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Published: Friday 25th of January 2013

10 Exceptional Abstract Examples Which Will Amaze You

It is common knowledge that a lot of us are accustomed to writing research papers and essays, especially given the high rate of these papers showing up in our academic careers. Coming up with an abstract, however, is highly likely to be a new endeavor for most people. Writing abstracts could turn out to be quite a daunting affair if you do not have the required spectrum of experience and practice in crafting abstracts. In fact, it is not strange to find that your fingers are paralyzed, and all you can do is stare at a blank screen if you’ve never written an abstract before. As though this is not enough, you can find yourself tempted to abandon all of your work and head out to search for more interesting things to engage in such as watching online cat videos. In case you have found yourself in such a situation, do not give in just yet! Below is the best article for you as it packs some of the best abstract examples that will assist in kick-starting your mind in regards to the art of abstract writing.

Abstract Example 1

Addiction of Video Games and The Corresponding Performance in College among Males: The Results are Derived from a Longitudinal Study Lasting 1 Year Abstract: The study dived to explore the video game patterns and possible addiction of these video games among male students attending college. The study also examined the manner in which addiction to video games was stringed along to the college engagement expectations, the college Grade Point Average otherwise referred to as GPA, and also on-campus alcohol and drug violations. The participants involved in this study were approximately 477 first year male college students that were pursuing their undergraduate degrees in a college of liberal arts. During the week before their classes began, the participants were asked to complete two surveys. One survey was dealing with the expected engagements in college while the second survey talked about the usage of video games, which also included a form of scale for measuring addiction to video games. The results and findings suggested that addiction to video games:
  1. Correlate negatively with the college engagement expectations.
  2. Correlate negatively with a student`s college GPA.
  3. Correlate negatively with alcohol and drug violations that take place during a person`s college first years.
These results are discussed based on their implication terms on a male student`s success and engagement while still in college. In addition to this, they are also discussed on the basis of the constructive validity of addiction for video games. What Is Notable In This Abstract? The abstract above does not specifically talk about the reasons behind the research of the problem at hand, although the essence of the study is implied because it is focused on addiction. In addition to this, the abstract avoids stating the implications overtly. It only states that the implications are discussed in the paper. While in the majority of the cases it is better to create a summary of the study’s results, at times, it becomes impossible to do so in some few sentences. If this is the case, the best option is to add a statement just like it has been done in this abstract, to show that the implications and results are thoroughly discussed in that research paper.

Abstract Example 2

Study Skills, the Correlation They Have With Academic Gratification and the Achievement Found Among Pharmacy and Medical Students in the Kermanshah Medical Sciences University The Abstract Introduction The satisfaction that students derive from their performance, as well as their study skills, positively influences their academic achievements. This research was done in a bid to find out the relationship between academic achievement and study skills among pharmacy and medical students in the year 2013. Methods The study conducted was descriptive-analytical, and around 148 students enrolled in pharmacy, and the basic medical sciences took part in it via convenience sampling. The main method of data collection was through reliable and valid questionnaires that consisted of two main sections: Demographic data and questions regarding daily study time and study skills found in six domains and the satisfaction that students derived from study skills. The data collected was then analyzed by software known as SPSS-16. Results About 10.9% of the students who took part in the study were found to have excellent study skills. Preparations for the examinations domain was reported to have received the least scores. In addition to this, there was a positive correlation observed between the students` Grade Point Average (GPA) and their study skills. Conclusion These findings show that the students need to improve their study skills. Given that the relationship found between the GPA and study skills, it is of essence that the study skills among the students get promoted. The main suggestion is that the skills should get reinforced via the laying of more emphasis on the weaker domains. What’s Notable In This Abstract The abstract above makes use of headings in the place of writing the entire data in a single paragraph. In many ways, it could be much easier to incorporate the use of headings mainly because there is little or no need to use transitions to join various sections. However, it is vital for you to always clear things with all your concerned professors so that you can be sure that this format is acceptable for use in your assignments.

Abstract Example 3

The Story of Sandra Bland: The Manner in Which Social Media Has Brought to Light the Terrible Reality Surrounding Police Brutality Abstract This abstract refers to a quantitative research study that was conducted in a bid to show the relationship that lies between the use of social media and the effect that it has on propagating awareness of police brutality. Back in the year 2015, the various social media platforms were used to help in bringing to light some acts of impulsive and uncalled for police brutality with the victim of this outrageous acts being a black woman in Texas’ Waller County. This unfathomable act was among the few examples of power abuse by law enforcement personnel in the US and many other countries across the globe without suffering any penalties. The study also found that there is some correlation between the use of social media and the impact that it has on acts of police brutality. This study also depicts that the use of social media gives a voice to those people that may be living in fear of isolation or even negative consequences of police brutality. More than 100 undergraduates in Maryland’s Bowie State University completed a questionnaire that was part of a survey instrument. The results from the author’s data analysis showed that there is a vital relationship between dependent and independent variables. The Notable Things About This Abstract This abstract discusses the results before discussing the methods used. Typically, it makes more sense to discuss the methods before coming to the results. In case you are thinking of taking the same approach, you will need to confirm with your professors to find out if it is mandatory for you to write your abstract’s elements in a particular order.

Abstract Example 4

An Examination Of the Rates of Concussions In The Various Football Helmets Models In the NCAA footballers. There is a vast array of advanced models of football helmets that are designed in a bid to decrease the rate of concussions. However, there is little research in existence regarding the injury rates that are related to various types of football helmets found in the collegiate stage. This study aimed at examining the rates of concussion injuries in the various football helmet models among collegiate footballers. In addition to this, the study attempted to compare the injury rates associated with the newer and advanced helmets with the traditional and older helmets among the collegiate footballers. About 209 concussions and approximately 563,701 Athlete Exposures were recorded among 2107 footballers in the seven models that were added into the analysis. The concussion rates showed that the highest rates of concussions were associated with Riddel Revolution as Schutt recorded the lowest concussion rates. The newer models had no significant difference as compared to the traditional ones (P=0.74). However, it was of importance to note that all the models differed significantly from the traditional and older helmet models (P<O.OO1). This study’s findings indicated that the concussion rates among footballers did not have a difference between those who wore advanced helmets and those who wore traditional helmets. Most importantly, there was a conclusion that there are hardly any helmets currently that can prevent concussions in footballers. What’s Notable Regarding This Abstract Did you have an idea that this research paper is all about reading its abstract? The abstract above summarizes all the aspects of a typical traditional abstract thus making it easier for readers to comprehend the research’s focus.

Abstract Example 5

Obesity and Diet In Los Angeles 2007-2012: Could There Be Measurable Effects of the “Fast-Food Ban” in 2008? The Abstract We take to evaluating the effects of a zoning type of regulation known as the “Los Angeles Ban on Fast-Foods.” These restrictions have barred the remodeling and opening of the standalone kind of fast-food cafes and restaurants in Los Angeles ever since 2008. There are permits for food retails that were issued for small convenience stores after the ban. Around 10% of the present food outlets can be safely assumed to be new ever since these regulations were put in place. However, the availability of evidence regarding the composition is scarce and is said to have changed differentially. Data derived from California’s Health Interview Survey indicates that consumption of fast-food and obesity/overweight rates have shot up from the year 2007 to 2012 in almost all areas. The upward trend in the prevalence of obesity and overweight cases since the inaction of the ban can be said to be significantly higher in South L.A as compared to anywhere else. One of the positive developments can be said to be the drop in consumption of soft drinks since the year 2007. However, the problem is that this drop has a similar magnitude in almost all areas. What’s Notable from This Abstract? This is an abstract that starts with “we.” Most of the time, the incorporation of the first person is unacceptable. However, in case you were the one who conducted the research or part of the group that did the primary research, you are allowed to kick off with the first person tense. The abstract above had been given to a specific type of journal which means that the submission guidelines allowed the use of the first person tense.

Abstract Example 6

The Correlation between Academic Performance and Use of Cell Phones in Students in U.S. College The Abstract The use of cell phones is an ever-present endeavor that goes on among college campuses and can be easily viewed in scenarios where learning takes place. This is a study that aimed to assess the correlation between college Grade Point Average (GPA) and use of cell phones. In light of this, 536 students were sampled from a public university. A hierarchical type of regression (R2=.449) can be used to show that the use of cell phones was significant (p<.001) and also negative (β = −.164) in its relation to the actual GPA after factoring in demographic variables and aspects such as self-efficacy in academic achievements. Hence, increased cell phone usage was linked to a decrease in students’ academic performances, even though more research is required to identify the mechanisms by which this is brought about. However, findings indicate that there is an inherent need for students as well as educators to be sensitized regarding the potential time bomb that could explode on the students` academic performances with the increased use of cell-phones.
What is Notable About this Abstract “A regression of the hierarchical type (R2=.449)….” I am also in the dark regarding what this means. If you are an expert at Mathematics, there is no harm in writing your research`s results in such a manner. However, it is important for you to note that it is not mandatory for you to write using such a spectrum of technical terms.

Abstract Example 7

Social Comparisons Made On Social Media: The Consequences of Facebook on the Mood and Body Image Concerns of Young Women The Abstract The study investigated the effect that Facebook usage had on the body image and moods of women and also sought to find out if these effects differed from some of the online fashion magazines. In addition to this, the study also aimed at finding out whether the comparisons that were made on appearances moderated these effects. The female participants present in the study (N=112) were assigned randomly to spend about 10 minutes browsing in their official Facebook account, a website for control of appearance-neutral and a magazine type of website. All these activities had to be conducted before a participant completed some state measures that gauged their mood, appearance discrepancies (Skin related, face, hair, and weight-related) and body dissatisfaction. On top of these activities, the participants were also required to complete trait measures of comparison appearance tendency. The participants that spent their time on Facebook were reported to have more negative mood tendencies as compared to those that spent their time on the websites for control of neutral-appearance. What’s Notable About The Abstract This is an abstract that summarizes the entire research process as well as the study results vividly. In this case, we find that the study is more on the inconclusive side of things and the writer is of the opinion that there is a need for more in-depth and comprehensive research. You should always remember that the study you undertake does not always bring out the results that you anticipated.

Abstract Example 8

The Adaptation Process of a Universal Program for Prevention of Dating Abuse to Adolescents That Have Been Exposed To Forms of Domestic Violence The Abstract Adolescents that have been exposed to any form of domestic violence are normally at an increased risk of experiencing dating abuse. Despite this fact, we find that there are no evaluated and validated programs for the prevention of dating abuse that have been designed to assist such high risk types of populations. The article below describes a remarkable process that adapts Families for Safe Dates (FSD). FSD is an evidence-based program for prevention of dating abuse and functions to assist the various groups of people in this high-risk population. The adaptation process includes conducting about 107 interviews and 12 focus groups with the audience. FSD is composed of about six booklets that contain information that can assist with the prevention of dating abuse, as well as activities that adolescents and parents can do together while at home. We customized FSD for the mothers that have a history of being domestic violence victims and had some adolescents that had also experienced this domestic violence, but no longer shared the same roof with their abuser. Through the process of adaptation, we found out that families loved the structure of this program and also appreciated the efforts that were made to avail the program to them. We noted down some of the beliefs and practices of the mother victims and also the attributes of the adolescents that could end up increasing the risk of suffering from dating abuse that was not considered before-hand. In addition to this, we came to learn that a good number of the original program’s content was responsible for the generation of negative interactions among some family members. The findings that we got from this study demonstrate that the utility found in using careful processes to help in the adaptation of evidence-based interventions (EBIs) to various cultural subgroups. More importantly, the essence of obtaining feedback from the audience was demonstrated in this program. What’s Notable Regarding This Abstract The abstract gives a vivid synopsis of the reason as to why such types of research are required (mainly because little or no programs are in existence to assist adolescents that have been exposed to the traumatic events of domestic violence). This is an abstract that uses first person tense. Just as I had mentioned earlier on, if you are writing in the first person, ensure that your instructor allows it and it is appropriate to the research type that you have carried out.

Abstract Example 9

The Consumptive Behavior of Children in Response to Various Movie Food Product Placements The Abstract Nearly all research that has been done on the effects that product placements have on children is mainly focused on the brand attitudes and behavioral intentions. Focusing on the vital difference that lies between behavioral intentions and attitudes, this paper puts to test the various effects that brand placements have on the consumption of food in children. The children that range from 6 years of age to 14 years of age were deliberately exposed to excerpts from the popular film by the name “Alvin and the Chipmunks” and also included varying degrees of Cheese Balls placements. About three versions were crafted: One that was devoid of placements, one that had a moderate frequency of placements and another with high frequency placements. The results indicated that high exposure to the high frequency type of product placements had an important effect on the rate of snack consumption. It, however, did not have any effect on product and brand attitudes. The effects that were noted above were independent of the various ages that the children in the study had. These findings are of immense importance to the consumer behavior policy regulators, nutrition experts, and behavior scholars. What is Notable Regarding This Abstract Have you noticed how specific this abstract’s methods section is, including the finer details of the manner in which the study was carried out gives an effective and vivid summary?

Abstract Example 10

Lies and Looks: The Role That Physical Attractiveness Plays In Deception and Self-Presentation in Online Dating The Abstract This is a study that examines the role that physical attractiveness plays in online daters` self-presentation and more precisely, in their incorporation of deception. About 69 online daters pointed at the deceptions found in their dating profiles and also had their photographs taken in a lab. There was a rating exercise of these online daters whereby independent judges rated them with their physical attractiveness. The results showed that the online daters were more likely to enhance the photographs in their profiles if they received low ratings and also lie about physical descriptors such as age, weight, and height. The relationship between deception and attractiveness did not spill over to their profile elements that were not related to physical appearances such as occupation and income. This, in turn, suggested that deceptions were both strategic and limited to a certain group of factors. The results are elaborated on and discussed based regarding (a) technological affordances which can allow online daters to take part in the selective presentation and (b) evolutionary theories that expound more on the essence of being physically attractive in the dating world. What is notable Regarding This Abstract This abstract is exceptional in the sense that it has packed a lot of detail into about 136 words! All the components have been vividly described and showcase the perfect example of how every word can be made to matter.


With these ten essay examples, you are now equipped to handle any abstract essay question that comes your way!