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Published: Friday 25th of January 2013

What is Art: Essay Example and Writing Tips

The Ultimate Goal of Art Essay Writing

Usually, the primary object of an art essay is a work of one of the different arts: visual art, design, sculpture, photography, music, etc. There are two main reasons why these essays are written:
  1. To create images: This kind of essay presents a work under consideration. A writer aims to describe it conveying proper images to the audience. In other words, your readers are to see the work you describe as vividly as possible when they read your paper.
  2. Boosting creative processes: Creating images described above is an integral part of criticism used in various academic writings. However, learning how to do it right gives you more than just being able to write excellent papers. A lot of processes in your brain come to action when you try to express an image verbally. This is hugely beneficial for the intellectual development of a person.

How to Choose an Art Essay Topic

A good topic comprises half of your success in writing any essay. There are three main points you have to take into account when you pick your art essay topic:
  • What art are you going to write about? The sense to which visual art appeals is the vision, apparently. So do sculpture and photography. Music appeals to the hearing, and cinema - both to hearing and vision, etc. That is why it is vital to consider the type of art you are going to describe. Besides, think of the way how the author expresses him or herself. Is it a painting (belonging to a particular style) where the artist has utilized specific colors and forms to convey his or her ideas? Or is it a photo where shades and settings are used to meet the author's needs? Everything matters when you pick your topic.
  • Why does this work appeal to you? In most cases, an art essay aims at providing your readers with your point of view about this or that work of art. And unlike a review that can be negative, the overwhelming majority of art essays are positive. That is why you have to be sincerely inspired by the work you are writing about.
  • What do you like about art? You have to consider your interests when you choose your topic. First of all, we have already mentioned that you are to write about what you like. And secondly, the research on the topic you are already familiar with will take you less time.
You may be provided with a topic list by your teacher or invent the one of your own. Here are some art essay topic samples you will surely like:
  • What differs the concepts used by Picasso and those used by Matisse?
  • What inspired Leonardo Da Vinci to create The Mona Lisa?
  • The history of visual arts in Germany.
  • The ideas behind the Statue of Liberty
  • The space of a chapel: the history and the present.

The Art Essay Structure

The structure of an art essay is in no way different from that of other essay types. If you pick The Mona Lisa as your topic, the outline can be narrowed down to the following parts:

The Introduction

There is hardly a person in this world who has not seen a copy or even the original of Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. Many people know that the woman in the painting is Lisa Gherardini.

Stating a Thesis

Besides portraying an enigmatic woman, there is a range of other motifs behind the Mona Lisa’s smile.

Body Paragraphs

  1. The brief history of creating the painting.
  2. The details of the portrait that make Lisa’s image complete.
  3. The women’s virtues Da Vinci conveyed in his work.

The Conclusion

The Mona Lisa has survived for an outstanding amount of time, especially given that it got stolen and returned to Louvre. Each generation that has an opportunity to see Da Vinci's masterpiece is blessed with a chance to observe the wisdom and faithfulness of Lisa's image.

Some Extra Tips

Do your research. Even if your teacher is interested in your point of view, you should still base it on the thorough analysis of facts. Make sure that your art essay is unique. All the sources you have used have to be appropriately cited.

Final Remarks

When you have finished writing your essay, there are still some important things to be done. Don't forget to proofread and edit your essay to avoid any grammar, spelling, or stylistic mistakes. Make sure that your writing meets all the format requirements.