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Published: Friday 25th of January 2013

Freedom of Speech: Essay Example and Writing Tips

Freedom can mean many things. We are free to exist, think and die in a way that most suits us. The law can only involve community life as much as we let it; no one is forcing us to be a cog in the grand mechanism of life. We can simply go - vanish into the ether and have unlimited freedom. But the type of freedom we are discussing here is the ability to openly and without repercussions express opinions. You’ve most likely, at least once in your life, said something like “It’s my life!” or “It’s a free country, I can say and do what I want!”. This is what free speech is. Not attacking or harming someone with words, but speaking your mind without censorship. There are different kinds of freedom of speech. We will focus on two of them: online presence and public speaking. As most people are aware, our online imprint is what identifies us in our communities. We are all parts of an online Hivemind. An application like Twitter and Facebook filters our words and daily actions and broadcasts us to the entire world. We can share our entire existence (every daily action, from the most mundane activities to the most important memories). Some people take this power to dangerous levels of infringing intimacy. They share pictures and videos without thinking of the information they are broadcasting to the world. This freedom does not only impact them as individuals but also affects other people in their lives. Using the TAG function to add someone’s identity to a picture is not the same as asking for consent to share private details in a Worldwide Public Sphere. There is, nevertheless, a positive side to having such freedom of expression. You can exercise your power of voting or criticizing figures of power without being afraid of retaliation. Criticizing people of power is an important part of the ecosystem of politics. Citizens need to have the final word when electing their officials; meaning, they need to be able to express distrust or disdain if that person's actions do not match their own beliefs. Freedom of expression towards an institution is vital for the survival of the constitution that was established by the people and for the people. When considering public speaking, we mean the power of speech that influences people to do good. Notable figures in political movements like Hitler commanded a great charisma that convinced people that his actions were just. He commanded the ultimate power of free speech. This power came not only from his ability to talk and convince but from his political position.
Regular people from the private sector should and have the right to discuss their problems with government or private institution openly. This power of speech gives advocacy to a more open discussion. With discussion, law representatives can take the necessary steps in pushing for a change in given problematic institutions. As long as our freedom of speech does not infringe on others’ own liberty, it should be exercised whenever needed. No barriers should be put to try and limit it or control it. In recent years, many online and public forums have attempted to moderate the Output of expression by individuals. Not only is this illegal, but also very unethical. It is illegal because it employs the use of force. Whether its physical or psychological torment, it is unacceptable to try and limit an individual's right to speak out. Even if we personally don’t like what that person is talking about (it might clash with our own virtue or beliefs), we must be considerate enough to listen to every opinion, not just our own. The freedom of expression is an ethical right, one that must be exercised with caution. As long as a person remembers that there are other options besides their own and that every side has a different belief system, one will not go wrong saying what is on their mind. There is one simple truth in the universe that I believe, as the writer of this essay, that every person should memorize by heart: “If you are not free to do as you please, then how can you think you have the liberty at all?”


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