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Published: Friday 25th of January 2013

How to Write a Harvard Essay Like a Pro

Harvard writing style is one of the most popular methods of writing in the scientific world. In the field of study, it is also known as a referencing style. When the style is used in the text, it adds credibility to the paper because it requires citing all the sources that were used. In order to write a professional essay, you should have proper background knowledge and writing skills. A student then has to be competent in the given topic to submit a well-written essay. When referencing used sources, students have to show their knowledge and critical abilities to produce excellent essays. Any topic that you wish can be written by our expert writers! Our best essay writers can help you out when you feel that a Harvard style paper is too complicated for you and so there is no need to get upset. For you to accomplish any assignment that meets your professor’s requirements and meet your deadline, we have a team of writers who hold degrees that can assist you.

The Outline in Harvard Style

A critical point that should be taken into consideration when talking about academic writing is the ability to successfully present content in a research paper or a custom essay. Rather than obscurely provide personal views, students should understand how to support their claims with outside research materials. Formatting your text is as important as what you include in your essay. When working on a given assignment, a student is mandated to know about all the modern writing styles and even the formats that their professors may ask them to use. The references, organization, structure, and flow are a result of these writing styles which determine the model of how a paper should look like. In these writing styles in the academic environment, Harvard style is known as the most popular hence it is commonly used.

Features of Harvard Writing Style

We understand that essay writing may be challenging. To make the experience more pleasant, our writers decided to create this informative article to help students. To write a high-quality essay, the guidelines listed below will help make it much easier for you:
  • A lot of students like the fact that Harvard writing style has a simple referencing system. This is among the reasons why most educational establishments use it. In comparison to other formats that are there, Harvard style is not that challenging in regards to complying with the formatting rules.
  • The instructions on how to insert references and write them are incorporated explicitly in Harvard writing style. The publication’s correct description should be paid attention to when speaking of the reference list. Such specifications include the information of the publisher, the exact year of publication, the title of the source, place, and the writer’s name.
  • In-text citations should be provided as a fundamental requirement in Harvard formatting style. The year of publication in parentheses with the author's name should then proceed.
  • The font used in the text should be Times New Roman and be double-spaced. There is no difference in Harvard style organization of the paper.
  • The paper’s presentation has a smooth flow of references and ideas because the needs of the readers are completely adjusted to Harvard referencing style.
The sources utilized in the text which present explicit information are the primary aim of using Harvard writing style. Referencing in a specific system is a requirement for all students to follow. The details on how the students can appropriately document sources can be found in electronic sources, books, peer-reviewed journals, etc. Harvard writing style is continuously updated, viewed and changed because it is commonly used in the world of education. Hence, there is no need for you to try finding possible updates on the internet.

Include Drafts in Harvard Style

Below is a compilation of possible suggestions which you can provide as a draft of the essay writing task whenever your professor asks:
  • You should read background information about formatting requirements before you begin to write your paper.
  • All the sources that you utilized in the paper and the ideas should not be forgotten in the list.
  • If you have to write a research paper, you should not skip the literature research step.

We Customize Our Writing

Our online writers have made it easy for you to buy customized papers whenever you have writing tasks or a custom essay in Harvard style. We offer low and reasonable prices for our editing services of your written essays. Additionally, we do provide sample papers. With our professional writing support, you can be assured of scoring higher grades in any subject.


As mentioned earlier in the article, Harvard writing style is the most popular style of writing in the universities and colleges. It is reasonably easy to implement in comparison to other formats. The advantageous feature of the style is the convenience in referencing for both the reader and author. When using Harvard writing style, it instantly reflects which sources were relied upon for the conveyed information. By using the author date method of citation, a reader and a professor can quickly tell if the information provided is outdated. It is a stellar method of academic writing.