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Published: Friday 25th of January 2013

How to Write a Domestic Violence Essay: Example from EliteEssayWriters

Domestic violence has been one of the worst things women had to endure. It is not because society sees them as being weaker than men, or even dependent on men, but it is like that because they don't get treated right, and people often don't respect their rights. Most of the people think about physical abuse when they think about domestic violence against women, but it is not just that. Intimidation, sexual abuse, or verbal violence are also considered acts that have the same intent, and they all go in the same category. In most of the cases, when we’re talking about domestic violence we’re thinking about women, but it is not limited only to women because there are plenty cases of men who get abused. It's true that the cases where men are victims of physical assault, intimidation or similar acts are less often, but they exist. The cases of domestic violence are present almost everywhere. Even if most of the times domestic violence is related to women, it can happen to anyone. Domestic violence happens in all communities, no matter the age, gender, social status, religion or race. It is a phenomenon that is happening for hundreds of years, but most of the people don’t pay attention to it, and they don't try to solve the problem. There is nobody who tried to destroy it and to end this phenomenon. Are there any signs that could prevent domestic violence in a relationship? People can abuse their partner, or people can be abused by their partners even if they are not married yet. Domestic violence is present in many relationships, even from the beginning. Many girlfriends or boyfriends are abused long before they get married, and if it happens, it is clear that the marriage won't last because of the abuses that will be part of their relationship. The following indicators can tell if you got abused: saying that the partner is not doing things right, or that he or she is not good enough. Even worse, humiliating the partner in front of close people like family members and friends is another clear sign that there is a problem related to the domestic violence. In many cases, people don’t allow their partner to do certain things, to follow their passions or hobbies and many don’t understand that it is a restriction that is strongly related to the same problem – domestic violence. These are simple things that happen in many relationships, and they can evolve into something worse if they don't get stopped. Many times we see the news that announces protests or suicide attempts, but we don't pay attention until something terrible happens. Women have been fighting for the rights they deserve, but in many situations, their voice doesn't get heard. Women fight for their own rights, but also for other women who are not able to do it, trying to avoid domestic violence situations. Common Ground and Heaven are Michigan based NGOs that have a clear purpose: to support and to assist the women that suffered from domestic abuse. These two NGOs help the victims not only with legal assistance but also with helpful information about domestic violence and law updates that could protect them from similar experiences.
The statistics show that 25% of women are victims of domestic violence. In the same time, in the United States, around 3 million men suffer from domestic violence experiences. Most of the cases are related to physical assault by their wives or girlfriends. Unfortunately, the statistics are growing, and nobody can tell when the government will stop this phenomenon. People should understand that the President or the politicians are not the only people who can put an end to these things. Citizens can also do something about it because in many cases the change starts in every single individual. Information is free, and it can be found anywhere if you’re willing to invest some time. People should start to educate themselves and to aim for their rights to be respected as the laws say. Women should know their rights because it makes them much stronger, but also wiser. Being aware of the laws and the things they deserve, both women and men can eradicate the violence and make the right decision when things get bad in their family or relationships. Domestic abuse is not a cause of love. People who think that abuse is something normal and usual in a relationship or marriage will end up suffering. When abuse takes the place of love, things change drastically, and women should realize this fact. One of the best things that women could do about this fundamental problem in nowadays' society is to create communities and to spread the awareness against the domestic violence. More than that, people could spread powerful messages printed on fliers, or they could film documentaries and TV shows that will present real cases of violence, the causes, and the results of these actions. If people start a movement, it will probably get the attention of the politicians, and the Senate could come up with laws that will prevent and stop domestic violence in today's society. Everything has a start, but also an end. There should be an end to this fundamental problem. Considering the way people live today compared to hundreds of years ago, things like that should not exist, women should emancipate, and we should live in a better world, full of hope and peace.