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Published: Friday 25th of January 2013

Why It's Essential to Have Dreams Essay Example

When it comes to dreams, it can be said that they represent the fuel of an individual’s motivation. In turn, motivation is considered to be the engine of a person’s life. Those that have spent some time thinking about their ambitions and dreams, and have a clear image of them will find it a lot easier to make those dreams come true. Also, this will have a huge impact on their lives. Worth mentioning that there’s also a vital aspect people have to consider in order for this to happen – the dream or ambition has to be both attainable and realistic. It’s absurd saying that your biggest dream is to become a billionaire by the time you reach your 30s and you do nothing at all during this period. It will take a lot of time and effort, and you’ll have to face various challenges until you finally achieve your ambition. Hard work will always pay off, no matter what. Sometimes this may happen sooner than you think, sometimes it may take a while until the effort turns into something fruitful. Even so, in both cases, there is one essential trait an individual must have to make a dream come true, and that is a strong will towards achieving it. Of course, that there will be many setbacks along this way, as well as failures, but this is actually normal, and that will make one actually stick to the path and eventually succeed. Keep in mind that intelligence will not help you much if you don’t actually do something. In the pursuit of the dream a person will also need a strategy or a plan, and what’s even more important is that you’ll also have to stick to that plan. Being lazy won’t get you anywhere, and your dream will remain forever in the same phase – just a dream. The purpose of having a dream is giving you the motivation you need to make it happen because eventually, it will significantly improve the quality of your life, right? So what’s the purpose of having a dream that is both attainable and realistic, if you don’t do anything to make it come true? In fact, there are these situations that can do more harm than good. Not being able to attain your goal can get you discouraged, and make you feel depressed about not doing anything valuable. This is the main reason why it’s recommended to set a goal that can actually be achieved. In the process of turning dreams into reality, there is a set of important traits one needs and those are courage, wisdom, and determination, being open-minded and practical. These will help a person get over any obstacle, no matter how big or small they will be and will help them accomplish that goal. Probably one of the greatest obstacles one may face in the process of making a dream come true is other people. You may come across people that might be jealous on your progress, that may want to criticize you in order to bring you down, but even so, you’ll have to go on with your dream and not listen to anything those malevolent persons say to you. You can even choose to avoid those persons or eliminate them from your life if you believe this will do you good. All in all, it’s good to have dreams and ambitions as long as you choose some realistic and achievable ones. Dreams have the purpose of keeping your spirit alive, of making you want to change your life for the better and of giving your life a purpose. It doesn’t matter how big or small your dream is or the domain it refers to. The only thing that should matter to you is that you shouldn’t let anyone become an obstacle in your way to success.