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Published: Friday 25th of January 2013

The Value of Life Essay Example


Life may at first appear to be quite easy. However, when you look into it closely, you will discover that it is, in fact, a complicated notion. It has numerous components that can be likened to strings, interwoven into a tight knot. Each knot has a specific story with key focuses and most importantly, the values that influence it. The answer to the question ‘what is the value of life?’ is not a definite one. People have various beliefs as to what the value of life is. Some think that it is about money and not wanting to appear facile, they keep it to themselves. Others believe it is in education while others believe that you find value when you find yourself and can decide what to do with your life. In my opinion, there are three fundamental values in life; love, time and success. These values are connected and affect the course of life.


According to biology, life is the period of existence between the time of birth and time of death. This period is unique for each of us. For some, it is long while for others, it is short. Often, people complain about how they are too busy such that they do not have enough time to enjoy life. They imagine that a few extra hours for each day or a few extra days every week would make them joyful as it would give them more time to be with their families, lovers, friends or pets. However, in most scenarios, when you have extra time, that is when you decide to do additional things such as take on a new project, another challenge or get a second job. Frequently, we acknowledge the things we had in life when we lose them. Without a doubt, a few people would agree that this reality cannot apply to life because we only live once. However, flashback to the times that you have regretted not doing something. You wish you did more when you were young, had free time, had more cash or was healthier. We often feel sorry for the things that we did not do and thus forget the principal value in life which is enjoying life. The value of life does not lie in the number of days we live but in how we make use of them. Therefore, your age does not matter. What is important is how you live your life. You can be 50 years old and always be complaining about how cruel and unfair life is and not do anything to change it. Or you can be a 20-year-old enthusiast, who voyaged everywhere around the globe, helped the homeless and needy people or saved millions of people with one smart idea. You are not valuable because of how long you have lived. You are important because how effectual you are.


A lot of people think that the value of life is in the amount of money that they earn from their business or in how big their house is. For them, this signifies having the best things in life. However, as history has shown us, when a person has accomplished every objective on the journey of success, they still needed something. They did not feel the essence of life because they lacked happiness and love in their lives. However, this does not imply that we should not struggle to achieve more. It merely means that we should find someone with whom we can share our experience. On the other hand, by falling in love, some people disregard the value of their lives. Youngsters are often impulsive and are inclined to making rash and poorly thought actions like committing suicide because of unreciprocated love. These modern day ‘Romeos and Juliets’ do not think of the grief and heartache that they cause to their families and friends when they decide to end their own lives. The essence of life is to offer love and not to withhold or take it away. By giving love, you will be adding value to another person’s unfortunate life.


Life is priceless. We cannot weigh life’s worth or place a specific value on it. An excellent career does not define life. The real value of life cannot be set on money and success because life would be worth little. However, the achievements and the challenges that we face trying to be successful build character and add some value to life. Setting goals and doing all it takes to achieve them will inspire others also to pursue their dreams, thus giving your life purpose and direction. It will also help you become an interesting person and therefore, attract other exciting people. Having such people will add more value and richness to your life. We should not compare our lives to other people even though they look similar. One person can be content with the life that they are living and you with yours. But if you switch places, you may find their life quite confusing and unsatisfactory. People can still enjoy life in their success or misfortunes. What matters more is the outlook that you have for life and not the amount of money that you have in the bank. A positive outlook can be hard to maintain, but it makes all the difference.


These three values, time, love and success can either make your life exceptional and easier or painful and hard. The beauty of life is in the freedom that we have. We can choose how we live, who we love and what we do in life to find happiness and satisfaction. No one should control how you live your life. You are the lord of your life, and the value of it relies on the choices that you make.