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A Study of Capitol Hill (863 words, 3 pages)
Denver is surrounded by a number of neighborhoods. Capitol Hill, referred at most times as Uptown, constitutes one of them. It is situated at the center of downtown Denver in a place called East Denver. The population of this city is diverse and as a result, to characterize the population, ... Read More
An Analysis of the Macon's Logo on the Accidental Tourist Books (697 words, 1 pages)
The logo on the front of all Macon's travel guides is a picture of a winged armchair and Macon's wife Sarah believed that this was not only the logo for The Accidental Tourist books, but for Macon himself. Julian describes metaphor of the winged armchair as "while armchair travelers dream ... Read More
The Significance of Transport Technology in Tourism (1295 words, 6 pages)
Transport Technology in Tourism Explain with selected examples how changes in transporttechnology have made possible changes in character, destination and scale oftourism Fashionsin tourism change due to peoples perceptions of places and their capabilitiesfor getting there. Whereas fifty years ago, people would prefer not to drivefrom London to Norwich, nowadays ... Read More
An Evaluation of the Tourism Strategies Employed by the Government of Myanmar (460 words, 2 pages)
The government of Myanmar recently unveiled a half-billion dollar, long-term plan to encourage tourism growth (Myanmar). Along with tourism growth comes more job slots, less unemployment, and therefore a more stimulated and prosperous economy. Myanmar should definitely continue to develop its tourism industry, however to protect the environment, it should ... Read More
The Ethical Dilemmas of the Workers in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry (719 words, 3 pages)
With just like any other business, the hospitality and tourism industry faces a growing concern for ethics as professionals are challenged with ethical dilemmas in their everyday business decisions. One common assumption is that ethics and profit are inversely proportional. However, this is fallacious because well-established ethical practices guarantee a ... Read More
Food and Wine Tourism in New Zealand (2919 words, 16 pages)
IntroductionThis essay is going to briefly address food and food tourism. How it influences people to travel to experience food and food culture of a country. Considering Waiheke island in New Zealand as a case study, I have briefly discussed what the island offers to travellers. The easy introduces to ... Read More
A Study of the Relation of Tourism in the Development of Identities (3383 words, 15 pages)
IntroductionThe aim of this essay is twofold. The first purpose is to address the concepts of tourism, travel, and tourist and explain how they are inter related to identities. These identities revolve around various forms of travel and how tourists use travel to shape their identities. I have considered a ... Read More
A Critical Look at the Concept of Gender in Tourism (940 words, 4 pages)
IntroductionTourism plays a very vital role in nation building especially economic growth and development. It is actually the backbone of most states all across the world based on the returns from the industry of tourism. Basically, the sector of tourism offers great opportunities for individuals and the society at large ... Read More
The Use of Social Media in the Promotion of Tourism (766 words, 4 pages)
Tourism Information TechnologyUnlike other media, social media allows a two-way communication between the participants. For instance, when social media is used to market a product, it allows interaction between the target individuals and the company that is marketing the product. Also, social media engages in a transparent and one-on-one marketing ... Read More
A Tour at the Taps from Scratch (950 words, 3 pages)
After a long day planning an event at Stardust Video Coffee, I walked over to the local Winter Park brewery Taps From Scratch to take a tour. The building is one story tall and looks like it was formerly in a strip mall. From the outside the brewery screams local ... Read More
An Overview of the Hospitality and Tourism Industry in the United States (1212 words, 5 pages)
Overview of the hospitality and tourism industryThe management of the tourism and hospitability industry is not easy. It is a procedure that requires an individual to be tactful, diligent, committed and understanding. The task may, however, be made easy through the use of standard operating procedures which may consist of ... Read More
A Discussion on the Benefits of Starting a Hotel in Costa Rica (678 words, 3 pages)
In line with our companys vision of achieving an exponential growth in our operations, identifying and acquiring market gaps in all parts of the world is inevitable. In Costa Rica, concerted effort between the government and the private sector have seen rapid growth in tourists visiting the county. The country ... Read More
A Study on Great Britain's Tourism and VisitBritain's Strategy (1270 words, 5 pages)
Great Britain Delivering A Golden Legacy From the USAGreat Britain has always been a country of high inbound tourism. From the sights to the sports, Great Britain has so much to offer. With that being said, the country holds tradition with many other countries being heavy influences in their inbound ... Read More
The Motivation Behind Tourism (912 words, 3 pages)
The Motivation Behind TourismIt is important to understand the motivations behind the total tourism experience rather than just the motivation for the tourists trip itself because companies want tourists to return. Just like in restaurants it is key to keep people coming back in order to increase revenue. Companies need ... Read More
A Discussion on the Impact of Variety in the Society and the Country of Australia (718 words, 2 pages)
Australia has many different cultures and is a great place to meet people from around the world. Australia is a backpacker nation meaning many people of different cultures travel and explore places in Australia because it has many different scenes and beautiful landscape to see. In Australia you will find ... Read More
The Impacts of Climate Change on the Winter Tourism Sector of New Hampshire Ski Regions (3566 words, 15 pages)
AbstractIn this research paper, I will delve into the goals of the New Hampshire Climate Action Plan and whether or not they will be enough to help lessen the impacts of climate change on the winter tourism sector of New Hampshire ski regions. I use research conducted by climatologists to ... Read More
A Study of the Role of Total Quality Management in the Tourism Industry (2173 words, 9 pages)
AbstractThe quality of services and operations is an essential component of a competitive strategy in a hospitality industry. However, ensuring high quality of services in a tourism industry can sometimes be complex as a result of differences in customers tastes and preferences. In the case of a restaurant, the management ... Read More
The Influence of Attractions to the Tourism Industry (1012 words, 5 pages)
AbstractThere are several things that influence tourist attractions. Some of the influence comes from, economic contributions, the scope of industry, and the trends in tourist attractions. Attractions are places people visit for cultural value, historical significance, natural and built beauty. Tourists attractions are also created to capitalize on legends such ... Read More
The Different Strategic Moves of Hotels to Deal with Online Travel Agencies (643 words, 2 pages)
Rate parity is a legal agreement between the Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) and the hotel businesses to provide similar rates for the same room in the various distribution channels (Terence, p.1). OTAs regularly provide higher rates than the rate that a hotel can offer if a customer booked a room ... Read More
The Importance of Weather and Climate Feature in the Decision-Making Process of Customers in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry (5382 words, 18 pages)
A customer's decision-making process is critical to the success of anenterprise, especially those which deal with tourism and hospitality. Thereare various factors that affect the choice of tourists' destination duringsummer and winter. Imperatively, destinations have a complex nature. Theyare defined as geographical areas that have an amalgamvariety offacilities, services, and ... Read More
The Effective Strategy in Boosting Profit in the Hotel Business (600 words, 3 pages)
Topic In order to boost the profit growths of hotels, which one amongst these changes should the hoteliers put into application first and foremost?It is undeniable that technology is playing an essential role in people s daily lives. This has raised awareness among hoteliers in the hospitality industry about the ... Read More
The Pros and Cons of Orphanage Tourism (811 words, 4 pages)
Name some positive and negative impacts of orphanage tourism on children There are several drawbacks and benefits of orphanage tourism on the orphans who are directly involved in the tourism industry. To begin with, the advantages of orphanage tourism on children shown in the children s education and well-being. The ... Read More
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