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Published: Friday 25th of January 2013

How to Write a Cultural Identity Essay: Tips and Example

“In spite of the fact that my entire family migrated to Europe almost a hundred years ago, I strongly believe that I still belong to Japan and its rich culture.”
The sentence above is something that you may come across when reading a cultural identity essay. This type of writing is not very different from a reflective essay. In case this is the first time you face the task of writing a cultural identity essay and you don’t know how to handle this particular assignment, look no further! In this article, we’ll provide you with a relevant example of a cultural identity paper, as well as some helpful advice on how to write your essay. If by the end of this article you still don’t feel like you can write a cultural identity essay all by yourself, just contact our expert essay writers and we’ll take care of everything you need!

What Is a Cultural Identity Essay and What Are Its Objectives

Before commencing work on your cultural identity essay, you ought to be aware of the definition of this particular piece of writing. A cultural identity essay constitutes a variety of paper in which the author conveys the sensation of being part of a specific culture, as a result of their evolution and changing into a distinct individual with a unique personality. It offers an individual the feeling of association with a particular nationality as well as its different practices and habits. When approaching your cultural identity in a piece of writing, you ought to concentrate on the aspects listed below:
  • Nationality
  • Vocabulary
  • Environment
  • Gender
  • Historical background
  • Religious beliefs
In general, the structure of a cultural identity essay is quite similar to other popular varieties of academic papers, the only notable dissimilarity being the subject approached. As opposed to the fundamental forms of academic tasks, as is the case with argumentative or persuasive papers, you ought to use the first person in a cultural identity essay. In the majority of situations, your instructor will not demand references, as this type of essay involves talking about your individual experiences, sensations, sentiments, abilities, and proficiency. As such, you won’t need to carry out any additional research, except for the situation in which you do not possess essential aptitudes such as writing or formatting. In the majority of situations, you’ll be required to make use of the MLA formatting style. This is because cultural identity papers are usually assigned in English Language and Literature classes, which comply with the format standards provided by The Modern Language Association. When describing your country of origin, it may be a good idea to add a few in-text quotes. Your instructor may be genuinely impressed if they see that you’ve made use of the works of renowned authors who illustrate the civilization and customs of the country in question. Nevertheless, including quotes and references is not mandatory.

What Concepts One Can Approach in a Cultural Identity Essay

The subject of this essay may be regarded as limited. As a matter of fact, there are six topics you may opt for when writing this type of paper:
  1. An event you have experienced throughout your existence
  2. Something from your imagination
  3. A particular area or item associated with your recollections
  4. A powerful personality
  5. A significant location
  6. A highly unforgettable custom
A great idea would be to talk about the way in which you earned the respect of your peers by organizing a campaign which had the purpose of preserving a local endangered species of plant or animal. Alternatively, you could discuss the way you felt after attending a national celebration. Another exciting way to approach this essay would be to talk about a place where you became familiar with the traditional cuisine and dining traditions. Presenting a thing that someone used to be bad at is another winning topic. The most horrible experience might actually amount to a valuable lesson, provided that you demonstrate how it changed you for the best. Another excellent way to go about this would be to talk about a significant figure from your country of origin who has demonstrated the significance of abiding by the practices and habits of the said country.
In a cultural identity essay, even the apparently insignificant aspects, like the moments in which you played outside as a kid, may be relevant. To write a successful paper, you need to employ the thought process referred to as the cultural identity theory. To put it simply, this theory involves associating yourself with the community of individuals you used to belong to as a child. Once you’ve decided on the topic and you’ve devised the structure, you need to think of a title.

How to Commence Working on a Cultural Identity Essay

First things first, you have to choose a relevant subject for your paper. Professionals advise opting for a subject with which you’re well-acquainted. This way, you’ll be able to come up with the content and showcase your thoughts in a comprehensible way. If your assignment involves stepping into another person’s shoes and devising a story that originates in the existence of a different individual of a distinct nationality, it may be a good idea to conduct research. Otherwise, the research phase is not needed.

Expert Recommendations:

Structure your thoughts after picking a subject. Begin by brainstorming with people of different ages – the oldest ones are the most familiar with practices and habits. Keep track of the most exciting thoughts on a particular paper. After presenting the subject, complete the introduction with a strong thesis assertion, which represents the primary argument of your paper. A thesis assertion may be broad, such as the following: “Cultural belonging generates each new internal or external characteristic of a person.” The body needs to explain the significance of the thesis statement.
Devising the Body
Your cultural identity essay should have five paragraphs, of different sizes. Make sure you alternate between the phrases of distinct length, to increase the readability. Your paragraphs ought to have approximately the same length. If you want your essay to have coherence and comprise each of the essential ideas obtained throughout the brainstorming phase, you ought to devise an outline. Take note of the aspects below:
  1. Every one of your paragraphs needs to begin with a cohesive argument.
  2. Offer proof originating in realistic instances or sources.
  3. Link your thoughts by using transitions.
Cultural Identity Paper Example Excerpt
“My birthplace is a small town in Florida. However, I moved to San Francisco along with my family when I was nine. My mother’s heritage is 100% Croatian and her family can be regarded as illustrative of the civilization and customs of Croatia – a country which is considered enigmatic by Americans. My father is originally from the United Kingdom, but he got adopted by a couple from the USA at a very young age. We used to own a cozy home in a residential area of Miami. Although I have an older brother, I did not get along well with him until I was around 12 years old and became more mature. In spite of the fact that the majority of inhabitants of the UK are Christian, my father doesn’t believe in any god. My mother, on the other hand, is a Catholic and raised me in the values of her religion. If you pay close attention to the example above, you may be able to understand how to deal with a cultural identity essay. Anyone can talk about their youth, but concentrating on the primary issue can be difficult. If you still can’t seem to succeed in devising a winning cultural identity paper, contact our essay writers. Our team consists of individuals from various countries who have a profound experience when it comes to writing this type of essay.