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Published: Friday 25th of January 2013

Why Basketball is a Favorite Game to Many (Essay Example)

Among the most exciting sports worldwide is basketball because the National Basketball Association (NBA) has popularized it, starting from the United States. To generate a realistic sporting event published globally, sports businesspeople have invested trillions of dollars. Originally, the sport was meant to entertain the Americans. However, a phenomenal stake was generated by many International audiences. To accommodate the basketball fans the world over, NBA commissioners air live events for them to watch their favourite star players. In countries such as Australia, Japan, Philippines, Serbia, Spain, Argentina, South Korea and China the sport is prevalent. Hence, basketball is considered a popular sport after soccer and football.

How to Play the Game

Basketball is a favourite game to many because it’s a sport that showcases the ability of a player to shoot the ball in a ring to score. There are two teams and two basketball rings involved. Each team shoots the ball during the game. For a team to earn a point, the mechanics of the game requires the players to strategize amongst themselves. To score a point against their opponent, it involves shooting or making a dunk. By the time you get to score, you need to have manoeuvred your opposing team’s defences using various techniques such as dribbling and passing to your teammates, among others. The match is won by the team that garners the most points. Basketball gets played in terms of quarters and each quarter takes twelve minutes. Each team gets four chances to score - a quarter. In the event of a tie after the fourth quarter, a three minute period is extended for the teams to have an opportunity to outdo each other. During this period, a player who fouled gets exempted. A foul occurs in the event of a prohibited personal contact with an opponent. The victim gets a chance to score at least two points.

Basketball Star Players

The presence of basketball star players is another favourite reason to love the sport. Future players of the game and audiences included draw their inspiration from the most valuable players (MVPs). Enthusiast’s attention is drawn to the basketball stars activities who are the primary promoters of their brands. Future players are generated by basketball sports. The sport is responsible for the player’s inspiration to commit themselves to the game. They will transform and be the future of basketball because they follow their favourite player’s footsteps. Some basketball stars popularity is further increased once they become endorsers of well-known brands around the world. Since they are already established as household names in the field of basketball, the product endorsers promote the original profession of the stars silently.

Physique of the Players

Basketball is interestingly perceived as a sport that commonly has tall players. You are already entitled to become a professional basketball player once you reach a height of at least 6’5 and above. Some supplements are now helpful for the fans that are envious of tall heights to fulfil their dreams to become tall players. Height is considered might in basketball because as a player you have the power to intimidate against opponents who are smaller. This makes basketball competitive and is termed as a contact sport. The players get to make a point by getting the ball and shooting it. With a commanding height, a player has everything going for him because they can dunk the basket, steal and block to create a point and win the game. Being short, you’re quickly overpowered by taller players hence the chances of dominating the game can at times be slim.


Not all sports are the same. Basketball is an exciting game that’s dependent on physical prowess. The players individually require a specific technique and tactical skills set. To become a professional basketball player, you need to have a degree of exceptional athleticism. The proficiency of the game has helped to boost the popularity of the sport. As a result future players can afford to make basketball their career. This can be achieved by continually training to increase skills and physical conditions. Driven by passionate enthusiasts, the game is continuously evolving from when it started from a peach basket and a Canadian teacher to become among Americas most played the sport.