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A Classification of People's Reactions to a Crisis (625 words, 3 pages)
Mary got a phone call that her son was in the hospital after a terrible car accident. She hung up the phone in stunned silence. Eventually, she began searching for her car keys, but she felt as if she were moving in slow motion, as if she were swimming in ... Read More
Classification, Method of Preparation, Application in Drug Delivery and FDA Approved Market Products of Hydrogel (26283 words, 14 pages)
ABSTRACTHydrogels are cross-linked hydrophilic polymer structures that can imbibe large quantities of water or biological fluids. Hydrogels are one of the upcoming classes of polymer based controlled release drug delivery systems that embrace numerous biomedical and pharmaceutical applications. Hydrogels, the swellable polymeric materials, have been widely investigated as the carrier ... Read More
The Classification of a Friend (1176 words, 4 pages)
Friendships are not gotten in one or two days, it actually takes a long process to choose a friend that will build you up or bring you down in life. As everyone knows for some people making friends is like a piece of cake, but for others it is very ... Read More
Sentiment Analysis and Classification in Technology (3871 words, 16 pages)
There is an increasing number and variety of research papers in the area of sentiment analysis and classification. We chose to consider only related work which makes use of the following machine learning techniques, document-level classification, n-gram features (such as unigrams), part-of-speech tagging, lexical resources (especially SentiWordNet), sentiment classification techniques ... Read More
A Friendship Classification: From Hi-Bye to Soul Mates (947 words, 1 pages)
I always wonder why some people can make more friends than others. Communication skill is one important factor in making friends, but it doesn't mean that we treat all our friends in a same approach. Some friends are closer than others, and some are only good to have fun with. ... Read More
An Essay on Relevance of Enumerate Classification in Modern Era (874 words, 2 pages)
RELEVANCE OF ENUMERATIVE CLASSIFICATION IN MODERN ERA Whatever said by prachi in favour of faceted schemes of classification I totally disagree with her points. I strongly advocate use of enumerative classification in current context. Enumerative classification is good enough to handle the complexities of modern era. UDC itself is nothing ... Read More
An Essay on the Classification of Elements of the Periodic Table (1244 words, 4 pages)
Classification of Elements The Periodic Table Arranging The Elements The Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev uncovered evidence that consisted of a huge collection of facts about the 63 elements that had been discovered by the mid-1800's. His clues had to do with the physical and chemical properties of these elements. Mendeleev ... Read More
A Paper on the Concept of Classification (573 words, 1 pages)
Ways of Classification The concept of classification can be quite difficult to understand due to the many similarities that exist in what is being classified. There are tiny little details that make objects hard to distinguish from one another. Classification is a way of sorting out the details and finding ... Read More
Polling Day:Classification Essay on Groups and Reasons of Voters and the Consequences on Society (568 words, 1 pages)
Classification essay. The essay contains what groups of voters we have, the reasons for voting the way they do, and the consequences on society. Full five paragraph essay, supportive details and examples. Polling Day When it comes time to vote one can usually classify voters into three distinct groups. Each ... Read More
A Study of Vocal Classifications (2417 words, 4 pages)
Vocal Classifications Many singers find that the four basic voice parts are too general and may not always suit their individual voice. Even though there is a wide variety of musically literature available for each part, not all songs would be suitable for just one voice. The Fach System breaks ... Read More
The Classification of Art and the Tips for Becoming a Perfect Nontraditional Artist (258 words, 1 pages)
Art has been a major part of my life for many years. Some art Ive done include portraits and paintings. Some art Ive done even involves spray painting. Art can be classified into two areas. The first type of art is traditional art. For example, Pablo Picasso did traditional paintings, ... Read More
An Analysis of the Classification of Children's Movies in the Australian Newspaper (692 words, 1 pages)
This is a speech I had to write about an issue from a newspaper article. I found an article from the Australian newspaper, The Sydney Morning Herald, about the classification of children's movies... Hope it inspires you, and please don't plagiarize my work, feel free to quote it, provided you ... Read More
Various Classifications of Law (1770 words, 2 pages)
According to the Oxford Compact English Dictionary, law is, "a rule or system of rules recognized by a country or community as regulating the actions of its members and enforced by the imposition of penalties". Law can be classified in two ways, firstly, civil law and criminal law and secondly ... Read More
The Different Television Content Ratings Implemented by the Classification and Rating Administration in the United States (603 words, 1 pages)
Since the dawn of mass media, many countries have attempted to regulate, control, or even block certain messages or content from being exhibited to their citizens at large. Most states are primarily interested in classifying opposed to censoring media, especially movies into appropriate categories. Many parents want more information about ... Read More
A Classification of People That Are Hard to Live With (528 words, 1 pages)
People That Are Hard To Live With People are different in many ways. Just imagine this is your first year of college. You dont know what to expect. All you know is that you are going to be living with five knew people. Even though you guys have talked on ... Read More
The Definitions and Classifications of Love (735 words, 2 pages)
What is love exactly? Is it just being with the person you care about the most or is it really something complicated and intricate? You would be amazed with how much this four letter could mean and how much it could affect your life. I believe love is an affection, ... Read More
A Lab Manual Explaining the Classification and Comparison of Chordates (213 words, 1 pages)
Comparative Anatomy Lab One Abstract This laboratory is to understand the classification and comparison of chordates. Introduction In this lab manual it shows the structure of phylum Chordata, subphylum Vertebrata. The objective is to observe the major body systems and track its course of evolution from the start of the ... Read More
An Introduction to ABC Classification of Materials in the Stockroom (1304 words, 3 pages)
Classification Of Materials ABC Classification Stockroom inventory is classified into categories called ABC. "A" - items are the highest priority, the tightest control, frequent deliveries, close follow-up, and accurate records. Planning and Scheduling these parts utilize MRP (Material Requirements Planning), DRP (Distribution Requirements Planning, or EOQ (Economic Order Quantity) or ... Read More
A Summary of Classifications of Hindu Scriptures: Shruti, Smriti and Nyaya (302 words, 1 pages)
Hindu Scriptures are classified into Shruti (meaning "heard"), Smriti (meaning "remembered"), and Nyaya (meaning "logic"). These classifications are based on the origin of the Scripture. Shruti scripture is thought of as something which was heard directly from God, while Smriti scripture refers to what was written down and remembered. Shruti ... Read More
The Main Principles of Generic Classification Through Examples (836 words, 2 pages)
People naturally make sense of the world by "simplifying" it. They are constantly and subconsciously classifying and grouping each object, event or action that takes place. Thus genres are born. The word genre is a term used to state a group of things that share the same characteristics or they ... Read More
Unemployment Classification and Rate in the United States (1588 words, 2 pages)
A person, who is looking for work and is willing to work at the existing wage but is unable to find a job is said to be "unemployed". Unemployment refers to the state of being unemployed. It also refers to the number or proportion of people in the working population ... Read More
The Controversy of the Classification of Personality Disorder (343 words, 1 pages)
The classification of personality disorders is controversial. An example would be that the DSM-IV has disorders listed that have discrepancies with the book used in Europe, the ICD-10. Narcissism is included in the DSM-IV, but not the ICD-10. Another example is that a person's culture plays a large role in ... Read More
The Classification of College Classes: Basic Requirements, Major Requirements and Classes for Personal Growth (675 words, 1 pages)
College Classes We have many classes that we as students need to take at college. A college offers different classes for students, and the classes differ widely. What classes students take will depend on what their educational plans and what their personal interests are. The classification of college classes reveals ... Read More
Analysing the Classifications of Euthanasia (1487 words, 2 pages)
Euthanasia comes from the Greek meaning 'easy death'. Formally known as 'mercy killing' it is the act of making or helping someone to die rather than letting him or her die naturally, because if they die naturally they will be in considerable pain or will have an extremely poor quality ... Read More
Causes and Classification of Psychological Disorders (2522 words, 4 pages)
Psychological Disorders The meaning of abnormality has gone through many drastically different changes throughout history. It went from supernatural forces, demons, and witchcraft, to physical illness. Where exactly does the line of normality end and abnormality begin? There are numerous behavioral disorders that are discussed throughout the chapter that clearly ... Read More
Identification and Classification of Animal Diseases (2164 words, 4 pages)
Diseases of Animals, are disorders that influence an animal's health and ability to function. Animal diseases are a great concern to humans for several reasons. They can reduce the productivity of animals used to produce food, such as hens and dairy cows. Animals that are raised for food, such as ... Read More
The Composition, Classification and Uses of Lipids (472 words, 1 pages)
Lipids The subject I will cover is lipids. I will tell you about the description of its organic compound. I will tell you where it is found. I will tell you what the uses are in plants and animals. I will also tell you about its chemical structure and give ... Read More
A Look at the Different Classifications of Smokers (813 words, 1 pages)
Smokers People often become addicted to smoking because they have been brainwashed into believing they receive some sort of benefit or crutch from smoking. Every smoker becomes brainwashed in his or her own individual way. There are many ways to subdivide smokers into various groups such as women smokers, casual ... Read More
An Analysis of Classification of Video Games (757 words, 2 pages)
Classification of video games Video games can be classified into several distinct categories. Though video games are all basically the same thing, a computer program that is made to entertain people. Arguably one of the first video games was Pong on Atari, but since then video games have changed so ... Read More
A Recommendation for the Classification of JTM Developments Company (591 words, 1 pages)
JTM Developments I believe that JTM Developments should be classified as a Limited Liability Company. This will give the company plenty of room to grow without any restrictions. It will also give the members the advantage of having limited liability to only the amount they invested in the company. The ... Read More
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