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Published: Friday 25th of January 2013

Friends Essay Template and Example

Most of the people take friendship like they just deserve it and this makes them underestimate the true value of it. We usually realize the real meaning of friendship when we hit rock bottom and desperately need someone’s help. A close friend can help you in many situations: it could be a simple companionship, a piece of advice or just some quality time spent together. There are many small but dramatic situations when people come to appreciate someone’s friendship. Let’s see what other things reflect the true worth of a close relationship. Going out in your free time, between classes, going on a trip, sharing hobbies or just watching a movie in the afternoon – all these activities have something important in common: companionship. We all need a true friend with whom we can spend time and share thoughts. In many cases, you can’t afford to spend as much time as you want together, but the true value of a friendship isn’t based just on how much time you can spend one with another. All-embracing communication and empathy are also important aspects that will help to build a firm connection between two people. Nowadays it is much easier because we have all these new technologies that make communication simpler: phone conversations, text messages, emails or social media platforms will help you get through tough situations. Just knowing that you have your friend’s companionship even if they are not physically with you will help a lot. We stop feeling alone when we have someone we can talk to, no matter if it’s a simple discussion on random subjects. Another essential aspect of friendship is that your friends can cheer you up and make you feel better. Friends are trying to spend quality time together, to have fun, laugh and to make each other feel great. If you are particularly close to a few people, you can make them laugh and change their mood, and they can do the same for you. It can be an excellent remedy to the worse days you'll encounter in your life. There are times when one needs more than just a simple conversation, and that is the moment when you start to understand the importance of friendship. Many relationships are getting stronger when people face problems, and real friends can be the people who will advise you and help you overcome any stressful situation. Teenagers find it very useful and vital to have a friend whom they can trust and to whom they can open up. It is difficult to discuss all their problems with the parents or other family members, but they can open up to some of their friends, especially if they are the same age. It is not about the trust, but it is more about the way they perceive the world, thoughts, and ideas. This is the reason why most youths prefer to discuss personal experiences with their friends and not with their family. Your friends will help by offering their best advice on different life situations. They will share their opinion on both irrelevant things like what clothes to wear when you’re going out for a movie but also on serious subjects that could help you solve problems with your boyfriend or girlfriend. A good friend will always be there for you. The true worth of friendship is measured when one of you has a rough time, and the other decides to lend a helping hand without being asked. We all face reality and get stuck between problems from time to time. These are the moments when we appreciate the most a true friend that encourages us and supports us. Developing exceptional relationships could be one of the essential things in life. It’s a long process, but the trust and the connection between you two will make any situation less stressful because you’ll be able to help each other. Friends improve our lives and make us happier. You know that you can always ask for help and they will give a helping hand if they can. People count on their friends in different life situations: it can be a big event like a birthday party, a wedding, something smaller like delivering your groceries or even a piece of friendly advice on how to pick the best clothes and arrange your hair for a date. All of them are real-life scenarios, and true friends will help you with any of these situations. We have a great feeling knowing that there is someone you can count on at any moment of your life. As a conclusion, we can say that friendship is an essential part of our life and it needs to be valued more. People usually don’t understand its importance until they need it the most. There are many life-changing experiences that force you see the real value of close friends and it will make you see your relationship with them in an entirely different way. Maybe you'll appreciate it more, or maybe you'll invest more time to connect with the people that are close to you. Friends will always be there for you, and you should do the same for them. As you can see, it's the simple things that matter in a friendship. They will make you feel more comfortable and forget about the stressful situations in your life. There are many times when you'll need a helping hand, someone's companionship or a simple piece of advice.