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The Blue Nile of Egypt (1665 words, 2 pages)
The Nile receives its last great tributary, the Blue Nile, near Khartum, in about the 17th degree of north latitude. Above the town the river flows quietly through grassy plains below, the stream changes its peaceful character, as it makes its way through the great table-land of the north of ... Read More
A Description of the Beauty You Can Witness in England (382 words, 2 pages)
England England is a country, and I'm glad I came from it. There are lots of funthings you can do, and a lot of famous sites you can visit. Even though it isfar away it really isn't that different from the US.In England the style of clothing is not much ... Read More
A History and Description of the Great Wall of China (2863 words, 6 pages)
World Civilization IIApril 17, 1998The Great Wall of ChinaTo the northwest and north of Beijing, a huge, serrated wall zigzags it's way to the east and west along the undulating mountains. This is the Great Wall, which is said to be visible from the moon. This massive wall has not ... Read More
A Look at Vacation Hotspots in Egypt (562 words, 2 pages)
Egypt to many is considered the location to go to, if youre looking for a fantastic vacation. Egypt is a great place to visit, no matter what age, as its offers fun and excitement for anybody. Its a vacation thats guaranteed to bring lifelong memories. Who could forget looking at ... Read More
The History and Description of Machu Picchu (3496 words, 11 pages)
Introduction High in the Peruvian Andes are ancient ruins located near the headwaters of the Amazon River. In recent years, these ruins have seen an increase in tourist visitations. So what has caused the increase of people to a remote area in the eastern Andes above the Rio Urubamba? It ... Read More
Marco Polo's Life and Travels and Encounters with the Khan (1787 words, 7 pages)
Marco Polo is one of the most well-known heroic travelers and traders aroundthe world. In my paper I will discuss with you Marco Polos life, his travels, and his visitto China to see the great Khan.Marco Polo was born in c.1254 in Venice. He was a Venetian explorer andmerchant whose ... Read More
An Overview Why Angkor Wat Should Be on the Top Five Places On the Lonely Planet (1087 words, 3 pages)
Why Angkor Wat should be on the top five listed places on the lonely planet?Angkor Wat is one of the biggest religious monuments ever to be built, approximately encircling an area of about 200 hectares. This monument was built around A.D. 1113 and 1150. Angkor Wat itself means Temple City. ... Read More
My Trip to Spain and Leaving My Comfort Zone (791 words, 3 pages)
People commonly think of travel and vacations as relaxing on a warm beach and staying in a fancy hotel. But in my opinion a vacation can also help you to discover so much more about the world. Travel can be a great way to experience new cultures, learn new things, ... Read More
Traveling to Guatemala (1027 words, 4 pages)
Guatemala is a great place to visit itself because although it is small, it is guaranteed to keep you entertained and it is very inexpensive to go. So besides the scenic views of the numerous volcanoes, there were 3 major tourist attractions in Guatemala that caught my eye and they ... Read More
The Importance of Traveling in Order to Experience Different Aspects of Culture (569 words, 2 pages)
Appreciating different people is important in understanding how they understand and interpret their culture which embodies their customs, history, traditions and norms among other cultural aspects. Culture plays a major role in shaping how people or societies function and how they perceive other people and their cultures. However, experiencing different ... Read More
An Overview of Techniques Used in the Walt Disney World Resort (483 words, 2 pages)
Walt Disney WorldWalt Disney World Resort is the worlds most visited entertainment resort, located in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. But why is this park so popular among people of all ages and ethnicities? The answer is the magic of the park. Walt Disney World uses many techniques and systems behind ... Read More
A Report on the Geography of Franche-Comte (983 words, 4 pages)
During our travels to Europe we visited Northern France Franche-Comte. This region is thinly populated, this is because during World War II the population growth slowed immensely. The population again faltered in the late 1980s largely due to industrial reconstructing and increased unemployment rates. Now, the majority of the citizens ... Read More
An Exploration of the Impact of Art in Kurashiki (795 words, 4 pages)
Art can be found everywhere in food, in architecture, and even in people. In Kurashiki, I focused on this ever-present aspect of human culture. Kurashiki is a timeless place where modern arts collide with the beautifully unique aspects of history.Prior to visiting Kurashiki, I researched some of the advertisements online ... Read More
A Comparison of Burgundy and Bordeaux, the Provinces of France Famous for Producing Wine (1118 words, 5 pages)
When it comes to things that people consume there is always a rating or ranking system out in place to compare each product against another product. Burgundy is a region with in France that produces wine. Bordeaux is also a place within France that produces wine. To those who dont ... Read More
A Study of the Impact of Bus and Train Availability on the Visitors of Lincoln and Washington Monument (2256 words, 12 pages)
To what extent do metro train bus affect the number and nature of visitors at the Lincoln and Washington Monument? Washington D.C.The United States of America Figure 1 Map of the United States The Washington DC guide states that the National Mall is home to the country's most famous monuments ... Read More
The Issue of Commodification of a Culture and Its Items as It Relates to Cultural Tourism (603 words, 2 pages)
Cultural CommodificationThe issue of commodification of a culture and its items as it relates to cultural tourism is a very prevalent issue in many societies all over the world. Margaret LeLacheur explored this concept in her senior thesis, Kia Ora Authenticity and Cultural Tourism in New Zealand. She focused on ... Read More
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