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Published: Friday 25th of January 2013

How to Write a Cyber Bullying Essay: Guide with Intruduction and Outline

Academic papers include distinct types of information, organized in separate sections. Any great essay begins with an introductory paragraph that introduces the primary argument as well as the thesis. The thesis then needs to be substantiated in the body of the essay, which comprises sub-topics. As expected, when you get to the end, you have to devise the conclusion.

Subject actuality

Before devising the structure of your paper, you ought to carry out a bit of research. This way, you’ll be able to collect appropriate data to illustrate the reasons that make cyberbullying differ from the regular forms of bullying. Throughout the research phase, you ought to find information that attests to the fact that cyberbullying represents a critical issue amongst youngsters. You are required to underline the outcomes generated by this issue and talk about people who have suffered as a result of cyberbullying. To write a winning paper on cyberbullying, you have to discuss certainties as well as statistical data. By doing so, you can point out to the tendencies of cyberbullying and underline the risk factors that influence this type of behavior.

Write the introduction

In the introduction, you need to approach the issue by using strong terms to seize the attention of your target audience. In the next phrase, you ought to provide some brief contextual information regarding the topic, to familiarize the audience with the fundamental concepts approached by your paper, as underlined in the thesis assertion.

Check out the following example of an introduction to a cyberbullying essay:

“Bullying represents an intrinsic problem in schools, offices as well as different establishments. Nowadays, bullying schemes have extended to the online environment. Although young people use the internet on a daily basis due to its high degree of accessibility, without any surveillance, kids and adolescents are vulnerable to various dangers. It is one of the matters of great concern to any parent, as cyberbullying is not something that can be discovered with ease. This form of bullying is hazardous because those who resort to it have the benefit of anonymity.”

The body of a cyberbullying paper

The body of your essay has the purpose of substantiating the thesis statement by employing proof as well as examples originating in academic writings or case studies. All of the body paragraphs aim at consolidating the thesis by making use of appropriate arguments. In other words, the body of your essay consists of substantiating proof regarding the original ideas illustrated in your thesis statement. For instance“Cyberbullying takes place when a person intentionally uses the internet to hurt, embarrass or intimidate other people. The culprits employ various tactics such as broadcasting degrading messages or photos of the injured party on the internet with the intention of embarrassing them. The culprit may also disseminate gossips with the intention of disgracing the target. Cyberbullying has serious outcomes. Kids and adolescents subjected to cyberbullying experience depression as well as a lack of motivation. In certain situations, the perpetrator might go so far that the victim takes their own life to avert being disgraced. As revealed by the Juvenile Justice Department, 5% of adolescents who fall prey to cyberbullying consider suicide. This form of bullying has the potential of being eradicated, provided that the injured parties disclose such situations. Adolescents must be made aware of the significance of using the online environment in a befitting manner so that we could avert conflicts. Grown-ups ought to be stimulated to keep teenagers’ online activities under observation. Governments ought to adopt concrete measures to facilitate a secure utilization of the internet.”

Concluding a cyberbullying essay

The last part of your paper summarizes the concepts presented in the body and reiterates the thesis statement. The conclusion has the purpose of introducing an ultimate observation regarding the subject. It is essential to write it correctly, as the last sentences must truly leave a lasting impression on your audience. “Cyberbullying constitutes an unlawful act that endangers the security of the online environment. This offense must be stopped by all means necessary. More and more parents are worried about their children’s safety due to cyberbullying. One ought not to turn a blind eye to online criminal activities. Considering the increased globalization of our modern world, the internet must be subjected to laws based on ethics. Cyberbullying impacts kids and adolescents, and it can result in tragedies. Such tragedies can be stopped from happening if internet bullying is eradicated.”

Advice on revising the paper

Once the preliminary version of the paper is ready, you ought to revise it and make all of the necessary modifications. To properly revise your essay, you need to read it more than once and examine the phrase organization as well as the coherent introduction of the concepts. Furthermore, you ought to examine the draft to check if your ideas are substantiated with proof to convince the audience. While revising your cyber bullying essay, you must verify if your data is applicable and has the potential of stimulating the reader to do something. The last phase of this process involves searching for grammar mistakes and adding words to unfinished phrases.

Draft example

  1. Introduction
    • General aspects
    • Thesis assertion
  2. Body
    1. First paragraph
      • Definition of cyberbullying
      • The tactics used
      • Statistical data and reported situations
    2. Second paragraph
      • Potential victims
      • Spreading proportions
    3. Third paragraph
      • Harmful outcomes
      • How to prevent cyberbullying
  3. Conclusion
    • Reiterating the thesis
    • Summing up the ideas