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The Vietnam War versus Iraq War (607 words, 2 pages)
The war in Vietnam and the war in Iraq differ in many ways. In this essay I am going to compare the Vietnam War with the war in Iraq describing how the war in Vietnam varies from the war in Iraq. Three ways the two wars differ are the reason ... Read More
The Vietnam War (996 words, 4 pages)
2.59 million American soldiers served there country, and of that amount58,200 soldiers did not return home to there loved ones. Although ourgoal was democracy and freedom for South Vietnam the cost of the war indollars and lives made it the most unpopular war in history. This warwas impacted in many ... Read More
Depiction of Vietnam War in The Things They Carry by Tim O'Brien (1152 words, 4 pages)
The Things They Carried Book review Tim O'Brien uniquely depicts the Vietnam war in The Things TheyCarried in a genre in its own unique category. The Things They Carriedfollowed the young men of the Alpha Company in a compilation of twenty twoshort stories illustrating each's personalities and the war occurringaround ... Read More
Creative Short Story about Vietnam War (2361 words, 4 pages)
Guards lift Lt. John McGuire from the mud, to stand on shaky legs. They push him in front of a Vietcong officer, as he screams at him in a language John doesnt understand. The officers face is several inches from Johns face, so close spittle flies from his mouth to ... Read More
The Vietnam War (883 words, 3 pages)
Vietnam was divided into North Vietnam war and South Vietnam. North Vietnam is communist and the United States feared that communism would spread throughout Southeast Asia. In August 1967 in a small remote village in North Vietnam was a base camp called Lai Kne. This camp was filled with musty, ... Read More
How Were the Lives of Vietnamese and Amerasian Children Affected by the Vietnam War? (891 words, 4 pages)
From 1955 to 1975, at the height of the Cold War, a military conflictbetween Communists and Anti-Communists occurred. The Vietnam Warescalated dramatically when American soldiers became involved in theconflict. 11,465 of those killed during the Vietnam War were youngerthan 21 (USwings). During the Vietnam War, Vietnamese and Amerasianchildren's stability, innocence, ... Read More
The Differences and Similarities between World War II and the Vietnam War (567 words, 2 pages)
World War II and the Vietnam War were wars, which Americans were both involved in they both had their differences as well as similarities. World War II began in 1939 and lasted until 1945. Germany invading Poland is the start of the war. The Japaneses attacked Pearl Harbor, which was ... Read More
Protesting The Vietnam War in the 1960s (676 words, 3 pages)
The first amendment states every U.S citizen has the right to press, petition, assemble freedom of religion, and freedom of speech. Also the amendment states the government is not allowed to make any law that breaks the rights of a citizen. There is a time and place for everything and ... Read More
An Analysis of the Principles of Fighting on two Fronts and the Roles of the African Americans and Vietnam War (2341 words, 3 pages)
Fighting on Two Fronts African Americans and the Vietnam War, begins by briefly looking at how previous wars such as the American Revolution, WWI, WWII, and the Korean War dealt with race relations in comparison to the Vietnam War. Earlier wars had a segregated system that limited the contact between ... Read More
The United States Idea of Vietnamization and the Vietnam War (918 words, 3 pages)
In late 1973, the cease fire was broken by the sending of 18 divisions from North Vietnam into the south. This, in time, would become one of the worst blood baths of the war. This continued through 1975, when the enemy came to be in near Saigon, and elements of ... Read More
Reality of the Vietnam War Depicted in Apocalypse Now, Film by Francis Ford Coppola (1051 words, 2 pages)
Francis Coppolas Apocalypse Now dramatically displays a variety of the shocking, devastating, and bizarre emotions experienced by victims of the Vietnam War. Viewers are able to feel the horror and madness of the war as eccentric images of Hell repeat themselves upon Captain Willards arrival to Kurtzs station. As Willard ... Read More
A Paper on Vietnam War and Dehumanization (537 words, 1 pages)
Dehumanization is, as defined by the American Heritage College Dictionary, the deprivation of human qualities such as compassion. In the film Apocalypse Now, dehumanization is shown to the fullest extent in many such cases. Whether it was the killing of an innocent civilian, the bombing of a peaceful area, or ... Read More
An Analysis of the Impact of the Vietnam War in Australia (983 words, 2 pages)
The controversial Vietnam War had a huge impact on Australian society in the 1960s and 1970s. Did Australia have to go there? Did we really have to invade a country that wasn't at war with us? The topic of Vietnam is very controversial because there is no real right side. ... Read More
Consequences of America's Participation in the Vietnam War (1493 words, 2 pages)
American troops landed in Vietnam in the spring of 1965 that was probably the biggest mistake the United States of America have made in its 200 plus years of existence. As a result, the country's concern turned towards, next to the civil rights movement, the war in Vietnam, mostly in ... Read More
The True Victims of the Vietnam War Were the People of Vietnam (963 words, 2 pages)
Tragedy in Vietnam When many Americans think of the Vietnam War they think of the American lives that were lost as a result of this terrible tragedy. Americans tend to think of the 58,000 American lives lost and fail to realize that the Vietnamese people lost somewhere between three and ... Read More
A Paper on the Concept of Domino Theory and US's Intervention in Korean and Vietnam War (425 words, 1 pages)
There could be all sorts of reasons for a country to go to war. The US intervened in the Korean was and the Vietnam War, I think the most important reason they did that is the domino theory. The domino theory means 'if one falls, all falls'. Militarily, South-East Asia ... Read More
A Paper on Events That Lead to Vietnam War (1045 words, 2 pages)
Many events led up to the Vietnam War. The League for the Independence of Vietnam, generally known as the Viet Minh, was organized in 1941 as a nationalistic party seeking Vietnamese independence from France. On September 2, 1945, less than a month after the Japanese surrendered in World War II, ... Read More
A Paper on Vietnam War (1067 words, 2 pages)
Vietnam today is a country on the eastern edge of the large Asian landmass known as Indochina. Before the Vietnam War many Americans did not know where it was located. When American troops finally came home, they sometimes found themselves still embattled. One of the most painful events in all ... Read More
An Essay on Vietnam War (4453 words, 7 pages)
Vietnam War I. Introduction Vietnam War, military struggle fought in Vietnam from 1959 to 1975, involving the North Vietnamese and the National Liberation Front (NLF) in conflict with United States forces and the South Vietnamese army. From 1946 until 1954, the Vietnamese had struggled for their independence from France during ... Read More
A Comparison of the Opinions of the United States Public following World War II and the Vietnam War (1549 words, 2 pages)
Probably the most dramatic difference between World War II and Vietnam is the way America felt about the wars after they were both over. At the end of World War, most Americans came out from the war convinced that they had won the Good War. (The American Promise pg.701) However, ... Read More
The Advantages and Important Role of the Helicopter in the Vietnam War (1383 words, 2 pages)
Early in 1961 General Maxwell Taylor, who was then Military Advisor to John F. Kennedy, went out to Southeast Asia to find out just what was happening there. During his visit to Vietnam, he noticed the lack of good roads inhibited the movement of government troops in fighting the Viet ... Read More
The 1960's in the United States of America: The Society, Government, and the Vietnam War (1904 words, 2 pages)
The Establishment in the 1960's The nineteen sixties were times of great change. Many people went from moderates to radicals because of the environment around them. That environment was called the establishment. It included all of the events going on in the nineteen sixties. Some of the main events taking ... Read More
The Charlie Company's Massacre at My Lai during the Vietnam War (452 words, 1 pages)
On March 16, 1968, in the Vietnam War, a massacre of Vietnamese 1968, a unit of the U.S. army Americal division called the "Charlie Company", led by Lt. William L. Calley, invaded the small Viet Cong village called My Lai 4. Their instructions by commanding officers were to kill every ... Read More
The Vietnam War and the POWs (902 words, 2 pages)
Vietnam P.O.W. s There was much significance in the events of the Prisoners of War during the time of the Vietnam War. The POW events affected the way in which war was conducted, the outcome and experience to soldiers, and Americas future as well. The events that took place with ... Read More
Account of the Vietnam War: The Struggle for Vietnam (1777 words, 3 pages)
The struggle for Vietnam in the middle of the twentieth century came from a long rooted nationalist movement that had Vietnam pitted against itself. The North Vietnamese led by Ho Chi Minh, were trying to reunite the country after it was taken over by the Japanese during World War II. ... Read More
The Struggles of the Soldiers on Their Return in the United States After the Vietnam War (1117 words, 4 pages)
The trials and tribulations the soldiers faced at home were far worse than any battle they fought while in Vietnam. No one seemed to fully understand what these men had went through. They came home looking for love and comfort little did they know that they had not yet experienced ... Read More
An Analysis of the Vietnam War, Operation Rolling Thunder, 1965-1968 (2986 words, 5 pages)
Vietnam War, Operation Rolling Thunder, 1965-1968 Chapter 1 Introduction Operation Rolling Thunder was a frequently interrupted bombing campaign that began on February 24, 1965 and continued until the end of October 1968. During this period U.S. Air Force and Navy aircraft engaged in a bombing campaign designed to force Ho ... Read More
An Analysis of the Vietnam War: A Different War Fought by the United States of America (715 words, 2 pages)
Vietnam Americas First Rock-and-Roll War The Vietnam War could not compare to any other war the United States had seen before. The average age of soldiers was 19, and some figures gather that 90 percent were all under the age of 23. This was also the first war in which ... Read More
An Analysis of Australia in Vietnam War (383 words, 1 pages)
Australia joined the Vietnam war for many reasons. The major reason was Robert Menzies, the Prime Minister at the time, fear of communism and that the "domino theory" would come into effect (communism would keep heading south towards Australia) He tried to combat this through containment and forward defense. Another ... Read More
The Financial Effects of the Vietnam War on United States (615 words, 1 pages)
Essay Question 2 The Vietnam War The Vietnam War was the longest and most unpopular war in which Americans ever fought. And it cost the nation lots of money. The toll in suffering, sorrow, and in national turmoil can never be tabulated. No one wants ever to see America so ... Read More
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