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Published: Friday 25th of January 2013

How to Write an Essay on Happiness: Tips and Example

Written assignments are the bread and butter of life at university. Case studies, term papers, laboratory reports, book reviews, movie reviews, essays, etc. Most teachers use essay writing as a way to assess a student's advancement in a given subject. They will ask you to write on a wide variety of topics, but one of the most popular requests is to write about happiness. Professors often comment it's the simplest subject to write about. But it's not because, in such an essay, you are writing about yourself, directly or indirectly. The main idea is that it will force you to choose or even come up with a definition of happiness. Writing an essay starts with proper structure, and this is the first obstacle students usually face. So let's have a look how a good essay should be designed. An essay should include the next elements:
  • Introduction
  • Statement of purpose or thesis.
  • Body or development.
  • Conclusion.
It all starts with an introduction in which you announce the subject you're writing about. Happiness in this case. And you announce it in a way that lets your readers know what you're writing about and the points you will cover. It goes without saying, your introduction is your chance to make the subject interesting and capture your readers. Don't be afraid to use a quotation, a question or a provocative statement to achieve that. Just make sure you grab their attention. Then you declare your purpose or state your thesis. This is the place where you put forward the main idea you will develop in your essay. Keep in mind that your thoughts (and hence your thesis) may change in time as you write your paper, so it's very important that, after you are done, you make sure to do a revision than ensures you are writing consistently. Your thesis should not be long, no more than three short sentences; but, if you can reduce it to a single clear sentence, that's even better. Simplicity breeds clarity, clarity makes your reader understand you better and quicker. The next section is the body. Here you will start every paragraph with a sentence that is something of a declaration and the following text in that same paragraph will support, explain, develop and justify the paragraph opening sentence. How many paragraphs do you need? There is no formula, it's all about the amount of text you need to develop your idea. Three paragraphs could be enough in some cases, but sometimes you will need more. This is the part we all have to play by ear. You will finish your essay by writing down the conclusions you've reached by developing your thesis through the paragraphs in your essay. The conclusions are the place where it all comes together; this is not a place to introduce new ideas or information, but to consolidate all the things you expressed previously and show how they fit together. Your conclusion should be very clear and easy to understand. And then, proofread. Make sure you proved your essay thesis in your conclusion and make sure this paragraph is short, clear and to the point.
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Writing an Essay on Happiness Secrets that Will Get You that Mark

Knowing the proper structure a good essay is a step in the right direction, but it won't be enough to get you a high grade. It's all about the content. This is where your knowledge in the matter makes all the difference. The main point is for you to explain the meaning happiness has for you. Simple, right? Happiness is what you feel when you are happy. And yet, what makes you happy anyway? This is deceptive because it has so many meanings and can be so subjective. Your first problem to overcome will be to take a stand. Being happy is a hard question that every philosopher in history, from Plato to Sartre, has tackled. And now it's your turn. But don't panic. You have been happy at times, you do know what it is like, and you do have some understanding of it. All you need now is to convey it. Surely, you become happy by practicing some particular activities or by sharing your time with some special people. Some would say happiness is ice-cream in summer or dancing the night away. And yet, for somebody else, happiness is having something to eat and a place to sleep. Knowing who you are will tell you what you need to be happy. For somebody else winning a jackpot could be real happiness, especially if that person is having difficulty in making ends meet. So please notice this: happiness is individual, personal. It comes in as many different guises as there are people in the world. You have your own brand of happiness as well, and your goal is to write it down clearly in the essay.

Your Essay on Happiness: What Does it Mean For You

As discussed previously happiness is an individual concept, every single person on the planet deals with this question, its meaning and its answer in a personal and utterly individual way. Having a boyfriend or a girlfriend will do the trick for some, while others would rather have celebrity and money; and for some others, just being alive and healthy is reason enough to feel happy. The perception of happiness also changes in time - what made us happy as kids doesn't necessarily still makes us happy as adults. So, today somebody may need love and family to be happy, but the next week lack of money might force them to put the focus on a career as means for happiness. At some point in time, we all become sick in one way or another, and then, happiness gets down to the restoration of health. So, there is no formula. Everybody has its own and, even a single individual will have different conceptions of happiness as time goes by. A big chunk of the world's population understands happiness in terms of security, as a material asset that allows them the quality of life they wish. for But there is also an opinion, for those who privilege spirituality, that happiness is the possibility of spiritual growth. Still, no matter how individual the meaning of this notion is, one thing is for sure: happiness doesn't come about on its own, like if it was some kind of unexpected accident. You have to work at it, you have to discover it, make it happen, create it, produce it, build it from scratch. This stems from a decision, the decision to be happy. So as difficult and sad as life can sometimes be for everybody, people must have a mind of achieving happiness even when things don't look great. Being alive means you have to face suffering, trouble, and tragedy, and they don't make it easier to be happy. They get in the way, they can distort it, delay it, even prevent it.
There's a strong case to be made for the idea that there is such a thing as a prerequisite for happiness. It's called gratefulness, the ability to be thankful, to be ready to express appreciation for all good things and to offer our own humanity in return. This has been a path to happiness over the centuries for many different cultures. It seems to imply it's a good idea to focus on the good things you have going on your life instead of the negative ones, such as health issues and financial problems. In this mindset, you are supposed to be thankful for opening your eyes each morning, for being surrounded by people who love you and have your own love in return, for staying alive and well. Grateful for everything, anything, anyone. In the words of Bertrand Russell, the secret to a pleasant life is to make gratitude a daily habit. No one likes to be alone. In fact, so many of us dislike it so much that we are positively afraid of being lonely; that, in turn, makes us put up with friendships and relationships that are utterly toxic. For the sake of not being alone, we take in adverse people who harm us by being around. There is loneliness in life. We are born almost alone, we die alone but those are the unavoidable features of life, and we can't help them at all. Which is why it pays nothing to concentrate on the negative side of things. What pays is to build happy and healthy relations with people who are worth the time, the attention, and the love. Relieving solitude matters to us humans a very great deal because it's in solitude when we are more prone to walk in circles thinking about negative issues, our problems, and our miseries. Other people's company enables us to exorcise those moments and keep enjoying life. So we should all be careful and skeptical when allowing new people into our lives, but very often we are not, because we know we want and need their company. People who don't have good intentions know this, and they exploit other people's kindness and want for a company for their own means. It's regrettable and dangerous, and it happens to the very best of us. The critical thing is this: your happiness is in your hands, it's your job, not someone else's. It makes no difference how many hours a week you invest in your job or how well paid it is. The thing that actually matters is the satisfaction it gives you while you're doing it. If you're working this mediocre job you don't even like all that much, then you should quit at once. Living like that makes you a worse person, it turns you into somebody you do not want to become. This job does not build your happiness up, it takes away from it. You'd be way better off by spending time cultivating your hobbies, the things that you do love and that do make you happy. In fewer words: happiness needs you to take some critical decisions correctly, and the job you do is paramount among them. Last but not least, you will not just run into happiness as if by accident. If it comes to you, it will come as a result of some very hard work. But, you can get there for sure. It is available to you as it is available for all of us because we all deserve to be happy.

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