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A Recommendation for Visiting Mackinaw Island (926 words, 2 pages)
Audience Vacation Takers, Recommended for Over 20 Years OldAlthough Mackinaw Island is very small, it is very beautiful and has lots of exciting activities, such as bicycling, horseback riding, buggy riding, and fudge shopping. Mackinaw Island is located in the upper part of Michigan between Lake Huron, Lake Michigan and ... Read More
An Analysis of the Impact of Tourism in the San Juan Islands (481 words, 1 pages)
It's Only RightTourism has been a subject of debate, especially among islanders. In our county of just over twelve thousand people, its difficult not to notice tourists or feel the impact of the large amount of visitors that come to enjoy the islands. Even though islanders may be less than ... Read More
An Overview of the Australian Islands Whitsundays (953 words, 6 pages)
Avery special part of Australia is the Whitsunday islands which consist of lush, tropical islands, clear, warm-water, coral reefs and white sandy beaches. This is an unspoilt paradise and one of the world's best-kept secretsOne of the unique exotic and spectacularly beautiful resorts is the Whitsundays. This is an unforgettable ... Read More
The Management of Seasonality in the Tourism Industry in Small Islands (3063 words, 18 pages)
Contents page1 Introduction32 Location and population3-53 History and governmental structure5-64 Accessibility 65 Tourism product6-76 Number of tourists77 Tourism markets88 Seasonality9-109 Tourists profile10-1110 Motivations to Choose Malta and Gran Canaria1111 Limitations1212 Discussion12-1313 Recommendations1314 Conclusion13-1415 Bibliography15-161 Introduction The following report uses a comparative study research method in order to describe two models ... Read More
An Introduction to the Caribbean Tourism Organization and Their Article in the New Yorker on the Topic of Island of Barbados (874 words, 4 pages)
Take a Load OffThe Caribbean Tourism Organization presents an article in The New Yorker for the island of Barbados. The Caribbean Tourism Organization, or CTO as it is also known for, is a tourism development agency that gives out the necessary information and services to allow for the development of ... Read More
The Sandy White Crystal Beaches of the Maldives (235 words, 1 pages)
Maldives. The sunny side of life. One of the most amazing travel destination in the world. Everyones first choice and biggest dream to visit Maldives, once in their life. However Maldives is an Islamic republic which lies off the Indian sub-continent. It is made up of a chain of nearly ... Read More
Traveling to Phuket Thailand (1701 words, 6 pages)
A Lesson Written in BloodNothing is better than taking a short trip with your best friends. And nothing is worse than the long-expected vacation ruined by some unpleasant events.Every year in the summer, Steven, Alex, and I would go somewhere to enjoy our summertime. Steven and Alex were both high ... Read More
Willow Springs a Strange Island Located Off the Coast of Georgia and South Carolina (990 words, 3 pages)
Willow Springs is a strange island located off the coast of Georgia and South Carolina, thats best left alone (Naylor 81). This island is unique in both its culture and history. It seems as though this island is stuck in the past. Despite Mrs. Jacksons quote, only the present has ... Read More
My Travels: Why I Came to Hawaii (1657 words, 5 pages)
I began structuring my paper by looking at my free write. I wrote very descriptively of the Andes Mountains so I decided to start there. I made my first Paragraph directly from my free write and linked it to the point of my essay. I then chose three places that ... Read More
The City of Charlotte, a Place Where People Want to Be (838 words, 6 pages)
Abstract During our extremely entertaining outings we toke a trip to the LaCa gallery, which was surprising as to what they were about. In all largely populated cities it is common for curtain parts of the city that are not very appealing to the eye for minorities to be in ... Read More
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