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Published: Friday 25th of January 2013

A Definitive Guide to Writing the Best Family Essay


The main aim of writing an essay is to show concise and clear statements on a specific topic. Coming up with personal essays requires one to use emotional expressions in describing their own experiences. Besides, it should also show how these activities impact the life of an author. He or she should be creative when writing a paper about the family. The process requires proper reflection, planning and going through essential events to assist the author in developing a catchy essay outline. In any case, presenting personal family essays requires one to interpret its meaning. Such topic needs descriptions which capture the healthy family environment to give readers a clear picture. Therefore, it should connect events, facts, sensory reflections and details to engage the targeted audience efficiently.

Coming up With a Captivating Introduction

“It’s true that the primary foundation of the community today is the family. Here is where we kick-start our life’s journey. It also helps us to achieve success as we progress through our lives. When talking about our families, one thing comes to mind: related individuals! These include parents and children as well as other relatives. Well, there are different definitions of a family, but its essence always remains the same. It’s just the most crucial feature in the life of an individual. My family is everything to me, and I love that I can always turn to both my siblings and parents for affection and advice.”

How Should You Write The Body Paragraphs?

Once you’ve introduced the topic, your main body should adequately describe the subject in detail. Depending on the kind of essay, you can choose to divide it into three sections or paragraphs. Here, explain and support your thesis statement on the importance of having a family. Remember to present the key ideas in the body of your essay. After coming up with a brief introduction, your main body should start off like this:
Paragraph Number One:
“The greatest pillar of my life is my family. My siblings and parents influence both my behavior and thoughts by their actions. Apart from that, our values have shaped and improved my behavior. Most importantly, parents keep encouraging us to help the less fortunate in society.”
Paragraph Number Two:
Here, you’ll merely need to go more into detail as you explain the importance of your family. For instance: “My family is always there to assist me whenever I encounter a problem. They are the first people that I turn to when feeling discouraged or unhappy. I also like sharing my sorrows and achievements with them, especially, after achieving a major milestone either in school or business.”
Paragraph Number Three:
“I always believe that family is more important than anything else in life. The saying ‘blood is thicker than water’ clearly defines the essence of having a family. Besides, it’s the primary function that holds the society together. So, belonging to a healthy family unites the community as a whole. A family that provides adequate support creates a stable and peaceful society.”

How to Write a Captivating Conclusion in a Family Essay

After showing your readers the essence of having a stable family structure, as the author, you should close your paper by mentioning the key points. It should talk about your final thoughts and ideas after you’ve described the central issues in the essay. Here, synthesize your insights to present the significance of the paper accurately. On top of that, give your target audience a better view of the topic. Your conclusion should leave people with a long-lasting impression. Below is a simple example to help you out: “All in all, I believe that all we do touches our families. My relatives, friends, and parents make up my entire family. I can’t imagine a life without my family because they help in shaping my future as well as bringing the society together.”

An Example of an Explicit Family Essay Outline

The Introduction
Introduce your paper with a catchy sentence to hook your readers. They should feel the urge to continue reading. Keep in mind that this is the section where you’ll need to present them with your thesis statement. However, most importantly give them the background information of your family. You could talk about:
  • The occupation of your parents
  • Number of your siblings
  • Key family values
  • The Body Paragraphs
First Paragraph
Justify your thesis statement by showing why your family means so much to you. The best way to do this is sharing some personal and life-changing experiences in your family. You could write about how they’ve helped in shaping your educational career.
Second Paragraph
Continue supporting your thesis statement here as you provide details on the importance and meaning of belong to a family. For instance, how did they advise you when you were not performing well in school or when your career took a wrong turn?
Third Paragraph
These should be your final supporting point on the essence of having a family. You’ll need to end strong as you explain why having a supportive family leads to success. Be unique in your ideas; for example, mention how it creates a stable and peaceful society!
The Conclusion
Take time while writing your conclusion as this is what gives your audience a final view on your essay. Here, start by restating your thesis statement to remind a reader of what the paper was all about. Then, continue by clearly summarizing your main point. You’ll also need to make a final, conclusive statement.


As you can see, writing about your family is one of the most comfortable essays that you’ll come across. Bear in mind that not everybody has the privilege of belonging to a stable or supportive family. Therefore, you’ll also need to be empathetic, as you explain various points. Even so, if you’re having a hard time writing such essays, you can always look for the best online writing service. Here, you’ll find qualified and dedicated writers, who will not only help you in writing the paper but also deliver it just when you need it. All in all, if you choose to go about it alone, above is all that you’ll ever need to know.