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Published: Friday 25th of January 2013

What’s The Importance of Going to College (Essay Example)

Do I really have to go to college? This is something which most students ask themselves today. With the increase in college fees and lack of jobs, getting accepted into a good college is a fantastic start. However, as a student, you need to be motivated, creative and talented to make it worthwhile and to become successful. In the coming years, the learning that we get from college will be advantageous to students in several ways. Getting a good college education improves the student’s chances of business success in future. Individuals with a bachelor’s degree earn around 60% as compared to those holding a high school diploma only. However, these individuals with diplomas also earn 40% more than the high school dropouts. So, this report should give strong incentives to students who wish to go to college to improve economically than those are not so educated. Therefore, your level of education determines your income amount. Other reasons why you need to go to college include:

It Improves Your Quality Of Life!

According to a 2011 report, students who go further in their education stand at a better chance of enjoying a fruitful future. They not only enjoy better incomes but also improved health with decreased chances of committing criminal offenses and less dependence on social programs. Besides boosting their economic success, it also allows such students to live safer and healthier. Hence, I feel that education is beneficial to those striving to get the best from their high school and college years. More education results in a better likelihood of the learner’s society as well as life.

College Improves a Student’s Experience

Universities are the perfect place for students to explore all that they wish to do in future. Here, they experience different things and meet new people. It also allows them to go through an atmosphere that reflects the actual world. It allows young adults to get a vast range of possible paths in the journey towards enjoying a better future. Although the years may be long, and the tasks too many to even count, every moment is important as the benefits last forever. So, as they keep on exploring, they get to know the right paths to follow. For others, it’s only the start of their explorations, but in the end, they’ll leave college with a stronger understanding of themselves. Apart from this, it gives them a better chance of learning their courses of interest so that they may eventually get a suitable job. By simply going to university, people can transform their financial status and decide the career paths which suit them as they learn new things in the process.

Improved Job Security

According to employment projections from the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the U.S, getting a degree means that you’re 30% less likely lack a job. So, by getting a master’s or bachelor’s degree, this data shows that you’re 48 to 60% less likely to struggle with unemployment.

You Get A Larger Social and Professional Network

Going to a renowned college gives you the opportunity of making new connections and friends. Most importantly, it opens the doors to a successful career. So, just how essential is networking? Well, according to the President of Career Horizons, most jobs are not advertised or posted publicly. 70 to 80% of jobs are not always published but still, a majority of people spend around eighty percent of their time surfing the net rather than going out there. They don’t know that talking to different employers, and taking chances is the best way to get a well-paying job. Besides, the largest majority of jobs come from friends and acquaintances. So, start networking today as you stand at a better chance of getting help and advice from other professional contracts and alumni while still in college. You’ll even have the chance of applying for professional groups, internships, and organizations which suit you. Making some connections while still in college helps you in gaining a great collection of professional advisors and friends who will guide you as you look for a job.

You Become a Shining Beacon to Your Children As Well As the Future Generation

Although you may not have children now or within the next five to ten years, it’s crucial for you to be a good example to your nieces or nephews. The best way to do this is to get a university degree. Even recent reports show that the educational qualification of a parent and attitude towards learning is the strongest motivator the child needs to keep on learning.

What Should You Remember If You’re Thinking about College?

Be Flexible Before You Get Started
Keeping your options open is advisable and also quite helpful. A good number of graduates will even tell you that only the best-laid strategies come with exciting opportunities. Besides, at times, having a clear path gives an improved chance of knowing what you want to pursue in future. However, there are those individuals who look for reasons of going to college and end up suffering from fear of commitment. To avoid this, don’t look at college as just a long-term venture which you’re not going to complete even before you start. Furthermore, you shouldn’t feel like you should make a major decision in your area of study even before you start. Instead, college is a stage where you need to keep testing yourself as you explore various interests. Here, you should weigh all your possibilities to see those which you can achieve. Even though it may seem like a daunting task, you shouldn’t worry as most other students find themselves in the same situation. Most universities also go out of their way to provide you with different resources to guide you. Such include academic advisors, professors, counseling staff, and qualified tutors. Keep in mind that while the idea of going to college may seem somewhat challenging and even suffocating, you can still make it one of the most exciting periods in your life. You can take part in various activities like joining social groups, getting a job or even pursuing a successful career while still concentrating on your studies. It might be quite fulfilling and enjoyable than you would expect!
Choosing the Best College
One way of narrowing down your college choice is using the ‘PACED’ technique. This means:
  • P - Problem
  • A - Alternative
  • C - Criteria
  • E - Evaluate
  • D - Decision
The problem here would be choosing the right college and alternatives the various universities at your disposal. I had a couple of options, for example, Boston University, the University of Tokyo, and Imperial College located in London. What you look for in either of these colleges forms the basis of your criteria. For instance, I considered the rank, cost, location and the percentage of acceptance. In my case, I felt it’s crucial to know where the university is located and the cost. The next step is to know the percentage of acceptance as it’s always good to get an institution with a high intake level. Lastly, I looked at the ranking of the university although this did not play a huge role in my selection process. As I continued evaluating the colleges, I found that the University of Tokyo had the highest ranking with also the least cost. On the other hand, the Boston University had the best rate of acceptance. Eventually, I settled on the University of Tokyo not only for its favorable fees but also because it’s in my home country, Japan. The other Universities are found in the US, making the costs a bit too much even for my college budget. However, although the university has a low acceptance rate, it’s ranked quite high on the list of world’s best universities.

Consider Seeking Financial Aid

If you’re interested in joining a certain college but lack enough funds, don’t get too concerned. There are different ways in which you can improve your college education. Some of the best financial aid plans include seeking student loans, scholarships, prepaid tuition, and grants. I noticed that even the larger universities have on-campus jobs which provide flexible schedules that accommodate your studies and personal life.


All in all, colleges are beneficial to a good number of people and they ensure that you get a positive consequence after completing your education. Remember that by attending college, you’ll have a greater chance of financial success and improved quality of life. It will even give you a better opportunity of exploring a wide range of career paths!