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How to Conserve Energy (271 words, 1 pages)
As we find the shape of the Earth becoming more fragile, we should allbe looking for ways to help. With small easy changes, becoming greenercouldn't be simpler. Being greener will also help you save money. First when you leave you house or apartment or go to bed you shouldturn off ... Read More
Ancient Japanese Culture (1364 words, 5 pages)
"All through the years since World War II, the Japanese peoplehave, I am convinced, made strenuous efforts to preserve andpromote world peace, contributing to the progress andprosperity of mankind. - Eisaku SatoAncient Japan has a wide cultural variety. Traditional food,clothing, architecture, and religion can be traced down as farback as ... Read More
Defining Humanity (1760 words, 6 pages)
We are more than our DNA maps, for we are our love, our chance for duty (Zoloth). A human being is an individual that possess knowledge and intelligence that no other species on Earth can obtain. Scientifically speaking this definition of a human is true, but there is more to ... Read More
The American Job Market: Are Illegal Immigrants Drowning It? (1750 words, 7 pages)
America is a nation of immigrants a melting pot that has drawn on the cultures and experiences of nations from all over the world since its inception. That tradition continues today, and people continue to come to the United States to begin anew. However, immigration today is very different. The ... Read More
To What Extent Are Rural Communities in Arab States Sustainable? (835 words, 3 pages)
In this century, most communities have experienced significant changes,and rural communities are striving to be sustainable. However, thesechanges have been dominant to let migration takes its normal course.Arab communities for example, are facing difficulty in life in ruralareas, and the plans to tackle Arab rural community problems are stillweak. Sustainability ... Read More
Immigration in the US (952 words, 4 pages)
Immigration has been and always will be an integral part of the geneticmake up of the United States. In the early 1600s, this nation wasfounded on immigration, when pilgrims fled religious persecution fromthe Anglican Church. Throughout the next several hundred yearsimmigrants from all corners of the world left their respective ... Read More
Immigrating to America: An Analysis of Dinesh D'Souza's Becoming American (1440 words, 5 pages)
Immigrating to AmericaIn Becoming American, author Dinesh DSouza assures that immigration to America, is solely based on the desire of wealth and freedom from parental or cultural predestination. DSouza explains another reason for immigration, is that people are searching for a better life rather than enduring the difficult lifestyles they ... Read More
How Milio's Framework Is Important in Analyzing a Community (4236 words, 13 pages)
By reading Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder, I had to incorporate Milios framework with how the Haitian community lives. Reading about the community, how poverty and lack of necessaries affects them severely in different aspects and breaking down the problems using Milios framework helps one understand how all their ... Read More
Immigration to America (1773 words, 6 pages)
Immigration in America has caused reoccurring problems for several years. Government is still in the process of creating bills that can be passed on as laws in order to keep illegal immigrants from entering the United States. Recently, the state of Alabama enforced what is considered the toughest immigration law ... Read More
Immigration in the American Dream (591 words, 2 pages)
United States has been the land of opportunities for immigrants. Legal immigrants improve the economy, help build the overall image of America internationally, and enrich the culture aspects. America has always stood for its diversity and freedom. People should have the right to enter our country and have a better ... Read More
Analysis of Amnesty (1116 words, 4 pages)
The essay Amnesty? was written by John F. Kavanaugh, who is a philosophy professor and a Roman Catholic priest. In his essay, he writes to the general public and addresses the injustice of the current treatment and the laws regarding illegal immigrants. He wants for ways to offer legal status ... Read More
The Alienation and Dissimilation of Chinese Immigrants in United States of America (1298 words, 5 pages)
The history of the first critical mass of Chinese immigration into the United States dates back to between 1849 and 1882. This is the period during which America received the first Chinese immigrants who were fleeing civil disorder, poverty, and suffering in their native land which were heavily felt in ... Read More
The History of Footwear (2206 words, 4 pages)
Over the years of human inhabiting the earth there has been astrong demand for footwear in the state of Fashion orprotection or for utilitarian reasons such as biking orskateboarding shoes.It all starts off in the prehistoric age around 108.000 BCE -6.000 BCEIt's impossible to establish exactly when our ancientprogenitors began ... Read More
Challenges for Illegal Immigrants (2301 words, 7 pages)
Hate, discrimination and lack of appreciation is what the illegal immigrants face in this country. Doing low paying jobs that most of the American dont want do and paying tax to the government which they wont claim for it is what the illegal immigrants face in this country. Again most ... Read More
The Reasons Why Gang Violence Should Stop (400 words, 1 pages)
I think gang should be more careful on what they are messing with and what they are doing Cops should improve a little actually a lot on stopping them. I would want to decrease the impact of gangs. Reasons why I want to stop gang violence. 3 reason number 1 ... Read More
Immigration in the United States of America (913 words, 2 pages)
President Obama has pursued national security policies since he stepped into the white house in the year 2008. He assertively presented his stimulus plan that he claimed that would get the nation running again. After being reelected for a second term, he quickly addressed the nation on how he would ... Read More
Making Yourself Pretty (2330 words, 9 pages)
In contrast to popular belief, the use of makeup is not a modern-day trend, and it may have started long before the Egyptians. In an archaeological find in Spain, shells were discovered that scientist believe were used to hold ancient forms of makeup. Leading archaeologist believe the first use of ... Read More
Immigration And Its Effect On Society (1550 words, 5 pages)
We come here so that our children may grow towards the light and that something beautiful will come out of it, states Andzrej Kuczynski (my father) when discussing his reason for emigrating from Poland to Canada. With this goal in mind many parents from the third world countries make the ... Read More
Bipedalism: How We Went from All Fours to Just Two (886 words, 3 pages)
From all fours to two, evolution changed the way we walk. Bipedalism is the ability to walk on two legs rather than all fours. Modern Humans, today, wonder how bipedalism evolved. The earliest form of bipedalism, according to the Smithsonian Institute, was in the species of Sahelanthropus six million years ... Read More
Immigrating Into The United States (2779 words, 8 pages)
The subject of immigration has been hotly debated since the founding of the United States. There have been questions about who should be allowed to enter and how they should be treated when they do have generated reams of immigration legislation. When we take a look around us and see ... Read More
The Diffusion of Culture in Spain and Texas (1160 words, 4 pages)
Folk culture, popular culture, language, religion and human behavior can all be observed over the landscape of the world in different ways. Through the Arabic invasions into the Iberian Peninsula, the Age of Exploration, and the push and pull factors that brought Mexican people to the United States, diffusion of ... Read More
What Museums Are (640 words, 3 pages)
Amuseumis an institution thatcares for(conserves) acollectionof artifacts and other objects ofscientific,artistic,cultural, orimportance and makes them available for public viewing throughexhibitsthat may be permanent or temporary. Museums enable people to explore.Collections for inspiration learning and enjoyment. They are institutions that collect, safeguard and make accessible artifacts and specimens, which they hold ... Read More
Cannibalism in Aboriginal Cultures (1819 words, 6 pages)
Cannibalism has a variety of reasonings that include survival, myths and ritual practices. In some cultures, ritual cannibalism can be a practice of social norm and done so as a cultural dance or a celebration. This has been a practice for many decades and ceremonies have been preformed around the ... Read More
Illegal Immigration Within The United States (819 words, 3 pages)
There are an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants living in the United States today. Although the government has laws in place to prevent illegal immigration, the laws are not strict enough to completely prevent this problem because of the benefits illegal immigrants provide to America, and the level of difficulty ... Read More
Migrants in the UK (2890 words, 5 pages)
Over the past thirty years, there has been a steady increase of migrants, with a clear trend illustrating immigration into the developed nations (Lowell, 2007). Immigrants are arriving in the UK from a greater variety of countries, immigrating for a greater variety of reasons (Reeve, 2008). Supporting statistics can be ... Read More
The Unseen Cost to America for Deporting Illegal Immigrants (2673 words, 7 pages)
The amount of mixed legal and illegal immigrant families is constantly growing as more and more immigrants are coming to American and attempting to help those that are still stuck in their native lands. At least twenty seven percent of immigrants in California live in mixed legal and illegal families, ... Read More
Inuit Culture in the Movie The Savage Innocents (1296 words, 4 pages)
Through out my whole life I went on knowing that culture to me signified they way I was raised and how what was wrong wasnt good and what was right is good. I remember in elementary school, there was always culture week and we would bring food in to show ... Read More
The German Empire and The Meiji Emperor (4563 words, 10 pages)
Earlier ages fortified themselves behind the sovereign state, behind protectionism and militarism. 1868 and 1871 saw the creation of two empires. The German Empire ruled by the Prussian King and newly Emperor Wilhelm I. The Meiji Emperor was restored to rule over the Empire of Japan. Prussia created an empire ... Read More
Chinese Immigration to the California, United States (1401 words, 4 pages)
The Chinese people have been living in the United States for the past century, but they were not known by the other races because the Chinese people are not important to them. Many of them arrived with the dream of gold that have drew them to cross the Pacific Ocean ... Read More
Researching Heritage (898 words, 3 pages)
Chinese immigration in many aspects, the motivations for the Chinese to come to the United States are similar to those of most immigrants. Some came to The Gold Mountain, and others came to the United State to seek better economic opportunities. Because of the many disasters, such as droughts, poverty, ... Read More
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