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Visual Analysis of the Islamic Ceramic: The Mihrab (1362 words, 8 pages)
This paper will employ close visual analysis of the Islamic ceramic, Mihrab (prayer niche) from 1354. Taking all the colors used on the Mihrab, all the geometric patterns made, describing what they are present on it for. The Islamic religion began in the seventh century BC. The Mihrab is not ... Read More
A Visual Analysis of the Denial of Saint Peter, a Painting by Valentin de Boulogne (1335 words, 5 pages)
Denial of Saint PeterThe French painter Valentin de Boulogne created Denial of Saint Peter from 1615-1617, and the scene depicts Saint Peter running from a group of soldiers and a servant that has identified him as a follower of Jesus. This painting was finished in 1617 and was done on ... Read More
A Visual Analysis of The Tempest by Giorgione (1440 words, 5 pages)
Visual Analysis of the Tempest.Introduction.Visual analysis is a concept that has been used over the years for interpretation, after observation, of art which is known to be important to some form of culture or any other reason. The basic elements, visual elements, that need to be mastered in order for ... Read More
An Analysis of the Film The Social Network Through the Six Perspectives of Visual Analysis (1911 words, 6 pages)
"We lived in farms, then we lived in cities, and now we're gonna liveon the internet" (Fincher Rudin, 2010). The Social Network is abiographical drama that follows the life of Mark Zuckerberg and the eventsthat led the Harvard undergrad to the creation of Facebook, one of thelargest social media platforms ... Read More
The Use of the Six Perspectives of Visual Analysis on the History and Movie of the Titanic (2530 words, 8 pages)
Many people know about the Titanic whether it is through learning about the history of the Titanic or seeing the movie. Regardless of how you know about the Titanic, there are many different aspects of it that you may or may not be aware of. There are many perspectives when ... Read More
A Visual Analysis of Trees and Snow, a Photograph by Ansel Adams (654 words, 3 pages)
Images of trees in a forest covered with snow may be foreign to people who have never ventured out into the rural wilderness. However, Ansel Adams who was an early 1900s photographer loved capturing outdoor images, as landscapes were his favorite. Trees and Snow was painting in 1933 at the ... Read More
A Visual Analysis of the 454 Diary; April 2nd 2007, a Japanese Woodcut and Screenprint by Tetsuya Noda (682 words, 2 pages)
454 Diary April 2nd 2007The 454 Diary April 2nd 2007 is a black and white Japanese woodcut and screenprint. Its artist Tetsuya Noda is contemporary printmaker who is a professor at the Tokyo University of the Arts. The 454 Diary depicts an elderly Japanese man from the waist up holding ... Read More
A Visual Analysis of Gozanze Myo-o’, a Sculpture by Nakabayashi Gennai (464 words, 2 pages)
From the glass surface, we can see a sculpture standing opposite us. Its name is called Gozanze Myo-o by Nakabayashi Gennai, a Japanese craftsman. The scale of it is large, to be more specific measurement that from the introduction of the board, it is 107.5X64X47cm. A really large sculpture. This ... Read More
A Visual Analysis of the I Am a Witness Campaign by the Ad Council to Stop Bullying on Social Media (352 words, 1 pages)
The I am a Witness Campaign by the Ad Council, helps prevent bullying on social media through the use of an eye emoji. The eye emojis visual design serves two purposes as a protector and a friend. With a stern, wide-eyed look, the eye emoji scares off the bullies and ... Read More
A Visual Analysis of the Three Different Customs of David Bowie (360 words, 3 pages)
1 Bowies first costume is a very shocking costume. Yet one can really see Bowies interests in the SciFi qualities in the costume. You can also see a lot of challenging of gender roles From the red long nails, to the hands on the chest up top, both make this ... Read More
A Visual Analysis of the Artistic Collections at the Michael C. Carlos Museum (1704 words, 5 pages)
Extra Credit PaperThe Michael C. Carlos Museum had such a large range of artistic collections from times and places around the globe. Because of all this information, it was hard for me to revive it all, and felt like it was an information overload. However, I enjoyed it. I regret ... Read More
A Visual Analysis of Eight Different Advertisements from the 2015 Super Bowl (1644 words, 10 pages)
The modern American society is one constructed on a foundation of democracy and a call for equality. It also rests comfortably on a secure base of capitalism, a base that erupts into a complete infrastructure of consumerism and reaches out to all, begging for citizens to buy, buy, and buy. ... Read More
A Visual Analysis of the Painting The Ambassadors by Hans Holbein the Younger (520 words, 3 pages)
The Beauty behind PaintingVisual analysis is an important aspect of art history. Its main purpose is to help the viewer understand and recognize the artists frame work by observing and analyzing different parts of the image, which should give them the basic understanding what to write about the different objects ... Read More
A Visual Analysis of the Altarpiece, The Virgin and Child with Saints Francis, Andrew, Paul, Peter, Stephen, and Louis of Toulouse by Ugolina Di Nerio (1239 words, 4 pages)
People who are part of a church fully understand and worship altarpieces in their own devotion to their religion and church. An example is the altarpiece, The Virgin and Child with Saints Francis, Andrew, Paul, Peter, Stephen, and Louis of Toulouse altarpiece by Ugolina Di Nerio was created between 1317 ... Read More
A Visual Analysis of the Goddess Sekhmet, a Colossal Statue of the Powerful Goddess (631 words, 2 pages)
Visual Analysis The Goddess Sekhmet Walking around the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, the artwork that caught my eye immediately was The Goddess Sekhmet. Long ago, this large, commanding figure at the corner of the museum, was originally placed in the Mut Temple at Karnack and later ... Read More
A Visual Analysis of Kept In, a Painting by Edward Lamson Henry (614 words, 2 pages)
Visual Analysis of Edward Lamson Henry Kept InAs a young black girl I wondered every day where I would end up. Would I become another statistic to society's views of me or would I overcome and be the next CEO of a top 500 company. Each choice I made, determined ... Read More
A Visual Analysis of the Pieces of Arts by Felix Nussbaum (779 words, 3 pages)
This piece of art, The Refugee done by Felix Nussbaum in 1939, portrays a man sitting slumped in a chair holding his head. By his side there is a walking stick and a bag, probably containing his belongings. In the mostly closed room theres a long table, and on top ... Read More
A Visual Analysis of the Graffiti Artwork Done by Banksy (1046 words, 3 pages)
Visual Analysis Bansky2Graffiti artwork has always been something people disregard. People pass it by on the walls of alleyways, on bridges, on train cars, and never pay much attention. The world looks at graffiti as something rebellious teens do to get an adrenaline rush, or break the rules. The artist ... Read More
A Visual Analysis of La Playa Negra 1, a Painting by Antonio Martonell (664 words, 3 pages)
In La Playa Negra 1 (2010), Antonio Martonell pictures a marvelous woman in a fur coat, faintly surrounded by two other figures that allow her to emphasize her position as the focal point. These dark, mysterious figures and sullen skyline allows the woman to hold an eye-catching and bold position ... Read More
A Visual Analysis of the Exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (429 words, 2 pages)
I chose to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art for my museum visitation requirement because I am more interested in historic art than the modern movement of art. The exhibit that caught my attention the most was the exhibit about the Plains Indians.I have always been interested in Native American ... Read More
A Visual Analysis of the Nebamun Hunting Fowling Scene, an Artwork of an Unknown Artist (755 words, 3 pages)
The piece I chose is the Nebamun Hunting Fowling Scene, it has an unknown artist. This piece was made on fresco secco, and was made in the 18th Dynasty in Egypt, between 1400 and 1350 BCE. The scene depicts Nebamun on a boat with his wife and daughter, hunting fowl ... Read More
A Visual Analysis of the Painting The Battle of the Pyramids by Antoine Jean Gros (1053 words, 4 pages)
Visual Analysis Forty Centuries Look Down Upon You!Many people with a reputable status are popularized by great legends and first-hand accounts of their own deeds. Before the age of the internet and the rapid spread of information, political leaders would often rely on the commission of official paintings or photographs ... Read More
A Visual Analysis of Signet Classic’s Cover of Northanger Abbey (701 words, 3 pages)
Visual Analysis The common phrase, "don't judge a book by it's cover" is repeated aninnumerable amount of times in children's stories, movies, TV shows,etcetera. Maybe this is a good value to instill during a young ages, as yougrow, it becomes less and less relevant. If a book sports a cover ... Read More
A Visual Analysis of the Goddess Astarte Sculpture (971 words, 3 pages)
Formal Analysis of the Goddess AstarteI chose my piece of the Goddess Astarte because I knew from the instant I saw it that writing a paper on it would put me out of my comfort zone. Previously, whenever Ive written papers on Art History Ive concerned myself with pieces that ... Read More
A Visual Analysis of Station by Gerhard Richter (2349 words, 7 pages)
Upon arriving at the North Carolina Museum of Art in preparation for my Formal Analysis paper, I knew that I wanted to select a piece for analysis that would put me out of my comfort zone. I selected the abstract expressionist work, Station (577-2), by Gerhard Richter (1985) because abstraction ... Read More
Visual Analysis of Mountains by Arthur B. Davies (1138 words, 4 pages)
MountainsArthur B. DaviesArthur B. Davies is the artist who created Mountains. I found this piece in a collection from The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Davies used watercolor, gouache and charcoal to make this image on a light tan laid paper. Gouache is a type of paint that has pigment as ... Read More
A Visual Analysis of Panel of the Wounded Man (433 words, 2 pages)
When I look at the Panel of the Wounded Man I automatically notice all of the colors on the wall of the cave alone. The gold and white colors catch my eye first, and then I look at the figures on the wall. At first glance, the human figure just ... Read More
Visual Analysis of Madonna of the Meadow by Raphael (1422 words, 5 pages)
Madonna of the Meadow - RaphaelThis is a work by Raphael entitled Madonna of the Meadow. It was produced from 1505-1506 as a painting. Raphael painted this composition on wood with oil and is 1.13m by .88m, while it is not considerably huge, it is of a sufficient size to ... Read More
A Visual Analysis of a Painting of The Belleli Family by Edgar Degas (793 words, 4 pages)
Edgar Degas Edgar Degas is a renowned French sculptor, artist and a painter whosework of artistry is believed to be 'independent' and 'realistic' to presentday. He was born on July 1834 in Paris, France to a moderately wealthyfamily. His father, Auguste was born into a family of wealthy workers inNaples, ... Read More
A Visual Analysis of The Ambassadors by Hans Holbein (320 words, 2 pages)
The Swiss Renaissance painter Hans Holbein the Younger created The Ambassadors in 1533 under the commission of the French ambassador stationed in London Jean de Dintville. Two male figures appear in the portrait, Jean de Dintville on the right and his fellow countryman Georges de Selve the Bishop of the ... Read More
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