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Published: Friday 25th of January 2013

School Uniforms Essay Sample

School regalia are somewhat turning into a mainstream incline amongst schools. This has brought about varied emotions among students, teachers, and parents. This is because some believe that uniforms take away the student’s right of self-articulation. However, school outfits are not entirely negative. Indeed, uniforms confine what students need to wear to school consistently, yet they do not restrain them from learning. Students have turned school hallways into fashion platforms, so, eliminating that makes them focus more on their studies. Despite this fact, expecting students to wear uniforms disregards their right to self-expression, in some ways, uniforms can be viewed as a positive thing since they reduce bullying, give the school grounds a professional look and merge social classes.

Right to Self Expression

Students still maintain their right to self-expression, even while wearing uniforms, since there are so many ways that they can express themselves. For instance, they can express themselves by the way they style their hair or how they accessorize their uniforms. They also have an opportunity to choose shoes that they’ll wear to school and, thus, maintain their right to self-expression. Students can also adjust uniforms to fit their own sense of style without breaking the school's dress code. Just because students cannot wear the most stylish pants to school does not imply that their rights are taken away. A school is a place where they can get empowered with education. Outside the confines of school, students can wear and do whatever pleases them.

Reduce Bullying

Uniforms create a sense of equality among students, thus, reducing bullying and peer pressure. Bullies, usually, single out kids based on their outfits. Therefore, with all students dressed the same, the odds of rivalry between students over dressing choices and prodding of the students dressed in less stylish or cheap ensembles reduces significantly. Bullies will not have the need to single out their fellow students as much since everybody will basically appear to be identical. When everyone is dressed the same, there is truly nothing for other kids to call attention to and ridicule. Therefore, uniforms contribute towards a peaceful and bully-free setting for students.

Reduce Socioeconomic Disparities

Wearing the same school uniform eradicates the characterized line of social classes. Typically, popular kids in the high social class wear that trendiest apparel from designer brands. On the other hand, the poor and those in lower social classes wear cheap outfits or the recent shipment from the closest Wal-Mart store. School uniforms help blur these lines between social classes. This is because every student is required to wear a specific brand of clothes found in uniform distributing stores. No one would have the capacity to figure out what social class a student belongs to by just looking at their outfit. Everyone would be at the same level with no socioeconomic classes dividing them.

Uniforms Give Students a More Professional Look

Schools that require each student to wear uniform look more businesslike and formal. In those schools, where students do not wear uniforms, there are a few children who could not care less about what they dress. Some of these children stroll around with sagging pants and showing underwear. Some even wear inappropriate logos on jackets and shirts. Others wear outfits that are integral to gang culture. This gives this school a bad reputation in the community and makes it harder for teachers to instill discipline. On the other hand, schools with uniforms have presentable students dressed nicely in their assigned uniforms. Schools look professional and well maintained. Uniforms also help students take pride in their school and give them a sense of belonging. In addition to this, students do not have to center on what they wear to class, and therefore, they can concentrate on their studies. This improves their grades significantly.

Uniforms Save Time

When uniforms are compulsory, students and parents spend less time choosing proper outfits to wear to school. This is beneficial for girls mostly since they spend a lot of their preparation time picking and matching outfits. With this, students do not have to wake up so early to prepare for school. It also reduces the number of students who run late to school. In addition to this, having students wear uniforms reduces the disciplinary time. This is because schools, in which students do not wear uniforms, have dressing codes that must be observed. Teachers spend more time inspecting students to see if these dress codes have been adhered to. However, with uniforms, teachers do not have to spend more time reinforcing dress codes.

Uniforms Save Money

Uniforms eradicate the need for parents to purchase many clothes for their children. They can, therefore, focus on other family needs or save money. It also relieves the need to buy that trendiest clothes for their children due to peer pressure or so that their kids can fit in school. Uniforms also reduce the time spent in department stores looking for the perfect outfit for both, the parents and students. This is cost-effective in the long run since it will reduce impulse buying.


By and large, uniforms are an extraordinary thing to have. Although the argument that school outfits violate students’ right to self-articulation will be endless, there are by all accounts more positive views on uniforms than the negative. Gang activity, for example, would be prevalent if students wore what they wanted to school. School uniforms promote a strong school community and reduce the pressure to fit in.