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Published: Friday 25th of January 2013

Why is Education Important? Essay Example

Education is the herald of the modern age and the foundation of logical and rational thinking. It is considered to be an essential need for survival following food, clothing, and shelter. It serves the purpose of molding people into better personalities. Education, both formal and informal, has acquired enormous advantages for the general population across every corner of the globe. Some of them are noticeable, and some of them are not, but in general, they have contributed gigantically to the development of society. Therefore, it is worthwhile to understand the importance of education.

Equips With the Power of Reasoning

When you set out on the mission of learning through training, you develop logical and scientific thinking as a significant aspect of your thought process. This ability is a cardinal factor for survival in this modern day times. It helps you repress your own particular contemplations of ignorance. It also helps in predicting possible outcomes of your decisions along with their consequences allowing you to make the best choices. Uneducated individuals tend to lack insight into different aspects of life and therefore cannot discern what is right and what is wrong. They indiscriminately take after what others are doing instead of thinking out the ramifications of being engaged in that specific act. The lack of reasoning is a recipe for calamity.

Education Benefits the Society

Education is the foundation of society since it guarantees the prosperity of it, both economically and socially. It has empowered individuals to cultivate new strategies in life that have built and shaped themselves and their countries at large. People can now decipher the world around them and think of groundbreaking innovations that can revolutionize various aspects of life. This has helped tackle issues that nature or religion would not have explained. What’s more, moral esteems are produced through training.

Education Helps Build Successful Careers

Education is also vital in creating skilled and reputable individuals in the different fields of a job industry. It equips us with useful skills; enables us to conquer the challenges faced in a job market. Education is the only way one can excel in various business domains such as medicine, accounting, teaching, and engineering. Knowledge gained through learning equips us with plenty of channels with which we can achieve our goals and aspirations. Therefore, enrolling for the course of your choice is one way to actualize your dream of building a successful career.

Education Makes the World Safer

Education significantly influences our understanding of the distinction between right and wrong. In the medieval world, there were significant clashes due to illiteracy amongst the masses. However, in the modern world, educated individuals are regardful of the consequences of unlawful or wrong actions and are less likely to be influenced to do something unethical. They can comprehend issues and devise ways to resolve them. Also, lack of education denies job openings to people making them resort to stealing in desperation to solve their problems. However, if you are educated, you are much aware of your rights and obligations to the society and, thus, you focus your energy on fulfilling them. Therefore, education is an essential factor that contributes to social peace and harmony.

Education Creates Opportunities

Educated people have access to loads of opportunities in life. They land great positions in their workplaces or in different segments of an economy. They get a decent salary that ensures an extravagant living and goes a long way in providing happiness and buying comfort for their families. With education, you have a steady and secure life for many days to come. What’s more, people with high intellectual wealth lead respectable lives and enjoy great social status in the society. The more education a person receives the better career options they get. An uneducated person can only do menial jobs since white collar jobs are reserved for educated professionals.


Education ensures equality amongst people. It does not segregate between the poor and the rich nor discriminate gender. It can be granted to anyone regardless of their gender or socioeconomic status and provides equal chances to everyone. It opens up opportunities for the poor people in the community so that they may have an equal chance at higher paying jobs. It also contributes to women empowerment. Education equity is the hallmark of a thriving and fair society.

Improves Self-Confidence

Education boosts the self-confidence of an individual. An intelligent and learned person is frequently consulted for advice by others and is respected and taken seriously. However, an uneducated man may be experienced in certain areas of life, but his suggestions and opinions will be overlooked since he is not educated. Thus, education gives people confidence to express their views and opinions.

Results in the Development of a Nation

Countries around the globe depend on scientific education to guarantee the development of their country’s economy. Western nations are prosperous and rich since they invest in education with the aim of growing highly-skilled professionals who in turn use their skills to grow their nation economically. Developed countries such, as the USA, have high literacy rates and their citizens earning high incomes. Developing countries, on the other hand, have low literacy rates and a huge percentage of their citizens are still living below the poverty line. Therefore, education is essential for the prosperity of a nation.

Equips Individuals with Social Skills

Education allows people to be socially interactive. Going to school is one way to gain knowledge, but the interaction with other students and being critical will enable students to grow into thoughtful people.


Education is the ideal approach to move forward for individuals and the society at large. It is the only thing that can expel millions of people from the jaws of poverty. If they are equipped with knowledge, they cannot be abused by others. Modern views of liberation and freedom have exuded from education. However, it is of incredible significance to note that the motivation behind education is not misunderstood. Regardless of whether formal or informal, the reason for education is to transform an individual into a better version of them. Education is more than passing examinations, being above others and having esteemed occupations. Consequently, we should seek to offer sustainable education for a good future.