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Published: Friday 25th of January 2013

Importance of Family Essay Example

We as human beings are social creatures and unlike other animals that have functioned best alone in biology, people have always lived in groups. The closest group to a human is its family group and this is why they are so important in our society today. We tend to love our household members most before others outside our group, and through this unit, we develop and grow, becoming more knowledgeable, affectionate, compassionate and truthful. Families are important as they provide us with sense and security. We can’t live isolated throughout our lives, especially when we’re young, so we turn to our family members for help and support. Without strong kinfolks, we find that we have few places to turn for the help that we need to develop properly as human beings. There’s no denying the fact that without your parent's help, you would find things a whole lot tougher. Everyone wants feelings of affection and requires emotional needs satisfied, so there’s no denying that family provides these things. Who will understand you better than your parents who know you best because you’ve been with them for so long? Through family life, one can feel loved and appreciated and that person can reciprocate these affections with other group members. The feeling of support extends from the practical sense to a deeper understanding of morality if you’re in a family network. If we were left in the world to our own devices with no loved ones, it would be a dog eat dog world whereby everyone worked to benefit themselves instead of benefiting a group. Families offer a deeper moral understanding for people within them and they also serve as networks to protect against the sometimes external immoral influences that can come from the outside world. There’s no peer pressure to conform to your family as they won’t be tempting you to have a cigarette down an alleyway round the back of the school. If you’d like to have a child, it would be difficult to raise one without having lived in a family unit first because you won’t have any experience of parenting. If you’re trying to raise your child, it will be much easier if you can have the love and support of your family behind you at all times, to get through any tough times such as if your kid needs babysitting at a certain time, or if you need to borrow some money. Things become a lot easier with your relatives around, no matter how busy they may be. A family is a reflection of who we are and it helps us to be the people we grow up to be. If you come from a rough family, you’re likely not to have a decent childhood and can suffer later on in life as a result, whereas if you’re from a loving household, things are likely to be a lot better for you down the line as you get older. When you have your relatives by your side, just like animals have their families to depend on in the animal kingdom, you can both give and receive help and as a result, you can fulfill your true potential.