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The Mind-Expanding Movement of Timothy Leary (956 words, 4 pages)
Timothy LearyTurn on, tune in, drop out. That saying has turned into the slogan of TimothyLearys mind-expanding movement. Although a graduate of both West-Point andBerkley, and a Harvard professor, these were not his greatest lifetime achievements.Throughout his publicized life, he became the spokesperson of the psychedelic age. Hisdevotion to the ... Read More
The Ancient Origins of Dreams and Its Theories (2949 words, 9 pages)
When we sleep we do much more than just rest our weary bones we tap into our subconscious mind (Ullman and Zimmerman 1979). The subconscious has much to offer about oneself. The average human being spends one third of their life in sleep and during each sleep approximately two hours ... Read More
Pros and Cons of Ritalin as Portrayed in Running on Ritalin by Dr. Lawrence H. Diller (283 words, 1 pages)
Running on Ritalin was written by a psychologist, who finds himself torn over the treatment of difficult children. Dr. Lawrence H. Diller has had the opportunity to work with an array of unique children. He also has witnessed his form of profession evolve into something he is not sure he ... Read More
Powerful and Dangerous LSD and PCP Known for Its Psychological Effects (511 words, 2 pages)
LSD and PCP UseToday there is increasing usage of two very powerful, and dangerousdrugs in the youth of this Nation. LSD is one of these drugs, thishallucinogen more commonly known as Acid and is one of the longest lasting highsthat are out there. LSD was first researched in 1953 when ... Read More
An Analysis of the Ritalin Use in the Problem of Attention Deficit Disorder (2840 words, 12 pages)
RitalinThe parents of six year old James Patrick Smith receive a phone callfrom the school guidance counselor informing them of their child's recenthyperactive behavior. After a short conference, the guidance counselor suggeststo the parents a solution for young James' problem as a result, the familyvisits their family doctor and the ... Read More
An overview of the Timothy Leary, an American Psychologist, Writer and LSD Promoter (956 words, 4 pages)
Timothy LearyTurn on, tune in, drop out. That saying has turned into the slogan of TimothyLearys mind-expanding movement. Although a graduate of both West-Point andBerkley, and a Harvard professor, these were not his greatest lifetime achievements.Throughout his publicized life, he became the spokesperson of the psychedelic age. Hisdevotion to the ... Read More
The Psychedelic Effects of LSD (4330 words, 5 pages)
LSD The psychedelic effects of d-Lysergic Acid Diethylamide-25 (LSD) were discovered by Dr. Albert Hoffman by accident in 1938. In the 1950s and 1960s, LSD was used by psychiatrists for analytic psychotherapy. It was thought that the administration of LSD could aid the patient in releasing repressed material. It was ... Read More
A Comparison of the Side Effects of Prozac and St. John's Wort (877 words, 3 pages)
Prescriptions for numerous anti-depressants drugs are at an all-time high especially in the United States. Due to the increasing number of people with mental illnesses such as depression, many vitamins and prescriptions have been discovered to hopefully alleviate this problem. One of the most recent discoveries is a prescription called ... Read More
The Psychological and Physical Effects of Cocaine Use (476 words, 1 pages)
COCAINE Cocaine is a drug obtained from the coca plant. It is used medically as an anesthetic and as an illegal drug. It is mostly produced in countries in South America such a Columbia and Mexico. It is also produced in many other countries including the United States. The traditional ... Read More
An Introduction to the Issues of Hallucinogen - a Substance That Causes Hallucination (673 words, 2 pages)
A Hallucinogen is defined as a substance that causes excitation of the central nervous system, characterized by hallucination. Mood change, anxiety, sensory distortion, delusion, depersonalization increased pulse, temperature, increased blood pressure, and dilation of the pupils are the many effects that occur. Psychic dependence may occur, and depressive or suicidal ... Read More
An Analysis of the Effects of Stimulants on Your Consciousness (680 words, 3 pages)
A stimulant is a drug that stimulates your body and mind activity. Some of the most commonly used stimulants are caffeine, cocaine, amphetamines, and Ecstasy (MDMA, methylenedioxyamphetamines). Out of the above listed caffeine is the most widely used and has very mild side effects. Caffeine is found in coffee, teas, ... Read More
A Psychological Observation of a Teenager with the Problem of Drug and Alcohol Abuse (729 words, 4 pages)
Case StudyAbnormal PsychologyProblem Excessive use of marijuana and alcohol, especially within the last 2 years. "Kurt" began drinking and using marijuana at age 14 and by age 15 referred to theusage as "heavy". Despite recently being caught for the theft of his parents TYME card and 400, which resulted in ... Read More
The Discovery. Manifestation and Effects of LSD Drug (1321 words, 7 pages)
LSD is one of the most potent psychoactive drugs known to mankind,and its history is actually a rather curious one. It was synthesized by Dr.Albert Hofmann in the Sandoz Laboratories in Basel, in 1938, whileHofmann was working on a series of compounds derived from ergotalkaloids that had as their basic ... Read More
The Relationship Between Ecstasy and Memory in the Human Body (1307 words, 2 pages)
Can there be a Relationship between Ecstasy and Memory in the Human Body? Target Article Parrott, A.C Lasky, J. (1998) Ecstasy (MDMA) effects upon mood and cognition before, during and after a Saturday night dance. Psychopharmacology, 139, 261-268.Additional Article Parrot, A.C., Lees, A., Garnham, N.J., Jones, M., Wesnes, K. (1998). ... Read More
An Understanding of Addiction (1055 words, 5 pages)
AddictionAddiction can be defined as a physical or psychological dependence on just about anything. Typically people become addicted to a common variety of things. Substances such as alcohol, tobacco, caffeine or other drugs are popular addictions. Some non-substance addictions that often occur in people are gambling, sex, adrenaline and idolizing. ... Read More
An Experiment on the Duration of Behavioral Effects of Adderall on Hyper Behavior of Adolescent Mice in Comparison to Mice with ADHD (1374 words, 6 pages)
IntroductionRationalSignificanceAmphetamines such as Adderall have been used for years to treat people who have hyperactivity disorder, which is commonly known as ADHD. 10.3 of adolescents use amphetamine like Adderall for either medical or recreational use 1. Adolescents who are using adderall for recreational and non-medical use, use it for several ... Read More
A Personal Story about a Friend's Dependence on Adderall (379 words, 4 pages)
Psychology Applied PaperI had a close personal friend in high school. We WERE close personal friends until he picked up a very bad habit abusing his Adderall prescription. Such a sad fate for him, because that was the destruction of him.He was prescribed Adderall for his ADHD. He initially took ... Read More
The Effects of Unisom; a Drug for Insomnia (842 words, 3 pages)
Unisom A Full Night's Rest In One Little PillEvery now and then, we all go through periods where it is difficult to fall asleep. Maybe there's an exciting day ahead for someone and they're way too excited to sleep and maybe another person is experiencing some type of stress in ... Read More
A Review of Various Researches on Hallucinogens (715 words, 3 pages)
The Gift of Insomnia?Busy people the world over curse every day the need to sleep. A third of every day, which could be spent working, traveling, bettering ones self, or anything else, is instead spent lying motionless in a dark room, stolen by the unrelenting time-thief that is sleep. It ... Read More
An Analysis of the Effects of Ketamine in Curing Depression (2009 words, 8 pages)
The current regimen for treating depression mainly targets monoamine levels in order to moderate the symptoms of depression. Drugs that alter the monoamine levels can take weeks to accumulate within the body. As such, it can take weeks or months to see improvements in depressive symptoms.(Walter, Li, Demenscu, 2014, p.56-57) ... Read More
The Signs and Symptoms of Hypersomnia (4471 words, 16 pages)
HypersomniaWhen I was a little girl, my parents used to wake me up every single time when I took a nap during the daytime. Sometimes the nap would take from 5 to 6 hours. I always felt sleepy just right after school. As a result, I have wasted lots of ... Read More
The Psychedelic Effects of LSD on Artists (2782 words, 12 pages)
LSD and the ArtistSince LSD became a popular psychedelic hallucinogen in the 1960s, it has been used as a creativity enhancer by many artists and musicians. The drug itself created a huge wave called the Psychedelic Movement. The psychedelic art movement generally included surrealistic subject matter, fractal patterns, high contrast ... Read More
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