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Published: Friday 25th of January 2013

Overview of Life Essay Example

“Essay about life” is among the most popular essay's topics that a majority of students are required to write. Here, the description of student’s life, their outlooks of life and problems that they face is what they try to describe. You should be able to release your mind of any thoughts so that you are able to write an excellent essay on life. Below is a well-written essay about life by one of our professional essay writers:

How do People View Life?

For sure, life is beautiful although it’s not a bed of roses. There are many facets of success and blessings, but at times, it is full of ups and downs. Instances, life can be merciless, hard and in other cases cruel to some people. To these people, life can seem like a never-ending punishment all through because they believe that they have lost it all. Therefore, they let fate resign for them. All they do, according to them, can ever be good enough. To avenge their ill fortune, they take delight in maiming others and committing crimes. In most cases, they lose every sense of direction and commit suicide while for some of them it is a way of escaping injustice that has been meted out to them by life. Others view life as a challenge, a gateway to wealth, a channel used for discovery, a prospect to success and innovation. Colorful, kind and sweet is what life is to them. They press on in life no matter what kind of situation they may face. They believe in getting the most out of life since they place their belief in a cause, a cause to succeed. “Where there is life, there is hope” this is well put by an adage.

It is up to You to Live a Good Life

So, we arrive at one conclusion - it is an individual’s jurisdiction to have the will to fail or succeed. If you determine with all of your soul, mind, and body to achieve in life, living your life to the fullest with the complete satisfaction, then it is possible. Waiting for fate to play itself out, on the other hand, even as you take everything for granted can leave you with a miserable life. For you to get the best out of life, you will need to set strategic plans and goals that will still strive no matter what odds come to you. Granted that at first, things may appear as blurry or may not yield results, the goals that you set must be result-oriented and should be consistently be followed up.

It’s All in the Mind

The center of everything is the mind. All your beliefs and thoughts get controlled here. You will discover that a focused mind has never failed. If you have a positive mindset, you will learn your potentials and talents. All the great men and women, dead or alive, who focused their minds on something, never let anything discourage them from attaining their dreams. They all focused their attention on faith and belief which they held to as their natured perspective and lived on them. From their exceptional minds and inventions, we have benefited in one way or the other. Life is indeed a challenge. All the stuff that you are made of should be seen for anyone to succeed in life. To build your frame towards success, you should be ready to sacrifice your time. Our daily quest to prosper in life should never be influenced or affected by the incidents of the environment. We should instead control what is happening around us. Do not rush life. It can be easy, but many people make the mistake of rushing it, hence missing out on what they would wish to achieve. You should take one step at a time. Before launching an action, plan it wisely at first. Steady, then balance, mark and shoot. Just like that, the sky will be the beginning of your journey to success. All the great men of today have also experienced the other side of life, but they did not cower. They were renewed to redefine their goals instead, believing in their potential while relying on their faith as their mind is focused on something. They are the ones who fully understand that there is always a silver lining in every black cloud.


To live a happy and well-fulfilled life, it is critical for people to start balancing the good and the bad. Develop an appreciation for what you have even as you work towards what you want. Baby steps are a recommendation by our great men and women. A solid foundation is vital in building a sustainable life. If a situation has turned out badly, learn to spin it or as they say, make lemonades when life decides to hand you lemons. Always remember that a positive mindset through positive actions and thoughts will chase away the cynical ideas out of your mind and eventually life! Start living a positive life today and be the best version of yourself.