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The Early Life and Career of British Graphic Designer Nerville Brody (1021 words, 2 pages)
Neville Brody is an internationally known British graphic designer and typographer, who is best known for his work on magazines, most notably The Face. This magazine transformed the way in which designers and readers approach typography and layout. In addition to his magazine work, he designed record covers for such ... Read More
A Biography of Maurtis Cornelius Escher, Graphic Artist (310 words, 1 pages)
Maurits Cornelius Escher was born on June 17th, 1898 in Leeuwarden, Netherlands. His father was a civil engineer. Eschers great skill for art and drawing was realized at an early age. This led his father to decide to send him to study at the School of Architecture and Decorative Arts ... Read More
An Introduction to the Poster Graphics (596 words, 1 pages)
The 1890's was the beginning of the first poster graphics. Not only have these posters been seen as advertisements but they are also looked upon as works of art. Two excellent examples of different work done during this period are Alphonse Mucha's Lorenzaccio (1898) and Henri Toulouse- Lautrec's Jardin de ... Read More
An Introduction to the Life of Neville Brody a British Graphic Designer and Typographer (1021 words, 2 pages)
Neville Brody is an internationally known British graphic designer and typographer, who is best known for his work on magazines, most notably The Face. This magazine transformed the way in which designers and readers approach typography and layout. In addition to his magazine work, he designed record covers for such ... Read More
A Biography and an Analysis of the Science of Maurits Cornelis Escher, a Graphic Artist (2027 words, 4 pages)
The Science of EscherThough M.C. Escher contended that he knew virtually nothing about mathematics, even having gone as far as to declare that he was absolutely innocent of training or knowledge in the exact sciences, (Schattschneider 67), his art work commonly incorporates the use of many recognized elements of science ... Read More
An Overview of the Michael Leunig Biography (829 words, 2 pages)
Michael Leunig EssayBy Malcolm WanstallQuestion Write an essay in which you discuss how Michael Leunig challenges us to examine our life in the modern world. Make sure you refer closely to the visual techniques he uses to convey his ideasAnswer Michael Leunig is a very successful cartoonist whose cartoons ponder ... Read More
The Many Forms of Arabic Calligraphy (600 words, 2 pages)
Arabic CalligraphyArabic calligraphy is one of the greatest arts of the Arabs. Because Islam forbade the making and worshipping of idols, there was no scope for arts like sculpture to develop and, therefore, Muslims directed their talents towards arts such as literature, architecture, arabesque and calligraphy. Another main reason for ... Read More
Pinpointing Who and What Inspired Paul Rand in His Groundbreaking Design (3584 words, 6 pages)
It is a hard task to pinpoint who and what inspired Paul Rand in his groundbreaking design. It is a much easier task however, to tell who was inspired by him. He must not only be remembered as the man who revolutionized our visual language, but also as the man ... Read More
An Introduction and an Analysis of Being a Graphic Designer and Desktop Publishing (483 words, 2 pages)
OUTLINEI. INTODUCTIONII. CAREER CHOICESA. GRAPHIC DESIGNER1.Type of work2. Salary3. How to get workB. DESKTOP PUBLISHING1.Type of work2. Salary3. How to get workIII. CONCLUSIONDeciding on a career is a difficult decision. It's hard to imagine working one job for the rest of your life. I have narrowed my choices down to ... Read More
Comparing the Works of Maurice Sendak and Richard Egielski (1195 words, 4 pages)
Maurice Sendak and Richard Egielski are two very talented artists. Maurice Sendak is very well known for his writing and illustration of children's books. Richard Egielski is also very talented illustrator of children's books. Both of these men have won many awards and critical acclaim for their work. Maurice Bernard ... Read More
A Report on the Life of Stefan Sagmeister (1125 words, 4 pages)
Stefan Sagmeister, the LegendI was very excited to find out that I was going to write about Stefan Sagmeister because I am familiar with some of his work, the Rolling Stones and Aerosmith album covers. As I looked into more of his graphic designs, I was enthralled by some of ... Read More
A History of the Growth of Romance Comic Books (4126 words, 15 pages)
In 1947, Prize Comics published Simon and Kirbys first issue of Young Romance styled after the romance magazine True Confessions. The comic book became a best seller. Millions of copies sold, which was 92 percent of its print run. Romance comic books grew to such an extent that an unnamed ... Read More
The Creation of a Graphic Image Using Graphemes (333 words, 2 pages)
Painting a Picture With GraphemesGraphemes are the smallest meaningful contrastive unit in a writing system. There are four sub groups of graphemes we studied pictograms, ideograms, glyphs and logograms. For the project, we had to create one of each for the three following words home, church, and street.Pictograms are pictorial ... Read More
The Art Behind Graphic Design (2276 words, 7 pages)
Graphic design has been a form of art that has grown in popularity throughout the years. However, the basis to an extraordinary design through the use of certain procedures commonly used by most artists. Design is defined by many graphic designers and artists as art that represents visual communication, created ... Read More
The Work of Commercial Illustrators Should Be Equally Praised as Their Design manifestos (760 words, 3 pages)
Quiz 2Many artists who were considered avant-garde in the early twentieth century also worked as commercial illustrators. El Lissitzky, Herbet Bayer, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, and Jan Tschichold all worked as graphic designers and commercial illustrators. Many people may say that their commercial illustrations should be regarded as less significant compared to ... Read More
Speeches by Saul Steinberg: An Analysis of the Lines of the Characters (607 words, 3 pages)
Speeches ExerciseAccording to the Merriam-Webster dictionary speech is defined as a spoken expression of ideas and opinions. By titling this work Speeches, Saul Steinberg is trying to convey the message of spoken expressions through the lines he uses. In order to delve into the deeper meaning of Steinbergs cartoon, one ... Read More
An Analysis of Duck Amuck (950 words, 3 pages)
As a reflexive animated short, Duck Amuck illustrates the enduring personality of a character through a manipulated, ever-changing environment. A formal analysis of the films use of color reveals an entity beyond the screen, a presence beyond its own reality. By allowing these aesthetics to constantly shift, Duck Amuck not ... Read More
A Response to Warde's The Crystal Goblet: The Role of Type in Design (1249 words, 4 pages)
The name alone carries so much divisive power as to start a civil war amongst designers. There are two main philosophies concerning the place of type in a design the first, which states that text is as much a part of design as anything else, and should therefore be unique, ... Read More
A Reflection of the Excellent Project of Our Team (516 words, 2 pages)
My team worked well together, communicated effectively, and we each provided different skill sets that benefited our project greatly. Personally, I contributed in a couple major ways. First, I leveraged my relationship with WPRK and past work connections to coordinate interviews and filming access. Typically, making connections to key players ... Read More
A Comparison between Japanese Manga and Japanese Anime (1302 words, 5 pages)
Overweight otakus trundling around at comic book conventions.Stylized hair and skimpy schoolgirl uniforms.Children's fare and pornography. There are many stereotypes associated with manga and its more visual representation of anime. Often criticized and discredited by those of a more lofty artistic presence, despite whatever prejudice any given member of the ... Read More
The Life and Works of William Addison Dwiggins (642 words, 2 pages)
William Addison Dwiggins was an American graphic designer, typography, writer, book designer, illustrator and type designer. He studied under the type designer Fredric Goudy in Chicago. Steven Heller said His modernism was independent and eccentric nature, both pragmatic and whimsical, exotic and sober. Although he would undoubtedly reject any affiliation ... Read More
The Life and Work of Shepard Fairey and His Role in the Remix Culture (1264 words, 6 pages)
For my digital artist research paper I chose to write about one of mypersonal favorite artists Shepard Fairy. An artist that I feel, trulyembraces the meaning and movement of remix culture through his work. I findthat he is an interesting person to begin with, and has very interestingview on expropriating ... Read More
My Critical View on Recent Changes in the Gaming Culture (1100 words, 4 pages)
HI wish I could travel back to the early 2000s when gaming was a niche thing and being called a nerd was a bad thing. Yet now I weep a little in 2015 as so many men and women adorn Pikachu t-shirts without even the proper knowledge of how to ... Read More
A Visual Analysis of Signet Classic's Cover of Northanger Abbey (701 words, 3 pages)
Visual Analysis The common phrase, "don't judge a book by it's cover" is repeated aninnumerable amount of times in children's stories, movies, TV shows,etcetera. Maybe this is a good value to instill during a young ages, as yougrow, it becomes less and less relevant. If a book sports a cover ... Read More
The Life and Work of Paula Scher, an Influential Graphic Designer (690 words, 4 pages)
Paula Scher, if you havent heard of her and youre a graphic designer then youre obviously out of the loop on the graphic design world. Paula Scher is one of, if not the most influential and well-known female graphic designer in the world. She was born on October 6, 1948 ... Read More
An Overview of Graphic Designers, Methods of Expressing Concepts, and the Graphic Artist Guild (620 words, 2 pages)
Graphic designers use several different medias to express concepts to clients. They work with clients in order to make sure the thought and the announcement work together. When creating an advertisement, or whatever the project consists of, the designers have to take in consideration several aspects of the piece. There ... Read More
A Report on The Art Institute of Phoenix's Graphic Design Course and the Career Opportunities in Graphic Design Sector (317 words, 1 pages)
One school that offers courses in graphic design is The Art Institute of Phoenix. Students will need to be creative, inventive, and inquisitive. The course teaches the student to combine form and function to create a visually appealing and compelling design that meets customer needs. Employment rates after graduation from ... Read More
The Difficulty of Capturing Reality in Animation (1144 words, 5 pages)
Capturing 'reality' in films has become a goal of many filmmakers. Realist films are described as pieces that portray life and all its authenticity. Theoretically speaking, turning on a camera and filming an event every second of its duration should capture its true reality, but there are various aspects that ... Read More
The Life and Work of Kamoni Khem (1518 words, 5 pages)
Kamoni Khem PaperBeing a typical teenager on a Tuesday night, I was scrolling through the dashboard of my Tumblr when a unique piece of art caught my eye. Quickly reblogging the piece to add to my collection of inspirations and following the blog post back to the source, I stumbled ... Read More
The Work of Zuzana Licko a Designer and Co-Founder of the Emigre Magazine (635 words, 2 pages)
As most career fields seem to be, the art and design field often tends to appear to be male-dominated. One or two female designers or artists are well known, but when one thinks of artists their mind often goes to the Renaissance man. One rather well known female designer is ... Read More
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