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Published: Friday 25th of January 2013

Writing a High School Essay Example

Essay writing is unquestionably a learnable aptitude, however, not a straightforward one for most students. Having the capacity to communicate well in writing is an absolute must in every subject in college, in the professional and the real world. High school essays incorporate an assortment of short articles such as persuasive essays, narrative essays, and analytical essays. High school essay formats are one to five paragraphs in length, but this might change depending on the kind of composition. They tend to be shorter when compared to articles written at the university level. The first step to picking the right essay format is to identify the type of essay that you have to compose. High school essays are more focused on one subject or narrative story.

Article Structure

Like in all articles, the five paragraph essay format contains an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

The Introduction

This segment’s primary objectives are to grab the reader’s attention and give a brief explanation of what the paper is about. It also contains the thesis statement which shares the principle idea of the piece. Additionally, the introduction also includes the points that you are going to discuss in the body paragraphs in the order of how you are going to write about them. The introduction allows the readers to determine whether they want to continue reading the essay or not.

The Body

The body is the central part of the essay. In the five paragraph format, the body usually contains only three paragraphs. The first paragraph explains the initial segment of the three-pronged thesis while the second and third paragraph describes the rest of the thesis statement. Make sure that you arrange your arguments from the strongest to the weakest and write them in that order. Each paragraph must have a proper structure containing:
  • A Statement that includes the point or claims that you are about to discuss.
  • An Explanation. Here, you tell the readers what you have written in the statement and why you think that statement is true.
  • An example. Give a fact, a quote or an example that provides evidence to your statement.
  • Explain why the point that you have made in the paragraph is essential.
Smooth transitioning by use of transitioning phrases is paramount in high school essays to ensure that the flow is correct and readable.

The Conclusion

In this segment, you should rephrase the thesis statement from the introduction and summarize the points that you have written in the body paragraph. The conclusion is the most memorable part for readers. It should engage the readers, relate points to the real world and also give the readers a sense of closure. Therefore, write a few captivating sentences that will impress the reader and provide them with something to remember from your essay.

Revise and Edit

After you have finished writing your essay, proofread and edit any spelling, sentence fluency, and grammatical errors. Check the flow and readability of your composition and make the necessary corrections. Also, ensure that you write in the format required by your teachers.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice how to write a high school essay using the format illustrated above to polish your writing skills. The more you write, the easier it will be for you to express yourself. Practicing will help you become a essay writer which means that you won’t have to submit incomplete work during exams because you ran out of time. It will also help you recognize your mistakes and learn how to avoid making them. Therefore, through practice, you can complete essays with perfection and earn good points.