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Published: Friday 25th of January 2013

Causal Argument Essay Writing Tips, with Example and Topics

Any good causal argument essay out there requires a good blend of reasoning, resources, questions, and intuitive thinking to provide a coherent argument and a strong conclusion. It’s not a place to have a rant like you may have with your friends – your argument needs to be logically thought out and backed up by strong evidence or credible sources and ideas. Without backing up your arguments, they can’t really be taken seriously. So what makes a good argument? It might feel a little daunting to have so many choices you can discuss, but once you’ve got a good topic, the rest will follow suit. Choose a topic that’s interesting to you and personal so that you can provide your position on it easily. In your introductory paragraph, you’ll want to include a thesis statement that will summarise your main stance on an issue and what your essay will be about. This thesis statement should be watertight so that you can make references to it later in your conclusion. Once you have a topic and thesis statement at the ready, you can think about how to structure your essay and write around your argument. Take time to consider all the ideas for and against your argument (remember, you want to analyze both sides of the argument), after which you can start to collect evidence to back up the points. It’s now time to apply your critical outlook. Which causes are the strongest and which are the weakest? Consider carefully which evidence is the most credible – you’ll want to analyze which ideas are stronger than others throughout your essay. A good argument can only be made if you can back it up with the most reliable and comprehensive information. Once you have all this information, you can structure a for and against around your topic in a way that flows smoothly and is easy for the reader to digest before eventually concluding with a summary of the main points. So what about topics? Are you still racking your brains? Fear not, it’s common for students to run out of topics to think about. If you’re unsure, take inspiration from some of the following topics:
  • What causes a change in current fashion?
  • How did the Great Depression come about?
  • What factors cause wars?
  • What makes a lot of hard-working students become truant?
  • Why are many people turning vegan?
  • What are the fundamental causes of global poverty?
  • Can you say that one piece of music is objectively better than another?
  • Is it best to empower our governments or the people?
  • What are the causes of xenophobia?
  • What makes a person have a phobia of darkness?
  • What factors lead to the development of accents in a region?
  • Has racial profiling in the police force changed over time?
  • How are powerful hurricanes caused?
  • What is causing a rise in vegetarianism in the world?
  • What has led to an increase in multiculturalism in western countries?
  • What factors led to a rise in crime rates?
  • What factors created the platform for Nazi German rule?
  • What factors lead to a rise in the price of a piece of art?
  • Why are many Americans opposed to stem cell research?
  • How are the military changing for the worse in less developed countries?
  • What behaviours lead to antisocial action?
  • What are the factors that result in severe birth defects?
  • Has racial tolerance changed over time?
  • What factors have resulted in the growth of imperialism?
  • Which public transport is the most cost-effective to use?
  • What factors are key to the spread of infectious disease?
  • What are the main causes of famine?
  • How can insurance premiums be determined?
  • Does Christian fundamentalism have a place in science?
  • What were the underlying causes of World War II?
  • What is the best way someone can change their diet for the better?
  • Are far-right movements likely to gain more prominence around the world?
  • Why are so many people in the developing world obese?
  • What causes so many poor people to rebel against current systems?
  • What are the predominant causes of diabetes?
  • What are the predominant causes of rising unemployment?
  • Which forms of public transport are the most eco-friendly?
  • How did the dinosaurs die out?
  • What are the main reasons as to why we waste food?
  • Why do we like the music that we like?
  • What are the key reasons why marriages end in divorce?
  • How did the Grand Canyon get its distinct shape?
  • What are the underlying principles for advocating euthanasia?
  • Why do a lot of Chinese bridges collapse?
  • How important is religion in today's society?
  • How was the Bible accumulated into one whole book?
  • What factors resulted in the collapse of the Roman Empire?
  • What are the most important causes of weight loss?
  • What technological developments have led popular music to change?
  • Why aren’t electric cars being embraced all over the world?
  • What are the underlying causes of ADHD?
  • Have we become more racist over time?
  • What factors contributed to the .com bubble bursting?
  • Should the production of diesel fuel cars be scrapped?
  • What are the main causes of animal extinction?
  • How was president Lincoln murdered?
  • How does organized crime start?
  • Are a lot of mental disorders manufactured?
  • How do germs get spread around the workplace?
  • What were the predominant causes of the American Civil War?
  • What factors resulted in women’s suffrage?
  • What are some of the most important factors influencing sport today?
  • How do social factors influence environmental conservation?
  • What causes a tsunami to form?
  • Is poverty responsible for global warming?
  • What factors lead to the decline of the stock market?
  • How did the Vietnam War start?
  • How has medicine changed since the 19th century?
  • What has led to baseball becoming such a popular American sport?
  • What causes a surge in left-wing politics?
  • What is the best way to stay healthy?
  • What makes some cars run better than others?
  • Does road salt lead to fewer accidents?
  • Is it cost effective to use CCTV cameras in cities?
  • Why do some people develop bipolar mental health problems?
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