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Published: Friday 25th of January 2013

Top 6 My Best Friend Essay Examples by EliteEssayWriters

Why Student Write Essays About Their Best Friends

best friend is one of the most popular topics for school essays. The point is that a student is asked to depict another person and the relationship between them. When describing why this person is important to you, you learn to analyze yourself and your social interactions. That is why this is much more than a descriptive essay.

My Best Friend: Top Essay Samples

It often seems easy to write about your best friend. After all, this is a person you know well. Unfortunately, students often face certain difficulties in writing such essays. They are not completely sure what they are expected to do and don't know how to start writing this paper. Here are the best essay samples about one’s best friend. They vary in word count, so it is very convenient to find what you need.
The Best Friend Essay Sample #1
Word count: 100 My best friend’s name is Raashi. We saw each other at the playground, shared a toy, and have not separated since then. Today, we believe that it was meant to be. We are always together. I do not even want to go anywhere without Raashi. The only exception here is school. Raashi needs someone to get her assignments for her when she cannot come. Raashi always supports me. When I have to make a difficult decision, she will always advise me what to do. I am very glad to have such a great friend as Raashi.
The Best Friend Essay Sample #2
Word count: 150 I think that a good friend is very hard to find. It only seems that people of my age have plenty of friends. Even being a part of a big company does not guarantee that anyone will become close to you. The Internet does not make it easier. If we think about it, meeting a best friend online is very unlikely. You need to know a person well to become best friends. I am very happy to have one. We met when we were little, so there is nothing we do not know about each other. My friend’s name is Gaurav. We met when we were in our first year at school. Seven years have passed since then. I think we are still best friends because we have a lot in common: both love sports; both care a lot about our grades and do our homework together. I hope we will be friends after school, too.
The Best Friend Essay Sample #3
Word count: 200 There are so many things you cannot share with your parents and teachers, and it is always nice when someone understands your problems. There are plenty of other students that surround me every day but I do not feel like I can share with them either. I am lucky to have a best friend who will always hear me out. My best friend’s name is Vikash. We were in the same class once, but his parents moved to another district, and we do not see each other every day now. Whenever we meet, we always have some news to share. He tells me about his new school, and I tell about our classmates. Actually, all of them miss Vikash very much because he is very cheerful and funny. He also used to be one of the teachers’ favorites because he is very attentive and studies hard. He says that this has not changed at his new school. He helps me a lot with my studies. When we have no homework to be done, we play or draw. We always have fun because we are the best friends ever.
The Best Friend Essay Sample #4
Word count: 250 My best friend’s name is Shree. We met about two years ago and did not like each other much at first. A little later, we found out that we share a lot of interests and there are many topics we can speak about for hours. No one understands me better than Shree. I think that no one in the world could become a closer friend to me. We spend a lot of time together. It matters to me a lot that my parents approve our friendship. They see how Shree inspires me and supports me in anything I do. We listen to music together and speak about books we have read. Besides, we are classmates, so we help each other study for exams and do our homework. I always explain new topics to Shree when she gets ill and cannot go to school. She does the same for me. We get really upset when we fail at school. Of course, we are always there for each other to talk about any difficulties we face and solve the problem, whatever it may be.
Shree is really funny. I love her jokes and we laugh together all the time. We always chat about everything, discuss interesting news or things that make us sad. However, one of the main peculiarities of our friendship is that we are perfectly comfortable with each other when we do not speak at all. Sometimes, I get really scared with the thought that one day we will not be friends anymore. This could probably happen when we go college or university, or when we start our own families. But even then, it occurs to me that we will never lose each other, no matter how our lives change, and that makes me feel safe.
The Best Friend Essay Sample #5
Word count: 300 As a child, I had plenty of friends. Some of those relations still last and we spend some time together. However, I cannot stay in touch with all the people I knew in kindergarten. A lot of kids make friends at an early age just because they go to the same preschool, playground, or even park. That is why they do not have common interests when they grow older. I am extremely happy that this is not the case with my best friend, Sitara. I cannot even remember how we met because we were so small. Our moms are friends, and we had to communicate since we were toddlers. Year after year, our games together have been growing into a real friendship, and now I cannot imagine my life without her. It is really surprising that we are together almost all the time, but we never fight. Even sisters fight and sometimes cannot stand each other, but not Sitara and me! Sometimes, I think that it is because of her. I get irritated with different things, but she always knows how to calm me down. She never argues with others. Somehow, she can prove her point without any quarrels. I believe, this is one of the best features of a strong personality and I try to learn from her. Sitara is talented in many ways, and she has a lot of interests. It is always interesting to talk to her, as she has something new to tell each time. It is so hard to find a real friend. I am very lucky to have Sitara in my life. Although we are very different, we have so much in common, and we never get bored together. I know that no matter what happens, we will still be very close.
The Best Friend Essay Sample #6
Word count: 400 Whenever I have a difficulty, I know I can turn to my best friend. His name is Rajesh, and he is really important in my life. I can always turn to him, and I can be sure that he is there for me. It does not matter what he has to do; he will always find some time for me. Raj lives next door, so we see each other quite often. We visit a lot of places together, go to the cinema, mall, and park after school. We like to have fun and try to make each day special. That is why we participate in every event taking place at our school, whether it is a science expo or a sports competition. We met each other three years ago, but it seems to me that I've known him forever. It is amazing how Raj always tries to do the right thing. Although he is very young, he understands what is right and what is wrong very clearly. I often ask him for advice, and a lot of other kids at our school do the same. Raj is a natural born leader. Teachers know that and ask him to be captain on various teams, from sports to sciences. However, Raj is never bossy or arrogant. He does all he possibly can for the sake of the team. He thinks this is the main rule of his life - work hard and help people. The same rule works for his family. Just like other kids, Raj helps his parents. More than that, all his aunts and uncles can always count on him, not to mention his grandparents. A different schoolboy would be exhausted with all the responsibility Raj takes, but not him. His secret is his attitude to life. He always seems joyful, and he does not waste his time on complaining or arguing. Although Raj can lift anybody’s spirits, he sometimes feels sad too. However, he never shows it. He finds comfort in his friends. As this best mate, I am always happy to help him. Frankly speaking, Raj cheers me up much more often, which is why it is so important for me to return the favor once in a while. I cannot even remember how many times Raj has helped me out. For example, last year my parents could not afford to buy a very expensive book that was very useful for those who wanted a good grade. I was upset, of course, because that was one of my favorite subjects. Raj offered me his book. We read it together and sometimes I could have it on weekends. The point is, I did not even ask him for help. He just figured that it was the right thing to do. That is my best friend Raj, and I am happy to have him in my life.