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Gothicism in Architecture in the Work of Abbot Sugar (4617 words, 17 pages)
3NOTE The information on this site is painfully incomplete and notwell-referenced. If you are looking for a good informational site, I strongly recommend you look elsewhere. This site was never really meant for general consumption, hence the poor attention to detail and research. It was an incomplete project which somehow ... Read More
An Overview of the Architectural Work by Frank Lloyd Wright (1149 words, 6 pages)
These ideas proposed by Wright represent a half century of ingenuity and unrivaled creativity. Wright was unquestionably a architectural genius and was years ahead of his time. The biggest obstacle which held Wright back throughout his career was the lack of technogaly that was present during his time. As a ... Read More
An Introduction to the Wellingtons Central Business District (CBD) Hypothesis (581 words, 2 pages)
Wellingtons Central Business District (CBD) HypothesisA study into the characteristics of the Central Business District of Wellington.AimsA study to compare the number of pedestrians in the CBD to the outskirts of Wellingtons CBD.To compare the environmental quality between Wellingtons CBD and outside Wellingtons CBD.To test the change of land use ... Read More
The Immense Change in the World of Architecture During the Eighteenth Century, The Glorious Revolution (1938 words, 9 pages)
The eighteenth century was a period of change asmuch for the architectural world as for the world of the architect. The Glorious Revolution marked thebeginning of great stability, vast economic growth and population growthfactors that would lead to a massive growth in the amount of building going onin Britain. At ... Read More
A Overview of the Ancient Egyptian Treasure, The Great Sphinx (896 words, 2 pages)
The Egyptians were the first to make bread that is soft, light and filled with air. They also made the first ovens, because they need a different way to bake the larger mass of dough used for this new kind of bread. The Egyptians used mud bricks that have been ... Read More
A Review of H.M. Scott Smith's "The Historical Houses of Prince Edward Island" (547 words, 1 pages)
H.M. Scott Smith's, the Historical Houses of Prince Edward Island, is a candid look into the more architecturally and historically significant buildings located on Prince Edward Island. Focusing particularly on those constructed in the 19th and early 20th centuries, Historical Houses of Prince Edward Island, features structures from the early ... Read More
A Biography of Henry Hobson Richardson, a Prominent American Architect (547 words, 1 pages)
The Chicago School marks the beginning of a new development in architecture. Based on the earlier Victorian models, from about 1885 great commercial structures are built with new designs and new construction techniques. During these later years Richardson produced the buildings upon which his reputation principally rests. He designed houses, ... Read More
An Evaluation of whether College Woods Natural Area is Experiencing Sucession (2385 words, 4 pages)
1. The main purpose of this exercise is to see if College Woods Natural Area is experiencing succession, and to observe and document the tree community structure. Other purposes of this exercise are to examine College Woods and measure the densities of different species of trees as well as diameters ... Read More
An Introduction to the Inside Look at the Hyatt Regency Walkway Collapse (2352 words, 8 pages)
An Inside Look at the Hyatt Regency Walkway CollapseAbstractJuly 17, 1981 at 706PM in the ballroom of Kansas Citys brand new Hyatt Regency hotel, two 117 foot skywalks collapsed onto one another affecting the lives of the hundreds of people in attendance. After the chaos of the event, answers for ... Read More
An Analysis of the International Style of Architecture on the Example of the Schindler House (1311 words, 6 pages)
The Schindler House is an early and uncommon example of the International Style a term later coined from a MOMA exhibition in 1932 that regretfully omitted the seminal house (Sweeney, Sheine 81). Kings Road House, as it was commonly referred to, was designed by Austrian-American architect, Rudolph M. Schindler. It ... Read More
The Incorporating Description, Residents' Comments, and Personal Experience of Visiting Aberdeen Heights Senior Living Home (789 words, 2 pages)
Even though visiting the Aberdeen Heights senior living home was a good experience for me, I think young people should visit the elderly people in the nursing homes more often because they really appreciate it and it is kind to them as well. During my visit at Aberdeen Heights, I ... Read More
The Impact of the London Bridge Tower (The Shard) on the Public Opinion (3636 words, 15 pages)
AbstractThis essay explores the effect that the newly constructed London Bridge Tower (The Shard) has had upon the public opinion upon its completion. My research question is To What Extent does The Shard Challenge the London Skyline. Its effect is evaluated with consideration to the aesthetic and functional intentions behind ... Read More
The Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River in China (6216 words, 27 pages)
Abstract The Three Gorges Dam currently being built on the Yangtze River inChina is forcing the resettlement of over a million people. Shippinginterests, city dwellers, and the Chinese government all support the dam'sconstruction, while archeologists, human rights organizations, and thoseforced to resettle do not. This paper explores and organizes thestakeholders' ... Read More
The Complexity of the Use of Beams in the Building Structure (889 words, 4 pages)
One of the most complex responsibilities in the civil engineering career is carried out during the design of the structure of the building. The use of the right dimensions in the structural design is as important as the need to keep the overall cost of the structure at a reasonable ... Read More
How Everyday Architecture Can Affect People's Perception in Architecture, Spaces and Social Order (413 words, 2 pages)
Response to Architecture, Spaces and Social OrderIn the article Architecture, Spaces and Social Order, the author is discussing how everyday architecture can affect peoples perception of what it represents. For example, the lavishness helps to boost the prestige of the Oval Office, while the blandness of every DMV office enhances ... Read More
The Importance of Considering the Individual/Event Memorialized in a Monument and the Materials and Methods Used for Its Construction (732 words, 3 pages)
Mankind has built monuments since the beginning of civilization, each one to commemorate an important person or event. In modern society, when determining whether or not a monument should be constructed, a few things must be taken into account. The importance of the event or person that is being memorialized ... Read More
The Most Important Factors and Phases to Be Considered During the Construction of a Monument (654 words, 2 pages)
When one visits a monument, normally they simply admire the serenity and aesthetics of the monument. They do not, however, think of the amount of forethought that has gone into the construction of the site. Some people may not care, but the planning of the monument is the most important ... Read More
A Discussion on Current Issues in Construction Engineering (2060 words, 7 pages)
Construction and civil engineering are important subjects in anysociety. Their involvement in the development of structures and buildingshas had a lot of benefits to the society (Brunn, 2011). Civil andconstruction engineering helps in the building of bridges, roads, buildingsand many other structures made from steel and concrete. It may also ... Read More
How to Design a Safe and Enjoyable Cat Shelter (925 words, 3 pages)
Cats form one of the cleanest, most quiet, and entertaining pets inthe world. Just like other pets, cats require attention and good handlingin order to continue yielding the benefits they give us in our homes(Beall, 12). The main problem facing these calm creatures is the lack of acomfortable shelter. Creation ... Read More
The Importance of Determining Project Estimates in Construction Management (1773 words, 8 pages)
Analysis and Control of Production CostIntroductionThe cost incurred by the company is the production cost that is a combination of labor, raw materials, and other additional expenses. Costs provide an overview of the total construction expenditure (Jstor, 2015 p. 436). Cost planning techniques are influenced by a reasonable factor that ... Read More
The Symbol of the Great Stupa and Sanchi, an Architectural Monument in India (878 words, 3 pages)
Multicultural PaperThe Great Stupa at Sanchi is a grandiose architectural structure associated with Buddhism. There are several components essential to understanding this worksuch as the people involved and the purpose and symbolism built into it. Emperor Ashoka is responsible for creating the Great Stupa at Sanchi. While filling the role ... Read More
A Summary of "The Right to Stay Put, Revisited: Gentrification and Resistance to Displacement in New York City," by Kathe Newman and Elvin K. Wyly (491 words, 1 pages)
Kathe Newman and Elvin K. Wyly wrote The Right to Stay Put, Revisited Gentrification and Resistance to Displacement in New York City to raise awareness to the growing displacement of apartment dwellers in New York. For those who dont know, Gentrification is directly related to how cities experience economic transformation ... Read More
An Examination of the History of Architecture in Valencia (2409 words, 6 pages)
The area on which Valencias stunning Cathedral stands was consecrated in 1238 A.D. by the very first bishop of Valencia, after the Reconquista from the Muslims. Contrary to popular belief, this Reconquista was not, in fact, a re-conquest of the territory, given that the Muslims had established themselves before the ... Read More
A Summary of Architectural Criticism, an Article by William H. Hayes (1009 words, 5 pages)
Summary of William H. Hayes Architectural CriticismArchitectural Criticism was an article written by William H. Hayes and published by The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism in 2002. Hayes taught philosophy and related courses for more than forty years, primarily at Washington State University and CSU Stanislaus and had a ... Read More
Differing Styles of Two Architects - Frank Lloyd Wright and Maya Lin (1064 words, 4 pages)
Architects impact the world in their own individual way with their unique design. Frank Lloyd Wright and Maya Lin are two very similar and very different American Architects from different time periods. Architects like Frank Lloyd Wright, created mainly homes with the use of horizontal lines. While on the other ... Read More
The Reality of Architecture and Why It is a Male-Dominated Field Throughout History and in the Modern World (2057 words, 7 pages)
Architecture has traditionally always been viewed as a male-dominated field throughout history and even in the modern world. While women have begun to become noticed and influential in the modern field women have historically been hidden. Eileen Gray is both an exception to this communication issue as well as an ... Read More
An Overview of Mechanical Smoke Ventilation and How It Works (703 words, 6 pages)
IntroductionMechanical smoke ventilation is an efficient smoke control technique thatprotects the staircase from smoke ingress. The design of mechanicalventilation systems ensure protection to the stairs and prevent wind andcreate stack effect. Stack effect allows smoke to travel up the buildingrather than filling a room with combustion gases. During the Aksaray ... Read More
An Examination of the Electrical Designs Recommended by Triangular House Project to the Client (1221 words, 5 pages)
Question 1 Fire hazards in buildings are often linked to electrical faults andgas leaks. The effects of fire outbreaks are detrimental to the structureas well as lives of the occupants. The severity of fire depends on thecausative factor, materials used in construction, and the degree of controlemployed. In the design ... Read More
A Report on My Interest in the Architectural Design and Concept of Sustainability of the Bank of America Tower (316 words, 2 pages)
Bank of America Tower My interest in Bank of America Tower is informed by the fact that thebuilding has set a new standard in high- performance structures, for all ofits occupants and the city that is nurturing the concept of sustainability.The design of the tower addresses its local environment and ... Read More
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