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The Mystery Surrounding the Black Hole Phenomenon (1454 words, 3 pages)
If theories of their existence are true, black holes are the most powerful force in the known physical universe. Many people are familiar with the term black hole, but few people actually know anything about them. A black hole forms as a result of a massive star running out of ... Read More
A Discussion on the Use of Hydrogen in Space Vehicles (1159 words, 5 pages)
Hydrogen in its liquid form has been used in space vehicles for years.Hydrogen has a high combustion energy per pound relative to any other fuel,meaning hydrogen is more efficient on a weight basis than fuels currently used inair or ground transportation. Hydrogen is the universes most abundant element.Most of that ... Read More
An Analysis of the Topic of the Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster (2923 words, 4 pages)
The Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster was a preventable disaster that NASA tried to cover up by calling it a mysterious accident. However, two men had the courage to bring the real true story to the eyes of the public and it is to Richard Cook and Roger Boisjoly to whom ... Read More
A Description of the "Big Bang" Which Created the Universe (2630 words, 5 pages)
The "big bang" which created the universe, only created the elements Hydrogen (H) and Helium (He) and possibly a very small amount of Lithium (Li). However, a glance at the periodic table of the elements shows that today (some 15 billion years after the big bang) there are at least ... Read More
An Introduction to Space Exploration (313 words, 1 pages)
Space ExplorationAt the end of 1968, americans became the first human beings to reach the moon. seven months later, they were the first to actually walk on the moon. their telecast gave earthbound viewers an unforgettable view of the moon. Astronaut lovell reported, "the moon is essentially grey, no color. ... Read More
An Introduction to the Life on Neil Armstrong (687 words, 2 pages)
Neil ArmstrongWhen Neil Armstrong was two years old he loved going to the Airport to watch the planes take off and land. He got so excited just watching. When he was five years old he pretended that he was hovering over his bed. He wanted to fly! He loved airplanes ... Read More
Three Major Stages of Developments of Stars (1537 words, 6 pages)
Star BirthOur lives are intimately linked to the stars, but in ways much more down to earth than the romantic views of them. As we all know, our sun is a star and the thermonuclear reactions that are continuously taking place inside it are what provide and sustain life on ... Read More
A Biography of Albert Einstein (808 words, 4 pages)
Albert EinsteinOf all the scientists to emerge from the nineteenth andtwentieth centuries there is one whose name is known byalmost all living people. While most of these do notunderstand this man's work, everyone knows that its impacton the world of science is astonishing. Yes,many have heardof Albert Einstein's General Theory ... Read More
Understanding the Idea of Anti-Matter in Physics (1213 words, 2 pages)
Anti-Matter Introduction Ordinary matter has negatively charged electrons circling a positively charged nuclei. Anti-matter has positively charged electrons - positrons - orbiting a nuclei with a negative charge - anti-protons. Only anti-protons and positrons are able to be produced at this time, but scientists in Switzerland have begun a series ... Read More
The Sources and Uses of Antimatter (2417 words, 4 pages)
Really long Physics paperWe stand at the base of a new age. We are just now beginning to learn the intricate details of life, both macroscopic and microscopic. Ultimately these discoveries will benefit all of mankind. Never before have we enjoyed such a golden age for science and discovery. The ... Read More
Destruction of the Challenger Raised Questions About Safety of Space Missions (1149 words, 5 pages)
On January 26, 1986, one ofthe greatest disasters of our time occurred. When Challenger was destroyedmany questions were asked about the safety of space missions. Many questionswere asked about the credibility of the engineers who designed the air craft. It is now know that crucial information about the faulty O-rings ... Read More
A Description of the Milky Way Galaxy (1059 words, 7 pages)
On a clear night, only a few hundred stars can beseen without the use of any astronomicalinstruments. The Milky Way Galaxy consists of atleast 200 billion stars. Stars are huge balls of hotgases. The sun is a star, but it is not the largeststar it is only the nearest star. ... Read More
A Look at the Sources, Abundance and Uses of Hydrogen in Our Universe (1411 words, 10 pages)
Hydrogenthe most abundant element in the universe.Normally it has been considered to remain anon-metal at any range of temperatures andpressures. That is, until now. Recently this year,hydrogen was changed into a metallic substance,which could conduct electricity. An experimentconducted by William J. Nellis et al. at theLawrence Livermore National Laboratoryaccomplished this ... Read More
An Analysis on How Gamma Rays Are Being Produced (670 words, 3 pages)
Wavelength of 10 or Higher and 11 down. Gamma Rays are produced in labsGamma Rays are Waves on the electromagnetic Spectrum that have aWavelength of 10 or Higher and 11 down. Gamma Rays are produced in labs throughthe process of nuclear collision and also through the artificial Radioactivitythat accompanies these ... Read More
An Analysis of The Big Bang Model (1286 words, 7 pages)
The Big Bang It is always a mystery about how the universe began, whether if and when itwill end. Astronomers construct hypotheses called cosmological models that tryto find the answer. There are two types of models Big Bang and Steady State.However, through many observational evidences, the Big Bang theory can ... Read More
A Look at Modern Beliefs Regarding the Origins of the Universe (1352 words, 6 pages)
The Beginning Of TimeThere was a period in history when the beginning of the world in whichwe live in was a expressed through legends and myths, now, through the use ofincreasingly advanced scientific equipment we can see that the universe is morevast and complex than ever imaginable. The purpose of ... Read More
A History of Space Shuttle's Invention and Its Trip to the Outer Space (616 words, 3 pages)
The Space ShuttleThe shuttle, a manned, multipurpose, orbital-launch space plane, was designed tocarry payloads of up to about 30,000 kg (65,000 lb) and up to seven crew membersand passengers. The upper part of the spacecraft, the orbiter stage, had atheoretical lifetime of perhaps 100 missions, and the winged orbiter could ... Read More
The Theories Explaining the Creation of the Universe (217 words, 1 pages)
The Creation of the UniverseThis paper will go over the creation of the universe. There are manytheories about this issue. I will briefly summarize a few of them, and thengive whatever evidence is available for or against each.There are many theories regarding the creation of the universe, forexample, there is ... Read More
The Details of the Tragic Challenger Explosion (2942 words, 13 pages)
The Tragic Challenger ExplosionThe Tragic Challenger Explosion Space Travel. It is a sense of national pridefor many Americans. If you ask anyone who was alive at the time, they couldprobably tell you exactly where they were when they heard that Neil Armstrongwas the first person to walk on the Moon. ... Read More
A Discussion on the Creation of the Universe (1833 words, 8 pages)
The Creation of the Universe In my short life on this planet I have come to question things that manytake upon blind faith. We all know that we must some day die yet wecontinuously deny the forces at work inside ourselves, which want to search outthe answers of what may ... Read More
An Introduction to the Science of the Universe Throughout the History (1146 words, 5 pages)
Science does not as yet have a fullunderstanding of the universe. However, it is suggested that with increasedtechnology and theoretical advance, it may be only decades before this isachieved. Do you agree this is possible? What might be theconsequences? Science is, at its heart, a quest a questwhose goal is ... Read More
Fascination on Physics That Tackles Fundamental Question About the Universe (611 words, 1 pages)
Physics has always been the science that interests me most. It seems to me that physics tackles fundamental questions about the universe and it feels more relevant than other sciences. I enjoy experimental work in physics but do sometimes feel limited by the resources available at my college. I would ... Read More
Exploring the Challenges of Interstellar Travel (3424 words, 4 pages)
Introduction Many people wonder when we will be able to travel to distant solar systems as easily as envisioned in science fiction. This essay will explain the challenges of interstellar travel, the prospects and limitations of existing propulsion ideas, and the prospects emerging from science that may one day provide ... Read More
An Analysis of China Cities Great Progress in Manned Space Program by Daniel Southerland (429 words, 1 pages)
CHINA CITES 'GREAT PROGRESS' IN MANNED SPACE PROGRAM By Daniel Southerland (c) 1986, The Washington Post PEKING - China has made "great progress" in developing a manned space program and the day it launches a man in space for the first time is "not far off," an official newspaper said ... Read More
An Introduction to the Apollo Missions Sponsored by the National Aeronautics Space Administration (1681 words, 3 pages)
The Eagle Has LandedThe Apollo missions sponsored by the National Aeronautics Space Administration, hereafter referred to as NASA, has had a huge impact on our nation as well as our world. The Apollo missions sent humans to orbit, study, research and even walk on Earths only natural satellite, the Moon. ... Read More
An Introduction to the Life and Works of Stephen Hawking (1774 words, 6 pages)
The oldest profession in the world is not what would be commonly accepted in society.Before a woman had a chance to sell her body, people looked up at the stars andwondered what they were. They made figures out of the shapes they made. As weadvanced through scientific research many other ... Read More
A Perspective Look about Space Vehicle Propulsion (2609 words, 7 pages)
RESEARCH IIILARRY PECANFINAL REPORT9-27-98INTRODUCTIONThe following is a research project on Space Vehicle Propulsion. It shall consist of four sections, each discussing specific topics. Section One lays out the basic ideas of rocketry. Section Two compares Rocket Propulsion Systems, and shows the basis for the comparison. It also shows how each ... Read More
A Discussion About the Particle Cloud Chamber (1900 words, 3 pages)
Particle Cloud ChamberAbstractA particle cloud chamber is a device that makes visible to the human eye the presence of certain particles and cosmic rays. This paper will discuss the process in which a successful chamber prototype was developed. This paper will also discuss how the chamber utilizes the properties of ... Read More
Understanding the Concept "Throwing Mass and Benefiting from Reaction" (2729 words, 6 pages)
One of the most amazing endeavors man has ever undertaken is the exploration of space. A big part of the amazement is the complexity. Space exploration is complicated because there are so many interesting problems to solve and obstacles to overcome. You have things like The vacuum of space Heat ... Read More
A Study of Supernovas, Stellar Explosions in the Universe (644 words, 3 pages)
A supernova is a STAR that explodes. It suddenly increases inbrightness by a factor of many billions, and within a few weeks it slowlyfades. In terms of the human lifespan, such explosions are rare occurrences.In our Milky Way galaxy, for example, a supernova may be observed every fewhundred years. Three ... Read More
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