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An Argument Against American Government's Censorship of the Internet (2879 words, 5 pages)
IntroductionDuring the past decade, our society has become based solely on the ability to move large amounts of information across great distances in a very short amount of time and at very low costs. The evolution of the computer era and our growing need for ultra-fast communications has caused a ... Read More
The Relationship Between the Rise of Capitalism and the Spread of Protestant Ethic (573 words, 1 pages)
Weber found that the rise in capitalism is where the "Protestant Ethic" was the highest, and that no other religion resulted in the rise of capitalism. All other religions did not stress work as a means to get into heaven. If we take the Muslim faith, we see that dying ... Read More
An Introduction to the War on Illegal Drug Use in the United States (1275 words, 3 pages)
Since the end of World War II, almost every president has declared a war on illegal drug use. The efforts against drugs that are currently used, got their start from a series of laws passed during the Nixon administrations War on Drugs. Many programs have been established including Nancy Regans ... Read More
The Debate About Internet Regulation by the Government (1128 words, 2 pages)
Computer, Internet, Privacy INTERNET REGULATION POLICING CYBERSPACEThe Internet is a method of communication and a source of information that is becoming more popular among those who are interested in, and have the time to surf the information superhighway. The problem with this much information being accessible to this many people ... Read More
The Battle for Freedom of Speech and the Freedom to Browse on the Internet (1985 words, 9 pages)
Mira Costa CollegeCyber HateROUGH DRAFT 2Political ScienceToni ChristophersonTuesday, May 11, 1999Leave this page blankCONTENTSTHE BATTLE FOR FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND THE FREEDOM TO BROWSEI.INTRODUCTION 1II.PREVENTING CYBER HATE CRIMES1A. Controls And MechanismsB. Who Do We BlameIII.ADDRESSING CYBER HATE CRIMES 2A. ExposingB. CrackingIV.ANTI CYBER HATE LAWS 3A. California Assembly BillB. Hate Crimes ... Read More
Homeless People Should Vote (419 words, 2 pages)
Why the Homeless Must VoteYou held out your hand and said you needed helping. They gave you a pathetic look andkept on stepping. The acrid rain came down and it soaked up into your shoes. You thought you hadpneumonia, but it was the homeless blues. You had not voted when ... Read More
The Impact of Britain's New Policy Regarding Colonies in the 1760s (428 words, 3 pages)
Britain had a new policy when it came to it's colonies. Allthey had to do was inforce the laws they already had, notmake new ones. George Greenville, Britains Prime Ministerfrom 1763 to 1765, didn't realize this. To raise money forBritain after the expensive French and Indian war, theydecided to tighten ... Read More
An Interpretation of the 1933 Letter to the VCL (1897 words, 11 pages)
You saved the veryfoundation of our Government. No man can tell where wewould have gone, or to what we would have fallen, had notthis repeal been brought about. -Letter to the VCL, 1933This is a story about a small, remarkable group of lawyerswho took it upon themselves, as a self- ... Read More
An Overview of the Mandatory Attendance Policies (707 words, 1 pages)
Mandatory Attendance PoliciesWhile studying or even registering for a class presents a challenge to some college students, the greatest obstacle remains, going to class. Attending college is supposed to signify a new found freedom to make many important choices regarding education without high school mandatory attendance policies. However, students everywhere ... Read More
A Summary of the Young Offender's Act (YOA) in Canada (1625 words, 3 pages)
INTRODUCTION The federal government of Canada fifteen years ago, in 1984, the Liberal party changed the Juvenile Delinquents Acts to the Youth Offenders Act to have a More human approach to the rights of young people before the law(Leschild and Jaffe, 81991). In the present such as Premier, Mike Harris, ... Read More
Man's Constant Natural Instinct to Find Methods to Improve His Being (3300 words, 14 pages)
Legalization of DrugsMan, as a creature, is inherently bored. Since the dawn of time, it has been thenatural instinct of man to find alternative methods to enhance his being. Themany means by which man has turned to include sex, gambling, and the consumptionof substances beyond the requirements of nutrition. The ... Read More
The Pros and Cons of Rent Control and Stabilization in New York City (1269 words, 6 pages)
Rent Control Pros and ConsEvaluate the pros and cons of rent control and rent stabilization in NYC.Rent control is the government imposition of price ceilings on rent forapartments in certain areas of a city. The goal is usually to protect the rightsof the poor. Thus, in a rent controlled or ... Read More
The Reasoning Behind the Start of the Affirmative Action (560 words, 3 pages)
Affirmative Action Affirmative Action was started to eliminate discrimination in theworkplace by hiring workers on a nondiscriminatory basis. It began in 1961 bypresident Kennedy when he issued executive order number 10925 to make federalcontractors take affirmative action(Altschiller, p.5). The goal of affirmativeaction is to allow "the victims of discriminatory conduct ... Read More
Affirmative Action- A Plan Designed to End Discrimination (1132 words, 6 pages)
Affirmative Action Solution or Confusion?Affirmative action is a plan designed to end discrimination by guaranteeingminorities will be hired, regardless of race or gender. While our country hiressuch groups based upon these guarantees, the qualifications of such people areoccasionally overlooked. Many believe that affirmative action is a veryeffective plan however, the ... Read More
A Discussion on Illegal Immigration From Mexico as the Most Controversial Political Issues (1114 words, 2 pages)
Illegal Immigration One of the most controversial political issues of today is that of illegal immigrants from Mexico. Illegal immigration into the United States is a problem that should be stopped, as it is unfair to both Americans and to the people of the country from which they illegally immigrated. ... Read More
The US Government Needs a Change on Traffic Control Policies (3576 words, 17 pages)
Traffic Control The Need For ChangeAs the population of the United States dramatically increases and thenumber of vehicles on the nation's roads and highways skyrockets, new methods oftraffic control and organization have become necessary, by utilizing new methodsof transportation or by revising the current system. In the past 15 years, ... Read More
Newly Independent Nation Seeking Advice From Other Countries in Establishing Domestic Policies (446 words, 2 pages)
Creative Writing Newly Independent Nation Seeks Advice From Other NationsS.S. Period 424-Oct-96A newly independent nation is seeking advice from other nationsas it establishes its domestic policies on a variety of issues. Some of thenations and policies are Japan and there education system, Israel and womensright, and Englands health care system.The ... Read More
A Look at Censorship of the Internet and the Tyranny of Our Government (1239 words, 2 pages)
Censorship of the Internet and the Tyranny of Our Government"To curtail free expression strikes twice at intellectual freedom, for whoever deprives another of the right to state unpopular views also deprives others of the right to listen to those views," said Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr(Censorship and the U.S. Government 1). ... Read More
Explaining Hogwood and Gunn's Framework for Policy Analysis (2971 words, 4 pages)
For the purpose of explaining Hogwood and Gunns Framework for Policy Analysis, the primary objective must be to gain at least a basic understanding of what policy analysis is and what it involves. Only once this is done can focus be directed towards the specifics of the framework in an ... Read More
The Development of the Role of Rights in Political Discourse (2121 words, 10 pages)
The first thing wedo, lets kill all the lawyers, Shakespeare famously wrote-but in this case itmay not be possible. There are just too darn many.1 Theidea of rights is for the most part now universal, ask anyone you walk up tooin North America about rights and they will be able ... Read More
Adolf Hitler's Anti-Antisemitism Was Not a Policy, but More of a Religion (252 words, 1 pages)
For Adolf Hitler, Anti-Semitism was not a policy but more as a religion. In the Germany of the 1920s, stunned by defeat, and the ravages of the Versailles treaty, it was not hard for a leader to convince millions that one element of the nation's society was responsible for most ... Read More
The Pride of the Public in United States of America (390 words, 1 pages)
According to the Oxford English Dictionary, Public means of, belonging to, or pertaining to the people as a whole. A public place or thing becomes available to all people who must share and support these places or things through taxes or other charges. All people may visit national parks or ... Read More
The National Variations in Policy Stance of the United States of America (489 words, 1 pages)
National variations in Policy StanceThe major industrialized nations of the world have all had their similarities and differences throughout time. The U.S., currently begin the strongest economy in the world is among some of the few countries that has been trying to begin free trade throughout the world economies. The ... Read More
The Government Should Not Censor the Internet (2879 words, 5 pages)
IntroductionDuring the past decade, our society has become based solely on the ability to move large amounts of information across great distances in a very short amount of time and at very low costs. The evolution of the computer era and our growing need for ultra-fast communications has caused a ... Read More
An Argument in Agreement of the Views About Slavery in Rousseau's Selection (558 words, 1 pages)
Slavery!When I think of government, the first type that comes to mind is a democratic government. I am most used to it because I live in, theoretically, a democratic society. So with that, my views are based on a democratic ideal. First, the reason I think people establish governments is ... Read More
An Overview of the Capitalism and the Elitist Theory (1289 words, 3 pages)
Elitist theory holds that the majority of political power is held by a relatively small and wealthy group of people, which share similar principles and interests. Most members of this group are born into affluent families. The majority of top leaders in the United States come from this privileged group. ... Read More
An Informative Paper About the Power of Public's Opinion in Government's Works (852 words, 2 pages)
Throughout the history of the U.S., voting has been a very important part of the way that our country is run, because voting has been very important so then has been public opinion. The founding fathers were afraid of the opinions of a misinformed or ignorant public. Due to this ... Read More
The Benefits of the Federal Policy on Health Care in the United States (254 words, 1 pages)
Federal Policy on Health CareHundreds of thousands of people die every year because they are unable to pay for their health insurance. Millions of people do not have comprehensive coverage, and millions of others are dropped from their health insurance plans because of their employers. It is obvious that something ... Read More
The Meaning of Freedom for the US and Great Britain (754 words, 2 pages)
FreedomIn 1995, Jacob Hornberger, leader of the Future of Freedom Foundation, said, If you are not free to choose wrongly and irresponsibly, you are not free at all. Many Americans would agree with that statement. However, it is doubtful that the Greeks or Romans would have. The meaning of freedom ... Read More
An Analysis of Clinton's Public Policy (1745 words, 3 pages)
"President Clintons budget will win broad support among Congressional Democrats because it reflects our values (Senator Frank Lautenberg, httpwww.senate.govlautenberg budgt01.htm). The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office Thursday said the federal budget for the current fiscal year not only breaks spending caps but also spends 17 billion from the Social Security trust ... Read More
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