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Published: Friday 25th of January 2013

How to Write an Observation Paper: Topics and Tips

Every one of us goes through specific experiences in which it is crucial to gather data from a first-hand source to be able to respond to various queries. The best way to understand this would be to take a look at an observation essay example. This way, you’ll be able to notice the way in which professional essay writers organize this kind of data. Certainty, scrutiny, and deduction are three terms that any student ought to keep in mind. To write a flawless observation paper, you’ll need to act similarly to a film director. You should concentrate on describing a specific situation by making use of your five senses, namely taste, vision, touch, scent, and hearing. Do you wish to hand in a paper that will truly stand out in the eyes of the audience? Place an order for an observation essay with our top-notch online academic essay writing company!

Observation Paper Example of Structure

Take a look at our professional recommendations for devising a perfect outline for your paper.


The topic approached in your observation essay needs to be something that you have actually experienced sometime during your life. To write a high-quality paper, you need to be very careful when choosing the subject: talk about something that you outlived or something that you find inspirational. For instance: you opt for the subject of the degree of safety that flying on board an airplane involves. Unless you have actually flown in a plane, it would be pointless to make use of statistical findings and state that the airplane represents the most secure form of transportation. A talented author will talk about their individual experiences to substantiate their ideas. Before reviewing a new café, go there and have a coffee! Before bashing a newly released film, go see it! To be able to cover this kind of first-hand experience in an observation essay, you’ll need to write things down. Therefore, make sure you have a sheet of paper with you when you plan to go through that experience. Taking notes on your smartphone is also a pretty good idea. Save the details for when you start working on your paper. Present the whole procedure: starting with the moment in which you step through those doors and ending with asking the waiter for the check. Ultimately, devise a conclusion regarding your general impressions of the experience. Decide on a couple of grading criteria, like the behavior of the waiter, a type of coffee, the atmosphere at the venue, etc. Whenever your individual perspective is modified (for example, when you buy a distinct variety of coffee), take notes of such changes. To avoid any confusion, write down the occurrences in a chronological sequence. Talk to people you know about the same café. This way you’ll be able to enlarge your perspective before devising the conclusion. After you finish work, make sure to obtain copyright so that you can avoid intellectual theft.

Devise the Draft

If you want your observation essay to have an adequate, coherent organization, it is pivotal to devise a draft. Whenever you feel like you don’t know how to proceed, just read the plan to organize your ideas. While the final version of the essay may be modified, the ideas in the draft need to stay the same. If that your professor demands this, devise a complete draft on a separate page. Whenever you encounter difficulties with devising the draft or any other section of your observation essay, just get in touch with our custom writers!

Introductory Paragraph

You should offer your readers the one-of-a-kind chance of getting acquainted with a situation you’ve experienced. Start with your thesis assertion, as this represents the paper’s very foundation. Devise a gripping hook assertion to seize the attention of your audience. Include some contextual data to make the audience aware of the reasons for which you have opted for this particular observation paper subject. For instance: the topic you’ve selected is a political campaign; write a few things about the politicians and the overall expectations of the campaign.

Body Paragraphs

The body of this type of essay is similar to that of virtually any other variety of paper, such as a research paper, a movie review or a book report. Professors generally advise students to include three distinct paragraphs, along with three compelling substantiating reasonings. Organize the notes in conformity with the essay’s draft. Don’t forget to introduce as many details as possible.


Avoid concluding your observation essay in too many words. Your best bet here would be to sum up the fundamental ideas (arguments), reiterate the thesis assertion, and conclude the essay using a call-to-action or any other method that is known to have an impact on the audience. For instance, a right way of concluding an observation essay is by adding a rhetorical question. Keep in mind that any paper of this sort needs to include a complete reference section on the last page. Make sure that your bibliography page includes all of the materials you’ve cited throughout the essay!

Checking for Errors and Editing the Observation Essay

Do you want your essay to get attentive proofreading by an expert? Just contact our top-notch online academic paper writing company, and we’ll be able to help you out! After you finish the essay, there’s one more thing that needs to be done before handing it in. Various aspects must be verified on every single page:
  • Syntax
  • Orthography and Punctuation
Make sure that your paper is carefully formatted in accordance with the teacher’s guidelines; go through the preliminary version to verify whether or not it’s entirely original.

The Best Observation Paper Subjects

One cannot possibly hope to devise a compelling piece of writing unless they possess an outstanding vocabulary as well as flawless organizational abilities. Your primary objective is not that of conveying a particular communication. Instead, your target is to familiarize the readers with an event you’ve experienced. This is why opting for the right subject is of great importance! Take a look at our helpful observation paper examples, and you might find the inspiration you need for writing your own essay. Here are some of the most efficient subjects that can be approached in an observation essay:
  1. Opinions on wearing tattoos
  2. Is acceptance significant?
  3. What are the computer games that incite violence?
  4. The meaning of liberty and autonomy
  5. The significance of money for humanity
  6. How are leadership skills shaped by sports?
  7. How I encountered my favorite singer
  8. Is it dangerous to fly on board an airplane?
  9. Which movie should be watched by people of all ages?
  10. A review of a new coffee shop
  11. The best present for a wedding party
  12. What is the best definition for the term of “integrity”?
  13. The therapeutic features of art
  14. How I achieved success as a writer
  15. Essential leadership features noticed in the individuals whom I have met
In case you need more examples besides the ones we’ve listed out above, Google is your friend! Just google the topic of your paper, and you’re bound to find an appropriate essay example that may provide you with the necessary inspiration.

Useful Advice on Writing a Great Observation Paper

  1. Be succinct when it comes to personal opinions. Keep in mind that the primary target of an observation essay is that of making sure the audience grasps the meaning of the event you’ve experienced.
  2. Install a good writing app. This way you’ll be able to write down every single detail related to the situation you’ve experienced. Keep in mind that a written sentence is stronger than a spoken one.
  3. Avoid using an excessive amount of words. To do so, try to steer clear of transitional or opening terms (you should attempt to keep them to a minimum). Coherently organize your thesis assertion by choosing only the most significant terms.
  4. Make use of various examples that correspond to your subject. To do so, add detailed descriptions of various situations you’ve encountered during your lifetime. This way, the perspective of the audience will be expanded.
  5. An observation paper is quite similar to a descriptive narrative; make use of your five senses. When the reader goes through your essay, they need to be able to taste, listen, sniff, view, and even touch the subject.
  6. Regardless of the location or situation you present, you need to preserve your objectivity. This way, you’ll gain the trust of your audience.
  7. Keep in mind that you need to include citations from trustworthy sources. Cite the entirety of your sources in the Reference section.
Keep in mind: To underline the significance of your chosen subject, you must talk about the lessons you drew from the experience. Look for examples of observation papers on the internet. If you get the impression that something is missing from your paper, or you need the help of an expert with verifying and editing the essay, you can always place an order with us. Enhance your perspective by trying out something entirely new. Describe something you’ve experienced using your best possible words!