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Published: Friday 25th of January 2013

How to Write a Determination Essay Example

Without determination, we’d be rather stuck stewing in our own stagnation. A determination is a precursor to goal attainment that helps us motivate our own behavior so that we can achieve our goals. Research shows us that when most people consider what determination is, they deduce that it’s an emotional state, so it is more than just a cognitive state but rather it is more of an effective way of being. Psychological research is often biased towards studying negative emotions, so, for this reason, there has been a less empirical analysis done on this positive psychological element, however, a study has mainly defined determination to a positive emotion which powers people towards completing actions, resulting in a more perseverant outlook and better coping mechanisms. There are many effects that determination can have on society as well as numerous applications. Given that determination is highly determined by a challenge and an individual's expectations within a social environment, the determination is encouraged and fostered in certain environments that inspire people, such as occupations and families. If a person is surrounded by other people that believe they can achieve their goals, which person will be more likely to grow into a more determined person and experience increases in their well-being and performance over time. There was a research carried out in schools whereby students that were educated in more positive class environments, where teachers taught in a style that focused on the motivational needs of individual students, were more likely to become responsible learners who were determined to succeed. This shows just how determination can be used to foster good learning and how these two go hand in hand. In terms of a person’s health and well-being, the determination has been linked to increases in both. Research has shown that a more determined person can better resist illness, improve their rate of survival and benefit through decreased depression levels. When a person is able to cope with a difficult situation through being determined, he or she is more likely to experience individual growth. One, who is determined, can put their head down so to speak and engage in actions that not only make them cope well with their situation, but that also get them working more productively in order to help them achieve their aims. If someone is more strong-minded to achieve, they can recognize something bad and work around it in order to complete what they had set out to do. In terms of relationships with loved ones and others, people that are more able to frame challenges to be dealt with can excel in reducing interpersonal conflicts, for instance, a child that is regularly bullied is more likely to try and seek out the help they need from social support and raise awareness of the situation. This child is more likely to see bullying as a challenge that needs to be dealt with and requires a workaround to achieve a more positive solution. The child will remain autonomous as they will be reacting independently of the situation in order to engage other people. The individuals that look at challenges and ways to solve them such as in the case of a bullied child are more determined and become more confident in handling situations and solving conflicts. This leads determination to create positive benefits for people as they work to solve things for themselves instead of relying on others. In conclusion, determinism is a positive thing and can have many actual benefits and applications for people and society in general. It’s best to try and adopt a more determined attitude in the face of conflict and troubled times because research has shown that it will most likely be of benefit to you.