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Published: Friday 25th of January 2013

How To Write a Hero Essay: Tips, Topics and Example

Assistance when writing a hero essay

All movies tell stories of the victory of good versus evil. This repeating narrative comes from our relentless interest in heroes. But these types of brave characters don't only exist in works of fiction, our day to day lives continuously give us plenty of examples of heroism. We all witnessed or took part in such acts of heroism throughout our lives, so writing a hero essay should come naturally.

Defining the hero essay

The word hero can take up many meanings depending on the situation. Heroes are usually people who risk their wellbeing to protect other people's lives and safety.

Anyone who shows strength and character while protecting the lives and possessions of others are often called heroes. A hero does not act for personal gain, but out of selfless reasons. If you want your hero essay done for you, we can help. Our team of 500 writers can provide a well written and professional looking essay.

Political figures like George Washington, JFK, Barrack Obama or South Africa's Nelson Mandela are universally considered role models, but other common types of heroes are sportspeople, artists, moguls, and other types of people doing heroic actions.

Throughout our lives, we often hear tales of heroic deeds done by all kinds of people. Those could be rescuing people and saving valuables from different unfortunate events like disasters, robberies or accidents. Keep in mind that we can help you create a top hero essay.

Outline of your essay

When mentioning the outline, we're referring to the main starting point of your essay. It can either be a statement or a full summary of the upcoming work. A hero essay should have the following outline order:

  • Intro – A description of your hero's character.
  • History – A detailed narration of the heroic actions on display.
  • Hero characteristics – Showing all his actions, both positive and negative, and also explaining how the negative actions ultimately benefit the people. You should provide as many details as possible.
  • Acts of heroism – The key actions that make the respective person a hero, described and supported by examples.
  • Outcome – The conclusion of the hero's actions and a reflection of the overall story.

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What we can do for you

We are a provider of professionally made papers of all kinds. Usually, a teacher decides to assign someone a hero essay, so that this person or class realizes that heroes do not only live in fictional worlds, like Batman or Catwoman. We have well-structured guidelines, so you have great help in writing your hero essay.

Creating your own hero essays shouldn't be difficult, so here are a few tips to help you create your own essay:

  • Be very careful when reading your essay question, so you’ll get a clear picture of what your teacher wants you to write about.
  • Pick a topic that matches with your own personal interests.
  • Research your chosen topic extensively.
  • Make a clear structure to guide yourself by when creating the essay, with clear parts like the intro, body, and ending.
  • Choose an essay format and stick with it.

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Superhero essay

Superheroes are fictional characters that possess unique qualities and incredible powers. Their role is that of public protectors.

An essay on superheroes requires a vivid imagination if it is to be written properly. A few superheroes beloved by kids are Batman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman or Captain America.

We recommend following a set of rules when creating your superhero essay:

  • The superhero’s backstory
  • The gender, if it’s a man or a woman
  • The story should be easily understood and not copied in any way from an existing superhero
  • There should be a main anti-hero and many villains, that hold more power at first
  • The fight between the superhero and his or her foes should have a sound reasoning
  • Each side’s advantages and tools should be clearly defined
  • The protagonists should be drawn in cartoon shape

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Essay on heroes

The word heroism has different meanings for different people. Some see it as an out of this world act or characteristic, while others define it by a showing of bravery.

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A hero essay's main theme can either be the story of a civilian's brave actions in a disaster, an act of courage shown in wartime, a sportsperson breaking an old record, musicians creating hit singles or businesspeople taking a calculated risk for huge profits.

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A sample of a hero essay

What does being a hero mean?

We often describe heroes as being products of fiction with superhuman abilities. Public servants like law enforcement officers, firefighters or military men are also sometimes considered heroes. What makes a hero? Is physical prowess necessary, or can a person be a hero in other ways? The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a hero as a person who enjoys great admiration due to his or her acts of good faith or rare qualities. From that, can you draw the conclusion that people with unique characteristics that can inspire those around them and shape the world into a better place can be considered heroes? Probably so.

A hero is someone we admire. They can be real or works of fiction, they could be seen just once or every single day, they can be a man or a woman, young or old. Our heroes growing up were Spiderman, Superman or Robin Hood. Then our older family members, like parents or grandparents, or even our cats or dogs became our heroes. As we grow and experience more in life, our pattern for a hero changes. We start to see all kinds of heroes around us. Couples who adopt, single mothers who sacrifice their wellbeing so their child can have a proper upbringing, people who donate organs to save others, people who halt their career progression to take care of their elderly parents, people who support others despite sacrificing their own goals, disease-stricken individuals who continue to fight, and the examples can go on and on.

Heroes serve as motivation for those around them. Their actions inspire others to emulate them and do their best in any given situation. They make those around them discover their qualities and use them for the benefit of the community and serve as an example for others to pursue admirable goals. Seeing people like Red Cross workers facing extreme dangers to help others makes us respect them and copy their morals and behavior. Therefore we join certain organizations that enable us to do so, even if in different fields, like protecting animals or fighting state corruption. Heroes help us see our own strengths and ways we can change the world for the better, and inspire us to do good and make a better world for ourselves.

The world around us is changed by heroes. They thrive on helping others and do their best to be as useful as possible in every situation. Heroes sacrifice themselves for others and more often than not need to improve and adapt to a particular situation to make the most out of it and solve complex problems. That is why they are due the utmost respect and need to be supported in achieving their goals, now and in the future. Anybody can be a hero in the eyes of others, you just need to offer help to someone in distress, have profound moral principles, be there when people need you, fulfill your goals and follow your passions. Do all that and you may someday be a hero in someone's eyes. There are more heroes around us than you'll believe. If you look at those around you, like family or friends, you'll see many people who sacrifice themselves for the good of others, face the hardships of modern life with enthusiasm and courage and are always there for you when you need them. They’re often a bit hard to recognize, because more often than not the heroes are modest people and don’t brag about their deeds. But look closely enough and you’ll find them.