percent decline in stock values between the market closes of October 13 and 19, 1987, was of the magnitude of--indeed, it actually exceeded--the October 1929 debacle. ... Read More
An Analysis of Clinton's Administration's Proposal to Increase Taxes for Multinational Corporations (606 words, 3 pages)
Clinton Administration's Proposal to Increase Taxes for MultinationalCorporations My topic is the increase if the taxes which Clinton Administration isplanning. This increase in taxes will target "multinational Corporations, endthe favored tax treatment of extra long term bonds", It will also raise capitalgains taxes by changing the rules for computing the ... Read More
The Concept Behind the Floating Exchange Rates and How They Can Have Negative Effects (2702 words, 12 pages)
Floating Exchange Rates The Only Viable SolutionStentor SmithFor some, the collapse of Mexico's economy proves that floating exchange ratesand markets without capital controls are deadly. Others find the crash of theEuropean exchange-rate mechanism (ERM) in 1993 to be proof that targeted rateswill always be overturned by the free market. Many ... Read More
The Question of Whether the Global Economy Will Help or Hurt the next Generation of America (1871 words, 8 pages)
Will the Global Economy Help or Hurt The Next Generation of Americans?Will the global economy help or hurt the next generation of Americans?This is the question I am going to investigate in this paper. The global economyis the system pertaining to the production, distribution and consumption ofgoods and services around ... Read More
The Financial Accounting For Financial Services Assignment and Money Laundering (1854 words, 4 pages)
Financial Accounting For Financial Services AssignmentMoney LaunderingThe word money laundering, according to the myth, is derived from Al Capone's practice of using a string of coin-operated launderettes in Chicago to disguise his revenues from gambling, prostitution and protection rackets. It's a nice story but not true, money laundering is so ... Read More
Ways to Prevent Internal and External Theft (793 words, 3 pages)
In today's economic condition, there has become an increasing need for small and large businesses to become conscious of ways and reasons that they might lose money. Companies need quality employees, effective management, and cost efficient loss prevention plan to decrease the total losses endured by a company. Losses in ... Read More
Does Money Bring Happiness? (1282 words, 4 pages)
What is it about Consumerism and money that makes people go crazy? Is it that money can buy whatever a person needs or wants? Or is it the simple fact of luxury that makes people feel more relaxed and more important in society? Consumerism is the belief that it is ... Read More
College Students Should Not Be given Credit Cards (1898 words, 7 pages)
A credit card is defined as a small plastic card issued by a bank or business, allowing the holder to purchase goods or services on credit. Credit is defined as the ability of a customer to obtain goods or services before payment, based on the trust that payment will be ... Read More
Excessive Use of Credit Cards Left Teenagers Wallow in Debt (968 words, 4 pages)
Teenagers and their Credit Cards Accessibility to credit cards has left many youngsters wallowing in debts. School age understudies and low-salary purchasers, normally esteemed terrible dangers, are simple focuses for charge card organizations. Visa organizations ought not to target school-age understudies and low-salary buyers as a result of their absence ... Read More
The Fine Line Between Capitalism and Feudalism (1764 words, 6 pages)
The Line between Capitalism and FeudalismAmerica is a capitalist country however what precisely makes America capitalist? Webster's lexicon characterizes free enterprise as a monetary framework in which interest in and responsibility for a method for creation, dispersion, and trade of riches is made and kept up predominantly by private people ... Read More
The Urban Economic Marginalization That Features Prominently in the Works of Crutchfield, Anderson and Contreras (3066 words, 12 pages)
Paper 21.Despite differences in stated purpose, research method, unit of analysis, and style of presentation, Crutchfield, Anderson, and Contreras all devote significant attention to the criminologicalsociological axiom that socioeconomic context influences and constrains individual agency and collective behavior. In many urban areas of the United States, especially those inhabited by ... Read More
The Concept of Behavioral Economics Based on Michael Blanding's Article "The Business of Behavioral Economics" (711 words, 3 pages)
A Discussion of the Concept of Behavioural Economics based on Michael Blandings article The Business of behavioural Economics.The concept of behavioural economics is based on the idea that, although human beings are rational creatures, some of human beings actions, however, are motivated not by right reason but by human passions ... Read More
How the Increasingly Popular Field of Behavioral Economics has Challenged the Dominance of Rationality in the Spheres of Economic Theory and Policy; Affecting the Neoclassical Model (2279 words, 7 pages)
Affecting the neoclassical model one analogy at a timeThe case of Richard H. ThalerIntroductionWhat makes ideas stick? As with all complicated questions there is no single answer to this quintessential query that started with the study of Rhetoric itself. For evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins ideas behave as genes, they replicate ... Read More
A Discussion on the Aid Priorities of the United States (884 words, 5 pages)
U.S. Aid PrioritiesAs the wealthiest country in the world, it is generally expected that America lends a hand to other countries when they need help. And America does help, all over the world, on every continent except Antarctica. So when it comes to deciding where to send that help, we ... Read More
The Unlawful Drug Trade Between the Two Prospering Countries (1022 words, 4 pages)
Illicit Drug Trade In Two Prospering Countries Illicit drug use has profound effects on not only the users health, but the overall health of the economy for a country. Drug use has impacts on the workers who use them, influencing dependability and overall productivity for businesses. Illicit drug use also ... Read More
The Calculation of Consumer Surplus (659 words, 2 pages)
The calculation of consumer surplus has always been at the center of attention for many years. Now the proposition of a new a price-normalized form for this hot topic has been issued to look at any changes in welfare. Weitzman in his paper proposes that the formula can be viewed ... Read More
A Report on the Portfolio Challenge and the Stock Exchange Market (510 words, 4 pages)
First, the timing of the challenge when it started was a bit harsh for those participating. Our buy periods happened right before the market took a roughly 10 percent fall and while the market has started back towards an upswing, it has been an uphill battle from a gain perspective. ... Read More
An Analysis of the Concept of Economic Growth and Research and Development by Governments (621 words, 2 pages)
Long run economic growth can continue to be sustainable as long as real GDP per capita, or the amount of output per worker, continues to rise. There are many factors of production which may contribute to this increased productivity for sustainable long run economic growth, such as research and development ... Read More
A Report on the New York Stock Exchange (1222 words, 5 pages)
Stock Exchange ReportThe New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ represent the two major exchange-based marketplaces of the financial industry in the United States, and also abroad (foreign investment). The NYSE serves as the largest equities-based trading exchange in terms of market capitalization in the world, utilizing floor trading (done ... Read More
A Discussion on Globalization: A Benefit or a Detriment to Our Environment? (1464 words, 5 pages)
Globalization a benefit or a detriment to our environment? An introduction to the four major worldviews.Globalization is referred to as the interaction among people, companies, and governments of different nations, and is mainly driven by international trades and investments. This interconnectedness, usually aided by information technology, has vast effects on ... Read More
An Analysis of the Influence of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank in China and across the Globe (1751 words, 6 pages)
International relations resemble interpersonal relationships. If one party were to form new conventions and habits, he or she is likely to meet arguments and impediments. This is the case of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, proposed by China with its aim of providing finance to infrastructure projects and focusing on ... Read More
Three Perspectives on Economic Inequality: Structural Functionalism, Conflict Theory and Symbolic Interactionist (934 words, 4 pages)
The three man sociological perspectives are Structural functionalism, Conflict theory, and Symbolic interactionist. These three perspectives all have different views and ideas of the aspect of economic inequality in a society. When it comes to economic inequality, each perspective has a lot to say. Functionalism interprets each part of society ... Read More
The Role and Impact of Genetically Modified Organisms in the Global Economy (3090 words, 11 pages)
The United States public have shown a mixed opinion on GMOS. Regarding polls conducted in the country for the last five years, there seems to be weak understanding of biotechnology among the citizens. According to a survey conducted byNew York Times in 2011, only 26 percent of Americans concede with ... Read More
The Negative Effects of the Housing Market Boom in America after the Second World War (820 words, 3 pages)
After World War II, there was a major housing shortage. Virtually no houses were being built during the war. Couples were getting married at younger ages, and they desired a house for their selves to start a family in. Veterans especially desired to live in a place of their own. ... Read More
An Argument in Favor of the U.S. International Expansion Through a Humanitarian Racism Point of View (1480 words, 5 pages)
Humanitarian Racism as Epiphenomenal to Industrial ExpansionMarx famously argued that economic developments were the driving forces of history, and that everything aside from them were epiphenomenal, attractive explanations on the surface but ultimately either irrelevant or tied in some way to economic factors. Professor Jenifer Van Vlecks lecture about westward ... Read More
The Lack of Opportunities as a Cause of Poverty in Society (3030 words, 11 pages)
There are a number of definitions and measures of poverty, but none of them are generally accepted as the official one. Despite the different perspectives, it is possible to identify mutual arguments on why a person is considered impoverished. Social and economic inequalities have existed for centuries already and are ... Read More
The Measure and Understanding of the Human Greed (1135 words, 4 pages)
How Much is too MuchIt is human nature to want things that they can not obtain. Ever since the dawn of civilization, people have been trading and upgrading their possessions, either for food or other material items. However, once they get the product that they traded for, they want something ... Read More
The Formula to Find the State of the United States Economy (1329 words, 5 pages)
Forward Guidance The State of the U.S. EconomyPeople across the United States are filling up their gas tanks at unbelievable rates. Prices per gallon are at their lowest levels since the late 1990s and early 2000s, and it's no secret that consumers are enjoying it. A family in Charleston, South ... Read More
The Benefits and Limitations of Gross Domestic Product (717 words, 3 pages)
A countrys gross domestic product (or GDP)isthe total market value all final goods and services produced during a year(Miller, 2013) with all factors and processes of production within the countrys borders. It measures the health of a countrys economy and gives economists a way to compare the wealth of a ... Read More
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