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Published: Friday 25th of January 2013

Donald Trump Essay Sample

The Most Talked About Man in America

Say what you like about Donald Trump, but one way or another, the man has obviously succeeded in politics and business. As the 45th president of the United States, he’s received some of the lowest approval ratings, yet his unique persona has put his policies and ideas into the forefront of discussion. Donald Trump started out as a renowned businessman who started up varying businesses before moving into politics. He ultimately won the national elections as a republican on November the 8th 2016, taking Barack Obama’s place under oath on the 20th of January 2017.

A Unique Campaign

What can be said about Donald Trump’s campaign? It wasn’t all smooth sailing. Donald Trump is a highly controversial figure and a lot of his own Republican party members went against him during his campaign. Some say that Donald Trump’s campaign was the first example of a wave of “post-truth politics”, i.e. political campaigns and methods which largely appeal to winning over people’s emotions rather than focusing on the actual truths of policy. Donald Trump was able to appeal to many people's emotions, putting himself out there as an anti-establishment figurehead. This allowed Mr Trump to supercede over Hillary Clinton’s more mundane campaign. Donald Trump’s campaign message was refreshing for a lot of Americans who were bored of the status quo.

Business Brains

Before Mr Trump became president, he was known as one of America’s finest and richest business players. The Trump Organization appears as a powerful conglomerate, his brand providing everything from Trump Steaks (the juicy meat) to real estate and golf courses. Not everything has gone exactly to plan for him, for instance, the dismal failure of Trump Casinos which last filed for bankruptcy in 2014, but overall, the Trump Organization has accumulated over $10 billion since 2016. Everyone who visits Manhattan gazes at the iconic Trump Towers, an iconic monument of Trump’s business success.

Saying Whatever You Like

Like him or not, Donald Trump’s campaign succeeded largely because of his personality. Along the campaign trail and even as president today, Mr Trump does like to utter a lot of controversial opinions. Whether or not people agree with them, this 45th president is almost 100% outspoken, making him instantly recognisable as a figure of mass media. During his presidential campaign, he was hoping to win the popular vote with the help of media attention, but ironically, Donald Trump has now turned against the media and is an outspoken critic of “fake news” and the working nature of the free press. Some say that this has lead to Donald Trump getting away with saying whatever he wants, or that he is able to twist the truth. Others think that perhaps he does have a point about the dishonest press.

Family Man

Pulling in at an old age of 71, Donald Trump has his responsibilities cut out for him both at work but also as a family man. His wife Melania Trump used to be a supermodel who promoted numerous high-fashion brands from all over the world. Now, Melania Trump and her husband pull out all the stops to promote themselves positively. The couple are also parents to Donald Trump Jr, Ivanka, Eric, Tiffany, and Barron Trump.

New Politics, New Policies

The current president has succeeded based on a campaign that offered real change. You can just tell that Donald Trump is a man that wants to reform the current state of America. He is a strong advocate of change and his policies reflect this – just look at his slogan “make America great again” and this makes perfect sense. Many of his policies are intended to do just that. Donald Trump has become rather preoccupied with changing systems under Barack Obama’s presidency, including reversing climate change laws, healthcare system, and various other things. Donald Trump’s policies are deeply nationalistic and focus on putting America first before other nations. This has meant an advocation of strong controls on immigration, huge tariffs on competitive imports, and laws to try and curb the outsourcing of jobs abroad. They haven’t always worked, like federal judges constantly blocking his travel bans, but the president goes on fighting regardless. A lot of president Trump’s work has been to serve his people first as he values them before he values immigrants, even if the immigrants contribute to the national economy in a meaningful and productive manner. This has lead to some clearly outright policies and ideas, such as the controversial wall that is currently being built along Mexico’s border in order to keep out immigrants. Will such brash monuments to nationalism and right-wing American political values do the trick or will the wall crumble? Whatever you make of Mr Trump’s policies, you can’t argue that this president is certainly doing a lot, whether it’s good or bad.