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Published: Friday 25th of January 2013

What is Success? Essay Example


The meaning of success differs from one individual to another. A lot of people work hard to be successful in life. For them, this means getting an education, having the means and ability to take care of their families, making a thriving career and earning more money. However, success is the state of achieving and accomplishing an aim or a goal. It also refers to a societal status that depicts a prosperous individual. The dictionary defines success as attaining wealth, prosperity and fame. The real meaning of success goes way past the typical descriptions such as being wealthy, having credible degrees and a good career. Success is determined from the number of people who can live better lives because of what you create and not the trophies that you collect in life. Both the society and the media have made us conclude that being successful means having a lot of assets and wealth. However, success is being able to live a happy life and improving the world for everyone. The view of success can be faulty in that it is unachievable to be successful in each aspect of life. In a lot of cases, one can be fruitful in one part of life and a disappointment in another. Also, a person may appear to be flourishing, but scandal and devastation can quickly follow if that person settled on poor choices while trying to attain prosperity. It is quite common to hear people admit that the people they thought of as successful are miserable. Rich and accomplished people are always afraid that people will try to exploit them.

Core Values that Define Success

  • Honesty
When you carry out your dealings with honesty, you will live your life with less worry. Also, honest intentions will make people respect you. Honesty allows you to use your analytical brain to think of innovative ideas, instead of using lies. It promotes openness and empowers one to develop reliability.
  • Enthusiasm
To be enthusiastic means having a positive attitude when accomplishing tasks. Passion will help you to be creative and drive you to pursue your dreams and achieve your goals.
  • Hard Wor
If success was free, everyone would have it. Hard work is the price that everyone has to pay to be successful. Working hard with focus and desire will make you more productive. It will also help you build the discipline that you will need to handle the responsibility that comes with success.
  • Confidence
Confidence will help you start new things and stretch your limits. It will also help you to stand up for yourself and, therefore, make sure you are not unheard or treated unfairly. More importantly, confident people believe in their ability to succeed and will do anything to be successful.
  • Perseverance
Perseverance is the ability to press on even when facing failure and disappointment. Commitment to one’s goals is what drives it. Persistence will help you learn from your mistakes and help you move forward.

How to Achieve Success in Life

Start by setting realistic goals, and then define a strategy that you will use to achieve your goals and visions. When pursuing success, you should focus on your strengths, instead of seeking objectives in areas that you are not likely to appreciate any level of achievement. There are a lot of significant aspects of a person’s life. These include the self, family, friends, business, environment, community, and material things. All these aspects must be appropriately balanced for one to be successful. It is somewhat evident that these aspects cannot be of equal significance to everybody. For this reason, people work hard to be fruitful in some areas of their lives and disregard others. However, it is not a smart idea to overlook any of these parts, despite the fact that it is vital to set priorities. Working towards a well-balanced life is essential. For instance, when one works hard towards building a thriving career, they wind up becoming workaholics, and as a result, they may lose family and friends or end up damaging their health and well-being. Successful are good at balancing work and the social aspect of their lives and, therefore, live more satisfying lives.


The only person that can define success is you. Giving a definitive meaning of success is impossible. Since it means something different to everyone, there cannot be a definition that suits everyone. Therefore, be aware of what success means to you in your life and then focus on achieving that. When composing such an essay, always begin with the definition of success. Make sure that you demonstrate to your readers that you know what progress is by offering examples. Then, you can go ahead to tell what success means in various parts of life while giving examples.