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A Review of the Democratic Debate Between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders (291 words, 1 pages)
Democratic DebateThe two people debating on the fifth Democratic presidential debate from Durham New Hampshire at 9pm on February 4, 2016 were Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. During this debate, Clinton accused Sanders of running a smear campaign to question her progressive credentials. Sanders has been accusing Clinton of not ... Read More
An Observation of the Third Presidential Debate Between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump (1052 words, 3 pages)
Extra Credit Third Presidential DebateHillary Clinton and Donald Trump presidential debate was one to remember and worth watching one hundred percent. Looking at the character of both throughout the debate, I believe neither of them should be held be accountable for the government and the people. Having two presidential candidates ... Read More
The Not at All Tough on Guns Argument of Hillary Clinton on Sen. Bernie Sanders’ Stance on Guns in America (623 words, 2 pages)
Hillary Clinton took on Sen. Bernie Sanders for his stance on guns at the first Democratic presidential debate Tuesday, saying he was "not at all" tough on guns. The debates moderator, Anderson Cooper, asked Clinton if the Vermont senator was tough enough on guns. No, not at all, Clinton responded ... Read More
An Advertising Strategy Proposal for Hillary Clinton (439 words, 2 pages)
Dear Hillary Clinton, my advertising plan can win you the election! My plan is to use strategies like Stacking the Deck which means ill include positive facts and leave out the negative ones. Endorsements which will tell a person hisher support for a candidate. The other strategy I would like ... Read More
The Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Should Be the Next President of the United States (913 words, 4 pages)
Madam PresidentDuring an election it is hard to decipher the truth when you are constantly exposed to political propaganda. However, when you look how each presidential candidate has behaved throughout their career, you can determine their character. Character, or personality, will determine a candidates ability to not only lead, but ... Read More
The Case of Hillary Clinton’s Governmental Corruptness in the Past and Recent Events (1425 words, 5 pages)
With the election right around the corner, there is much to focus on for both of Americas presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. However, the candidate I would like to focus on in particular is Mrs. Hillary Clinton. In this paper, I will evaluate the arguments that prove governmental ... Read More
The Unethical and Unjust Bias of Google’s Search Algorithm Regarding Hillary Clinton’s Campaign and Criminal Investigation (1114 words, 4 pages)
While being accused of filtering results to aid your campaign is not criminal, it would be considered unethical and unjust. While there is no proof that the algorithm was changed to suit the Clinton campaign, there is a connection between the former CEO and advisor of Google, Eric Schmidt. While ... Read More
Why I Prefer the Democratic Candidate Hillary Clinton as My 45th President and a Brief Discussion of Her Highlighted Priorities (1237 words, 4 pages)
The 45th Presidential election has gained momentum and candidates are doing all they can to secure citizens support. Both Democrats and Republicans candidates are running, the famous Democrats include the Former US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Senator Jim Webb, the Republicans, on the other hand, include, ... Read More
An Analysis of the Debate Between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in Hofstra University (531 words, 2 pages)
Hofstra University hosted the first 2016 presidential debate at 9 p.m. on September 26, 2016 between Senator Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. This debate was focused more on both of the two candidates arguing over personal issues and attacks other than addressing more important topics. Although, with the issues that ... Read More
A Brief Overview of Hillary Clinton, the Representative of the Democratic Party in the Next Presidential Election in the United States (341 words, 2 pages)
Hillary Clinton is representing the Democratic Party this election season in the race to be the next president of the United States. However, Clinton is in no way a stranger to the election process--she ran and lost against current President Barack Obama during the 2008 election. She was Secretary of ... Read More
A Report on the Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton (304 words, 1 pages)
This weeks presidential debate was quite a bit of a rollercoaster. I took notice how the Republican candidate, Donald Trump, had brought four women, ones who had sexual accusations against Bill Clinton, the husband of the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, before the debate. With the intention of bringing the former ... Read More
An Analysis of the Debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders (324 words, 1 pages)
Last Thursday, Senator Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton attacked each other doing the debate. It was a debate made ugly. Towards the beginning of the debate, Clinton said that Sanders was hardly qualified for the job of leading our country, citing the fact that Sanders wanted to break up big ... Read More
An Essay in Favor of Hillary Clinton as the Presidential Candidate (440 words, 1 pages)
The presidential elections are coming up soon and there are two potential presidential candidates. These two candidates are Hillary Clinton, who is a Democrat, and Donald Trump, who is a Republican. Both candidates do and say things that many people dont like such as Trump says that he is going ... Read More
The Bad and the Good Side of Hillary Clinton’s Policies (784 words, 2 pages)
Hillary Clintons Policies The Good and The Bad Hillary Clinton has her own opinions on what is good for America. These opinions lead to many different policies on issues ranging from gun control to gay marriage. I agree with many of these policies, however there are a few that I ... Read More
The Views of Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Gary Johnson, Jill Stein and Myself on Commonly Discussed Issues in America (1789 words, 7 pages)
Clinton believes in being pro-choice. Even as she has been against abortion she still agrees with the idea that women should have the right to choose. She stands strongly behind her Methodist faith. Which, in turn, leads to her being pro-choice. Along with her pro-life views, she opposes the right ... Read More
An Examination of the CNN Democratic National Debate Between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton (3749 words, 4 pages)
Following the CNN Democratic National Debate, there has been a divide between news outlets and the public stating who they think was victorious. The American public favors Bernie Sanders as the victor of the debate, whereas the mainstream media states that Hillary Clinton won. Ironically, CNN is one of the ... Read More
Hillary Clinton Has the Best Chance of Winning the 2016 US Election for President (1308 words, 4 pages)
Hillary ClintonThe thrill of an election is massive. Every single action a candidate does in is an indicator of whether they get elected or not, and many who run dont make it to the top. This cant be taken lightly, as a single misstep can clear a candidates chances entirely ... Read More
Hillary Clinton Should Use Keynesian Economics for Her Fiscal Policy (797 words, 3 pages)
Hillary Clinton and Keynesian EconomicsAs an economic advisor to Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton, I would advise her to follow Keynesian economics in her fiscal policy, with an emphasis on federally subsidized child care and pre-kindergarten for low-income families, a federally mandated fifteen dollar an hour minimum wage that would include ... Read More
An Analysis of the Leading Candidates in the United States Presidential Election: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump (1070 words, 5 pages)
The United States has reached another important time where it is once again the presidential election year. President Obama is no longer allowed to run since his term limit is eight years meaning that US citizens have a very important in voting this year. There are many candidates, but only ... Read More
An Examination of the 2016 United States Presidential Candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton (1591 words, 5 pages)
The people of America have a choice to make, vote for Hillary Clinton or vote for Bernie Sanders in the 2016 presidential primary to determine who gets the democratic nomination. Clinton, a former First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State is competing against an also politically experienced candidate, Sanders, a ... Read More
The Controversial Issue of Price Gouging within the Biotech Industry as a Proposed Plan by Hillary Clinton (1248 words, 5 pages)
Theme of ArticleThis particular article is about pharmaceutical companies stocks plummeting after democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton tweeted her proposed plan on handling the price gouging issue within the biotech industry. Biotech consists of all pharmaceutical companies who make biologic or specialty drugs which are designed for patients with serious ... Read More
An Analysis of the Emailgate Predicament by Hillary Clinton of the United States (414 words, 3 pages)
Former Secretary Of State (and current presidential candidate) Hillary Clinton has been in the news a lot recently for her Emailgate predicament. On March 2nd the New York Times broke the news, Hillary Clinton was using her personal email to send and receive classified top-secret emails. Many people think this ... Read More
A Biography of Bill and Hillary Clinton (2630 words, 4 pages)
Bill and Hillary Clintons path to the White House can be looked at as one of the more interesting, as well as sinister, in Presidential history. Roger Morris takes the reader through the maturation and evolution of arguably the most powerful partnership this country has ever seen. Partners in Power ... Read More
A Biography of the Life of Hillary Clinton (456 words, 1 pages)
By Jenny GerholdHillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham was born on October the 26th 1997 at Edgewater Hospital, in Chicago. Her parents Hugh and Dorothy married in 1942. When Hillary was still young she learnt to stand up for herself. She told her mom that Suzy was bullying her and her mom ... Read More
The Stiff Election Campaigns Between Hillary Clinton and Rick Lazio (938 words, 2 pages)
Many of the upcoming November elections this year create much friction and competition between the candidates. The New York State Senate race between Hillary Clinton and Rick Lazio has proved to very close and heated. eEach candidate has strong views on issues and puts up a good debate about each ... Read More
An Overview of the Challenges in the Life and Political Career of Hillary Clinton, an American First Lady (651 words, 1 pages)
Former President Bill Clinton is noted for saying I did not have sexual affairs with that woman. The woman he is referring to is Monica Lewinsky. Theres not a very large part of the country that could honestly say that they didnt know who said that. The country was split ... Read More
An Introduction to the History and Life of Hillary Clinton (922 words, 2 pages)
Many of the upcoming November elections this year create much friction and competition between the candidates. The New York State Senate race between Hillary Clinton and Rick Lazio has proved to very close and heated. eEach candidate has strong views on issues and puts up a good debate about each ... Read More
Hillary Clinton and the Topic of Abortion (464 words, 1 pages)
Speaking to the National Abortion Rights Action League, Hillary Clinton tallied up all the violence done by some off-balanced persons against abortion clinics and their employees. We agree that these actions are without justification In ten years, seven lives have been taken. There have also been 38 bombings, 146 cases ... Read More
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