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Published: Friday 25th of January 2013

Marijuana Essay Example

Ever since it was first discovered, cannabis has been widely used as a drug for recreational purposes by a large array of people. This plant has always been regarded as a “harmless” narcotic substance, as its use does not cause any critical complications or secondary effects. A large number of people who consume cannabis are of the opinion that the secondary effects of this substance are far from being as harmful as the effects of narcotics like cocaine, meth or heroin. A lot of the so-called “potheads” believe that smoking marijuana is a beneficial activity, as it facilitates brain activity. Starting with the previous century, physicians have been prescribing cannabis to patients suffering from illnesses like cancer or glaucoma. While nowadays people are legally allowed to use marijuana if they have a medical prescription, it is still against the law to smoke it for recreational purposes. However, the dispute regarding the consumption of cannabis has intensified throughout the past few years, and up to the present day, ten American states have legalized this substance. In addition to that, eighteen states have diminished the sanctions for the consumption of cannabis and have “decriminalized” its use. Starting with its very emergence, cannabis has been regarded as a drug that can be used for relaxing and having fun and hasn’t been labeled as a dangerous substance, as is the case with methamphetamine, cocaine or heroin. A lot of people who enjoy using this recreational drug claim that this activity doesn’t generate addiction and that those who smoke it on a daily basis aren’t faced with any grave issues. A large percentage of people think that it would be wrong to include cannabis in the same category as so-called “hardcore drugs.” Instead, they think that smoking marijuana is as dangerous as consuming alcohol or tobacco. Nevertheless, a lot of cannabis smokers may not be aware of the fact that tobacco and alcohol also have harmful secondary effects, same as virtually any type of substance that causes addiction. However, a notable distinction is the fact that a lot of individuals are earning significant amounts of money from purchasing of tobacco or alcohol. A lot of states consider the legalization of cannabis because, if this substance became legitimate, they could earn a lot of tax revenue from its sales, same as they collect from transactions involving tobacco or alcohol. Similarly to tobacco or alcohol, the government would have a chance to impose high taxes on the sale of cannabis. It goes without saying that this would generate a significant amount of revenue for the state. In addition to that, a large number of people believe that similarly to tobacco and alcohol, cannabis can have an adverse influence on our health. Nevertheless, cannabis use would have no serious impact on the overall well-being of the entire society, as opposed to the use of cocaine, meth, or heroin, as these substances are detrimental not only to the addicts but also to their families and the entire society. A person who is addicted to meth or heroin would resort to crime to procure drugs. However, there is a low probability that a cannabis smoker would commit crimes to sustain their addiction. The legalization of cannabis may provide advantages to society as a whole, with respect to the income that it can generate in a legitimate manner. However, as a consequence of the legalization of this drug, a person could also start using more dangerous substances, such as methamphetamine or cocaine. A lot of people who started using cannabis went on to purchasing more damaging substances, such as crack because they wanted to feel the more exciting and powerful effect. On the other hand, it has been scientifically proven that cannabis has the potential of aiding patients suffering from cancer and glaucoma. Cannabis has a couple of important medical uses that can exert a positive influence on society. Nevertheless, it is pretty obvious that the issue of the marijuana legalization will keep on generating vehement disputes in the future, and it is pretty hard to predict how they will end. We hope that you’ve found this example of an academic essay on the topic of marijuana useful. If you pay attention to the style of this paper and the arguments it includes, we’re pretty sure you’ll find it easier to write your own essay. However, if certain aspects still strike you as problematic, don’t despair! Contact one of our expert essay writers, and all of your concerns will disappear! Each writer on our team has great expertise when it comes to writing custom essays on all sorts of topics. Even more than that, each paper is written by a qualified expert in a particular subject matter that makes our papers not only meaningful but also engaging to read.