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Published: Friday 25th of January 2013

How to Write a Family Essay: Tips, Topics and Example

What significance does family have for me as a person?

In this article, we’ll present examples of:

  1. Introduction
  2. Body paragraphs
  3. Conclusion

When tasked with writing any type of paper, your primary target is that of illustrating comprehensive and succinct assertions regarding a particular subject. To devise a successful personal essay, you need to integrate your affective expressions in a way to be able to showcase your individual experiences and talk about the influence they exert on your existence as a human being. If you are required to devise an essay about what family means to you as a person, you have to employ originality by all means. To be able to come up with an adequate piece of writing regarding your family, you need to devise an appropriate outline for your paper. In doing so, it might be helpful to ponder on meaningful occurrences from your life and review them.

To write a top-notch personal essay on this topic, you need to come up with an explanation regarding the significance of a family. When approaching this type of subject, you have to devise illustrations that seize and reflect the sensorial background of the family. This way, your readers will be able to understand the ideas presented in your essay. If you want your paper to be successful, it needs to captivate your readers by creating associations between certainties, occurrences, sensorial characteristics as well as thoughts.

How to begin writing a paper on the significance of family

The primary section of this type of essay is the introduction. In this initial paragraph, you need to provide information regarding your subject. In other words, after reading your introduction, your audience must be well-acquainted with the subject of your paper. Furthermore, you are required to determine the context of your paper and devise a structure that will allow you to discuss the subject systematically and coherently.

For instance, when starting work on a paper that approaches the significance of family, you could write an introduction such as the one presented below:

“It is a commonly known fact that family constitutes the cornerstone of humankind. It is the place from which we set forth on the path of our existence. The family is a factor that models us and encourages us to evolve and accomplish significant targets in the course of our life. The term of family makes us think about a cluster of human beings, such as kids, parents or other types of relatives. For each of these individuals, family has a distinct definition. Nevertheless, the meaning of family is unvaried. Family represents the most significant asset that pertains to our existence. Personally, I can say that my family constitutes the most important part of my life. Whenever I am in need of assistance and tenderness, I know that they will be there for me.”

How to devise the body of your paper

Once you’ve introduced your subject, you need to devise the body of your essay. The next paragraphs must offer a thorough description of your subject. Generally speaking, the body of your essay should consist of 3 paragraphs. However, this number may vary according to the volume of your paper. The body of your essay ought to clarify, illustrate and substantiate the thesis assertion regarding the significance of a family. Moreover, in this section, you should showcase your essential ideas. To seize the attention of your readers, you ought to structure your thoughts in distinct subdivisions. Once you’ve finished devising your succinct introduction regarding the significance of family, start working on the initial paragraph of the body.

“My family represents my most valued treasure. My parents, as well as my other relatives, are the ones who shape my viewpoints and conduct. My parents’ principles have exerted a vast influence on my conduct, as they always tell me to offer assistance to those who suffer.”

The second paragraph offers more information regarding the significance of a family, as described below.

“Knowing that I can always count on my parents and siblings is another reason for which I believe family is of central significance. Whenever I have a problem, I know I can ask my family for help. They are the ones who are always there for me through times of happiness, sadness, accomplishment and significant events in my existence.”

Here is an example of how the third paragraph should look like:

“I think there is nothing more important than family, as they are the people who are always sympathetic and never hesitate to make warm gestures to inspire me to be a good person. Personally, I believe that family represents the very essence of humankind. A harmonious and steady society is one that places a very high value on family.”

The conclusion of a paper that approaches the significance of family

Once you’ve finished talking about the significance of family, you are required to summarize your paper by reiterating the main ideas. When concluding this type of essay, you need to offer an ultimate perspective regarding the topic. To prove the importance of family and provide the readers with a groundbreaking perspective on this subject, you should devise a synthesis of your ideas. This paragraph amounts to your best shot at impressing the audience. If you need help with devising a conclusion for your essay, take a look at the example below.

“In conclusion, I think that our entire life is influenced by family. My family consists of my parents, siblings, other relatives as well as friends. Personally, I believe that life without family would be unbearable, as family represents the foundation of humankind.”

Essay structure example

  1. Introduction
    1. Introductory phrase;
    2. Thesis assertion;
    3. Background information regarding family.
  2. Body
    1. First paragraph
      1. Explain the reasons for which family is meaningful;
      2. Talk about your individual experience as part of a family.
    2. Second paragraph
      1. Substantiate the thesis assertion;
      2. Provide a detailed explanation regarding the significance of family.
    3. Third paragraph
      1. Introduce the third substantiating idea regarding the meaning of family.
  3. Conclusion
    1. Reiterate the thesis assertion;
    2. Sum up the primary idea;
    3. Devise the ultimate, conclusive phrase.