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Pigeon Forge in Tennessee Labelled as Shoppers Paradise (514 words, 1 pages)
Schuyler CarterMrs. BookEnglish 111.327 February 2011Observation of Pigeon Forge, TennesseeThe Pigeon Forge, Tennessee area attracts people because of the entertainment choices and location. It is an escape from their hometown with plenty of choices of things to do. There are outlet malls that sell a selection of clothing. A few ... Read More
A Comparison of a Cruise Ship and an Ocean Liner (2978 words, 5 pages)
IntroductionA cruise ship which is also known as a cruise liner is a ship for passengers, especially for pleasant voyages, which has several amenities that make the various destinations along the way as well as a nice experience. In most cases, cruise ships act on paths that come back passengers ... Read More
A Description of the Beautiful Scenes You Can See in Chicago (654 words, 3 pages)
Chicago A City of the SensesChicago has enjoyed the tourist spotlight over the years, due to itscultural and economical prosperity. The crowded streets, ethnic bakeries, andpopular malls add zest and flavor to this enriching city. Since my short visitin May with a high school class, I have dreamed of making ... Read More
Travelers Guide to Colorado (1145 words, 7 pages)
Travelers Guide to ColoradoThis is a travelers guide to the state of Colorado. Colorado is a uniqueand interesting place to visit. If the reader would want to go to Colorado, thisis the report to read. This report has both statistics and fun things to go anddo.Colorado is state of mountains ... Read More
Panama City: An International Melting Pot for Voracious Eaters (946 words, 2 pages)
Day 1We arrived at Omar Torrijos airport via American Airlines early in the afternoon. We purchased our required tourist cards (3 balboas, as US dollars are called in Panama) at the airport, then caught a taxi for the 18 mile ride to our downtown hotel. The ride in the battered, ... Read More
An Introduction to the City of Lincoln the Capital of the Cornhusker State (418 words, 1 pages)
The city of Lincoln is the capital of the Cornhusker State, Nebraska. Lincoln is located in the southeastern part of the state, about 60 miles (100 kilometers) southwest of Omaha. It lies in a shallow basin about 1,160 feet (355 meters) above sea level. Salt Creek and its tributaries thread ... Read More
The Meeting Spot for the Athletes of the World, Old Madison Square Garden (1890 words, 8 pages)
Old Madison Square Garden Fond Recollections of a True LandmarkFrom the world cup of soccer to the superbowl, people all throughout theworld have dreams of being sport stars or even just meeting their favoriteathlete. It is in some peoples mind, the ideal american dream. In a time knownas the roaring ... Read More
An In-depth Look at The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France (436 words, 2 pages)
Tour de EiffelThe Eiffel tower, or tour de Eiffel, is located in Paris, France. It is very famous and a wonderful tourist attraction. The wrought-iron skeleton is located on Champ de Mars. It also contains restaurants, a weather station, and spaces for experiments, but they all came at a cost ... Read More
A Comparison on the Size of National Parks in the US and Great Britain (1712 words, 9 pages)
NATIONAL PARKSIn some countries and states (suchas the USA), "National Parks" (like Yosemite Valley or the GrandCanyon) are huge stretches of wilderness owned and managed strictly by thestate for conservation and landscape preservation purposes. Great Britain isfar too small for this type of park and people have lived and worked ... Read More
Travelling by Foot Around the City of Rome (994 words, 2 pages)
My Trip to Rome, ItalyI had learned I was being sent to Italy in March of 2000 for a machine tool exhibition. I found out the happy news just before leaving work. Excitedly I jumped into my car and started my journey home. As I drove home down I-95 through ... Read More
An In-depth Look at Life in France (387 words, 1 pages)
Essay Life in New FranceThe St. Lawerence was the largest river and most important river in New France. There were three cities in New France Quebec, Montreal, and Trois Riveriers. People depended on rivers and lakes for transportation. In warm weather they traveled by canoe, larger boats, or on rafts ... Read More
An Introduction to the Champs Elysees an Avenue in Paris, France (513 words, 1 pages)
Champs ElyseesThe Champs Elysees is a beautiful avenue in Paris, connecting the place de letoile to the place de la Concorde. It is 1.17 miles long, and divided into two parts by the rond-point. The Champs Elysees is laden with hundreds of shops, ranging from fashion stores, to restaurants and ... Read More
An Introduction to the Great Transformation of Atlantic City: From a Casino City to a Resort Destination (763 words, 1 pages)
The Great Transformation From A Casino City To a Resort DestinationAtlantic City is the place to gamble on the East Coast. Although this may initially seem to be a positive characteristic, it is evident that this destination has the capability to be so much more than it already is. This ... Read More
An Introduction to Walt Disney Resort in Orlando (972 words, 3 pages)
Or, he that originally pushed for real African elephants, not mechanical props, to animate his Cruiseride in Disneyland? For that matter, how many young visitors touring Walt Disney Resort in Orlando, Fla., or Disneyland in California even realize that Walt Disney was a living, thinking inventor -- the creator of ... Read More
An Introduction to the New Theme Park in Ohio (289 words, 2 pages)
After my speech, the class will be informed about the new theme park to hit Ohio, the new Six Flags of Ohio.I. IntroductionBefore this year there were currently twenty-six parks that are in the Six Flags family theme park. This year they are adding a new one that is not ... Read More
Impressions from a Trip to Los Angeles Chinatown (2019 words, 6 pages)
I. Ethnographic Impressions When I found out that as a class we would be taking trip to ChinatownI had expectations of what the trip would be like. I am from the eastcoast, and I have been to Chinatown in New York City and Chinatown indowntown Boston. Both of those Chinatowns ... Read More
A Personal Narrative About a Trip to Albuquerque (548 words, 2 pages)
During this past summer, I, along with 12 other Boy Scouts, flew to Albuquerque, NM for a backpacking trip. This trip was special. Not only was it in New Mexico, but our destination was one of the three National High Adventure Bases owned by the Boy Scouts of America Philmont ... Read More
Visiting Long Island NY, A Speech (1095 words, 4 pages)
How many of you have ever been to NY? How many of you have ever been to Long Island? Well I'm glad I'm giving this speech, because Im going to inform you guys all about long island and why it's so great. Long Island has an estimated population of 7.8 ... Read More
A History of the Popular Theme Park, Disneyland (769 words, 3 pages)
Although many people might know what Disneyland is, and have probably visited the park before, there is a great amount of interesting information about its past that many people may not know about. When Walt Disney started to build the park in Anaheim, Ca on 1954 I dont believe hed ... Read More
Istanbul - One City on Two Continents (673 words, 2 pages)
One City, Two ContinentsOften times when people travel, they just enjoy their destination for a limited period. The reason might be that they do not enjoy the culture, the environment or even the local residents of that particular country or city that much. But what about a city that connects ... Read More
Stockholm and Paris as Holiday Break Destinations (377 words, 2 pages)
There are several cities around the world available for a short holiday like a bank holiday. Similarly, Europeans have an opportunity to visit many historical cities as city break destinations. Stockholm and Paris could be two of the nicest cities convenient to Britain. Both cities are located in the European ... Read More
Unknown Cities that Are Worth Visiting in Italy (2830 words, 9 pages)
The Drive Through CitiesThey are the cities that people drive by on the highway or pass through because they made the wrong turn somewhere along the way. The cities that no foreigner is supposed to find and the cities that leaves the biggest mark on your heart. Italy is a ... Read More
A Personal Narrative About Disneyland, the Happiest Place on Earth (1164 words, 4 pages)
The Happiest Place on EarthI could name a million gifts that have been incredibly significant to me an electronic device given by my parents, a book given by my friends, or even a pair of old ballet shoes from my good cousin. However, the gift that has had the most ... Read More
Traveling To Fort Lauderdale, Florida Opened My Mind to New Experiences (1079 words, 3 pages)
Where are we going?! is what I kept shouting as my parents prepared the suitcases to my first trip. Being a very hyper child, I could not stop asking questions about the vacation that my parents kept talking about. At four years old, I had been on many airplanes and ... Read More
A Narrative of My Memorable Trip to Washington D.C. (919 words, 5 pages)
Tourists come to the city streets named after the 50 states anticipating an educational experience. The monuments of Washington D.C. draw millions of visitors each year because it is the place where the countrys presence is felt as you pose next to a 19 foot tall Abraham Lincoln, gaze up ... Read More
An Analysis of Venice, a Prominent Italian City in World History (796 words, 3 pages)
Cities in World History Venice As said by Luigi Barzini, Venice is "the most beautiful city built byman." It's located in Northern Italy, and is full of culture. (At onepoint, it was the cultural landmark of the world.) Venice is one of thewealthiest European cities, due to the fact that ... Read More
A Tour of the Monuments of Passaic, New Jersey by Robert Smithson (319 words, 1 pages)
Prompt 1 Earth art, often massive pieces of work, created by artists likeRobert Smithson and Michael Heizer, act a metacognitive artistic movementtaken from the crammed New York studio to the open hands of the naturalworld. While earth art can carry environmental purpose, it often representsthe power of the human hand ... Read More
A Look at the History of New Orleans (1451 words, 5 pages)
"Place" Essay-New OrleansDixieland Jazz, Bourbon Street, and The Saints brings what city comes to mind? No answer yet? How about Hurricane Katrina, Ray Nagin, and Mardi Gras? Yes, it is Bayou, the city flowing with a magical essence. Crayfish and Po-boys. Annual Mardi Gras celebrations. The Annual New Orleans Jazz ... Read More
A Narrative of Spending Time at the Beautiful Sope Creek Trail in Atlanta (524 words, 2 pages)
In the span of three short months I had developed a lifelong bond with the most beautiful place the world had to offer. The words gorgeous and graceful dont suffice in a description of such an extraordinary place. Often serving as a getaway from my eventful juvenile days the time ... Read More
A Brief Examination of Historical Aberration in the New Orleans Tourism Industry (892 words, 3 pages)
Exit Through the Gift ShopA Brief Examination of Historical Aberration in the New Orleans Tourism IndustryMardi Gras is a peculiar event. The laws of the land, as well as the laws of common decency, seem to vanish into thin air. Firsthand experience has affirmed that virtually anything short of complete ... Read More
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