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Published: Friday 25th of January 2013

How to Write a Classification Essay: Tips, Topics and Examples

In this kind of academic paper, the student's task is to arrange or group specific items into categories. The 3 Main Phases of Efficient Categorization:
  1. Group the elements into relevant classifications.
  2. Check that you devise all groups devised in accordance with a unique organizational rule.
  3. Provide examples that belong to each of the groups.

Identifying Classes

This constitutes an essential phase when it comes to devising any classification essay. So that you were able to categorize or group particular elements coherently and reasonably, you need to identify the classes to which those elements belong. For instance, consider the following situation: you are required to categorize some documents in your office. Before placing them in random stacks, you would need to discover the relevant categories they might belong to: documents that are no longer needed, documents that call for urgent attention, documents that ought to be analyzed, documents that need to be assigned to other employees, or documents that require indexing.

The Thesis Assertion Phase

In your thesis assertion, you ought to mention the subject as well as the manner in which you wish to carry out the classification. In some situations, the categories are preassigned. Subject – manner of classification – categories. For instance: Those who spend their holidays in Seychelles have the possibilities of engaging in 3 different water-related activities: sunbathing, sailing and surfing.

How to Devise a Flawless Classification Paper

  1. Establish the categories. Being rigorous is of the essence: make sure you don’t omit any important category! For instance, as per the example provided above, if your essay is about water-related activities in Seychelles and you mention sunbathing and surfing, but you omit sailing, your paper would be unfinished. This is because sailing constitutes one of the most popular activities in Seychelles. Another advice would be to avoid adding an excessive number of categories, as that may end up in your classification essay being seen as unfocused. For instance, if you want to talk about fruits and your categorizing rule is color, you wouldn’t add a category that is related to their shape.
  2. Use no more than one rule of classification. After deciding on the categories, you need to check if they are in accordance with the same rule of classification. The rule of classification amounts to the manner in which you organize the categories. Avoid making the mistake of suddenly introducing an altogether new principle of classification! For instance, if your rule is water-related activities for travelers, avoid using a different classification rule, like “traditional water-related activities," as that would involve distinct categories, like canoeing or snorkeling.
  3. Use cases to support every category evenly. As a ground rule, you ought to stick to the same amount, for instance, provide an equal number of cases for every category. However, the category regarded as the most essential, which needs to be approached last, might require more details.

Classification Transitions Used Frequently

  • The 1st variety, the 2nd variety, the 3rd variety
  • The 1st class, the 2nd class, the 3rd class
  • The 1st group, the 2nd group, the 3rd group
Keep in mind: When writing a classification paper, you need to arrange or group particular elements into separate classes. If you want your essay to be efficient, you should never forget the following steps: arrange the items into relevant classes, use no more than one classification rule and provide instances of items that belong to every category. Here are a couple of commonly-used classification essay subjects:
  • The categorization of crucial historical moments in the United States
  • The ranking of states (by size, population, etc.)
  • Best cars top list
  • The television series with the highest audience
  • The categorization of mental illnesses
You may freely opt for a subject that interests you.