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Published: Friday 25th of January 2013

Cultural Diversity Essay Example

Academic papers that approach the subject of cultural diversity have the purpose of making the audience aware of concepts such as inclusion, team building or co-operation. Consequently, such subjects involve perspectives to which the author doesn’t necessarily adhere. Nevertheless, they need to be gracefully conveyed in a manner that will convince the audience. To write a winning cultural diversity essay, you need to devise an accurate and defendable thesis assertion. Throughout your body paragraphs, you need to present the arguments that substantiate your thesis assertion. While doing so, you are required to provide proof as well as instances. Last but not least, you must utilize operational methods like being authoritative and confident, reiteration or excitement.

How to commence your cultural diversity essay

The first step is devising a hook statement, which has the purpose of seizing the interest of the audience. You can create your hook from a quotation, a debate, or a narrative. The introductory phrase is tied to the thesis assertion, which you need to include in the last section of your introductory paragraph.

Here is how the introduction of your cultural diversity paper should look like:

“Have you ever found teamwork to be advantageous? Or in which way do you comprehend inclusion? It may be a good idea to regard cultural diversity by expanding on the distinct characteristics of individuals that come from various environments. Think about their convictions, traditions, regulations, and ways of living in connection with elements such as team cooperation, team building, and inclusion. Nowadays, people go through a lot of changes in the distinct areas of education, commerce, healthcare, individual relationships, gender functions or social ranks. Then again, one can notice these modifications to be as prejudice, persecution, fairness, as well as impartiality amidst teams. Consequently, teamwork and inclusion constitute elements that strengthen unity and generate the development of abilities as well as interpersonal relations. Furthermore, these elements also lead to an intensification of professional chances and team building, and a diminishment of disputes.”

How to devise the body paragraphs

Your paper needs to include an explanation, descriptions or reasoning which concern a specific area of cultural diversity. Students who write essays on this subject usually showcase the benefits of cultural diversity, as is the case with unity, team building, cooperation, and inclusion creatively. Nevertheless, when approaching such ideas, you need to concentrate on the thesis assertion by providing proof as well as instances to substantiate your arguments. Here is how the body of your cultural diversity paper should look like: “Firstly, team cooperation as well as inclusion strengthen the recognition of distinct civilizations and increase acceptance among the population. In distinct cultural layouts like offices or educational institutions, individuals with all sorts of backgrounds are brought together and are required to cooperate and establish teams. Such people need to acknowledge their cultural origins and to find out more about other civilizations. As such, they should value their cultural distinctions, historical background, legacy, and understandings. This can fix problems concerning xenophobia, intolerance and preconceived ideas amidst other people. As such, this stimulates a harmonious coexistence. Second of all, teamwork, as well as inclusion, promotes cooperation amidst personnel. People who come from distinct civilizations communicate with one another when information finds its way to the staff. This generates a medium for human reciprocation, as they need to convey information most efficiently to their coworkers according to their understanding of cultural standards. In addition to that, the jobs of such people involve creating strategies. As such, they can share it should they happen to face any limitations. Therefore, they tend to devise work strategies that encourage harmony and collaboration at the office. Furthermore, team cooperation, as well as inclusion, strengthen team building at the workplaces that promote active involvement and discussing personal viewpoints. Thus, employees get the feeling that they indeed belong to that company, which stimulates them to work together. One can accomplish this by eliminating the discrepancies that prevail as a result of discrimination and preconceived ideas. People who come from all sorts of environments have to face preconceived ideas regarding gender, religion, or sexual orientation. Other workers have the responsibility of establishing a firm moral code within the workplace, which stimulates cooperation as well as mutual respect. As a sharp observation, teamwork also stimulates imagination amidst students or other groups of people. When asked to work together, students originating from distinct cultural environments, make use of their genuine proficiency, past experiences, and abilities. This way, they can come up with an innovation or concept or an adequate answer to a specific issue. This is combined with the intensified motivation of the entirety of the students or workers to struggle to attain the best possible results. Last but not least, inclusivity, as well as teamwork, lead to a comprehension that generates intensified standards in distinct fields of activity, like commerce. This concept has been demonstrated in international markets in which ads are broadcast in more than one language, which allows potential customers to gain the knowledge needed to make an informed choice. This intensifies trade-related understanding via a strengthened utilization of personnel residing in a particular area.”

How to devise the conclusion

When devising the conclusion of your paper, you are required to sum up your primary arguments. Furthermore, you need to expand on the final viewpoints regarding the subject. Such conclusions ought to be succinct. In general, your conclusion needs to reiterate the most significant ideas in your paper, while strengthening the thesis assertion. The conclusion of a cultural diversity essay needs to be formulated in a way which emphasizes the thesis assertion. To do so, you must devise a final assertion that provides closure. Here is how the conclusion of your cultural diversity paper may look like: “To sum up, by implementing teamwork and inclusivity, once can establish close connections between people from distinct backgrounds. Such people can become tolerant and aware of distinct cultural environments. Furthermore, these methods can strengthen interaction, acknowledgment, imagination as well as team building. This is pivotal for unity, settling disputes and enhancing vocational chances for everyone. As such, everyone can benefit from a medium or organization that stimulates cultural diversity on all plans.”