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The Difference in Math Learning and Aptitude Between Boys and Girls (1837 words, 9 pages)
The topic of my research has been differences in math learning andaptitude between boys and girls. This topic was suggested to me by mymentor, Mike Millo, as it is of particular interest to him. Mr. Millo is anAlgebra teacher at Ball High. Much has been made of gender differencesin math ... Read More
An Analysis of Recognizing and Nurturing Intrinsic Motivation by Lashaway-Bonka (568 words, 2 pages)
Running head RECOGNIZING AND NURTURING INTRINSIC MOTIVATIONRecognizing and Nurturing Intrinsic Motivation A Cautionary TaleArticle CritiqueRecognizing and Nurturing Intrinsic Motivation A Cautionary Tale This article related to the pre-teaching experiences of educators and the necessity for training in the identification of intrinsic motivation in the gifted learner. For far too many ... Read More
Education Research: How Will Interactive Journals Improve Math Skills for Second-Grade Students? (3569 words, 15 pages)
Interactive journals are used to help students organize, synthesize,and learn new information in various subjects, including mathematics. Astesting becomes more rigorous, it is imperative that students understandmathematical vocabulary and evaluate problems no longer are studentsallowed to give a simple answer to a math problem. In today's classrooms,students must be able ... Read More
A Description of the History Often Tracing Back To Primary Sources (556 words, 1 pages)
In teaching, regardless of the subject or topic, history and the origins of the information being taught is critical. This history often traces back to primary sources, frequently ranging back centuries and written in language that differs radically from our own. Original documents pose challenges that daunt our best readers ... Read More
The Use of Textual Evidence in Classrooms (1899 words, 7 pages)
Literacy is not just reading a book there are multiple ways of communicating information in the classroom, including audibly, visually, physically, or emotionally portraying it to your students. There is not just one simple media that can encompass all forms of information relevant to any given topic, in order to ... Read More
Literacy Strategies Should Be Utilized for Easy Understanding of Mathematics (863 words, 10 pages)
It seems obvious that math instruction should utilize literacy strategies. Understanding mathematical vocabulary is critical to comprehension of math problems. Students who have a limited vocabulary and are low-level readers will have a more difficult time understanding even basic mathematical concepts. According to Phillips, Bardsley, Bach, Gibb-Brown, mathematics is a ... Read More
An Overview and Discussion of Discrete Mathematics Taught in Academic Institutions in the Article, Teaching Discrete Mathematics in Grades 7-12 by James Maltas and Beverly Rich (593 words, 2 pages)
The article titled , "TEACHING DISCRETE MATHEMATICS IN GRADES 7-12",by, James Maltas and Beverly Rich provides a discussion on how discretemathematics can be taught in academic institutions (TDMG 7-12). Thearticle indicates that discrete mathematics be instituted in thecurriculum. (TDMG 7-12). The article indicates that unlike calculus andclassical analysis which deal ... Read More
The Implementation of JUMP Math and Role in Education Improvement in the Curriculum of Native American Students (2256 words, 7 pages)
Native Americans have been undermined in the United States ever since Europeans ventured across the Atlantic Ocean and struck land. They have been constantly mistreated and neglected throughout history. In modern society, there is finally a push to recognize Native Americanstruggles and address them to the best of the governments ... Read More
A Review of Math Assumptions by Jennifer Bay-Williams and Sherri Martinie (1126 words, 4 pages)
If youve completed third or fourth grade math education you know that the saying Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally isnt really a letter of excusal, but an acronym for remembering the order of mathematical operations as they pertain to mixed operational math problems and equations. In their article titled, ... Read More
An Argument in Favor of Removing Science and Mathematics in Eighth Grade (1144 words, 4 pages)
Argumentative EssayWhen most people think about high school, they think about stress, sleepless nights, pop quizzes and peer pressure. High school is not easy for anyone, especially for those who are forced to study subjects that they are not interested in or good at. High school students juggle academics, sports, ... Read More
The Different Factors That Contribute to Effective Teaching (1019 words, 2 pages)
Effective Teaching There are many techniques, skills, and practices that can make a teacher effective. In my opinion, being an effective teacher means allowing an environment that enables students to learn in the classroom to their best abilities. When effective teaching is practiced, students develop a love for learning and ... Read More
A Math Presentation on Angles (701 words, 2 pages)
Math Presentation Write-UpThe most common suggestion that I got from my feedback sheets was to ask students about where they have seen angles before I go into having them model the angles. That would be a good course of action that I will definitely take should I teach this lesson ... Read More
An Excercise to Help a Student to Understand Geometry Better (1589 words, 5 pages)
Practicum ReportDuring the interview session that I had with the student I worked with, I was able to gather that she did not remember much of what she learned the year before in fourth grade. For example, when I asked her if she knew what perimeter and area were, she ... Read More
A Reflection on Scientific Practices: Constructing Explanations, Mathematics and Computational Thinking (706 words, 3 pages)
Scientific practices describe the knowledge and skills that studentsshould master and demonstrate to complete a learning activity. The methodsdescribe the phenomena that scientist encounter as they construct modelsand theories that explain the natural world. The purpose of scientificpractice in learning is to develop questions, define problems, and toconstruct models that ... Read More
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