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Understanding Various Methods Used in Fossil Dating (519 words, 2 pages)
FossilsBy Stephanie Wieczorek NSC003 Prof. Fossils are amazing how they are formed. The process is fossilization. I was surprised to discover that a series of mistakes must happen in order for a fossil to be created. First some living creatures must die and must some how escape the scavengers that ... Read More
The Useful Points of Information in the Book Forensic Science by Ayn Embar-Seddon on the Field of Forensic Science (1060 words, 4 pages)
When people think of forensic science, they normally think of the stuff they see in T.V. shows like Bones or Abby in NCIS but it goes deeper than that. Since its deeper the amount of information needed to do the job is far past the amount for one person to ... Read More
The Job of a Skull Cleaner (438 words, 1 pages)
Skull Cleaner a Dirty JobInside an unassuming pink brick building, three men and a camera crew stand around a large metal vat. Two of these men are old hands at the work done here one of them is only there for a day of filming and humorous commentary. The vat ... Read More
An Analysis of the Article An Evolutionary Framework for the Acquisition of Symbolic Cognition by Homo Sapiens (971 words, 3 pages)
Article Review An Evolutionary Framework for the Acquisition of Symbolic Cognition by Homo Sapiens.Human cognition obviously is, and most certainly will forever be, a fervently discussed topic in the fields of philosophy, biology and archaeology. Rightly so, due to the fact that the act of discussion itself relies on its ... Read More
Taphonomy and How Animals Affect Decomposition of Bones (987 words, 4 pages)
Taphonomy and How Animals Affect Decomposition of Bones In the world that we live in, people die every day. Some of those deaths happen to have an unknown or an unexplained cause. When things like these happen, we, as humans can rely on sciences such as forensic anthropology to help ... Read More
The Theory of Evolution as a Reasonable Theory on the Existence of Mankind (776 words, 3 pages)
Evolution The Reasonable ClaimIn the dictionary, the word evolution is defined as a form of development, growth and progress. The word itself has evolved from the meaning of change to the meaning of progress, and ultimately, transformation. Although there isnt an argument on the definition of the word, the topic ... Read More
The Importance of Forensic Botany in Solving Crimes (1555 words, 6 pages)
Forensic botany looks to plant life so as to gain information that results from possible crimes. The leaves, seeds, grains and pollen found either on the body or scene of the crime give very valuable information in relation to the crime. Legal natural science has a few sub-disciplines palynology (the ... Read More
The History, Importance, and Dangers of Forensic Anthropology (1751 words, 6 pages)
IntroductionForensic anthropology is an important topic in anthropology, it has developed and continued to grow over the years in such aspects as technology and in finding new and improved ways to research. The critical issue facing the future of forensic anthropology, is the need for specialized knowledge while at the ... Read More
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